The new SS34 specifications

The S&S 34 is now back in production using the latest high tech construction!

The Sparkman & Stephens 34 is one of the most famous cruiser/racers of the last 40 years. She still holds numerous world records for long distance sailing and remains very competitive racing under IRC, achieving 3rd place in her Division of the 2007 Sydney Hobart race, along with recent Western Australian Offshore championships. She can win races against the best competition but is still a safe, comfortable long distance cruiser, easy to sail short handed.  Most current race boats of her size cannot do this.

The S&S 34 has legendary seaworthiness, and many have completed circumnavigations, including the single handed double circumnavigation of Jon Sanders. Thanks to the genius of her designer Olin Stephens she is a beautifully balanced boat that is a delight to sail and very easy and safe to handle shorthanded. For more information see the S&S 34 Information section.

The S&S 34 moulds originally owned by Swarbrick Brothers Yachts were sold to a builder in Eastern Australia in 1986. Some boats were built in the late 1980s but production then ceased. The moulds were brought back to WA by Mike Finn of Cottesloe Yachts. Fortunately the moulds had been kept in excellent condition and in consultation with Sparkman & Stephens were refurbished to accommodate the latest vacuum infusion technology.

The latest generation S&S 34 is now built by Swarbrick & Swarbrick Composites in Henderson, Western Australia under license to Cottesloe Yachts and Sparkman & Stephens Inc.

The construction has been totally reengineered by the world’s leading marine composite engineering company SP Systems (now part of the Gurit Group), using the highest quality foam core, stitched quadaxial fabrics and vacuum infusion using 100% vinylester resin. This technology is used on the world’s best custom race boats and has resulted in an extremely strong, stiff, lightweight hull and deck with excellent impact resistance.

The internal bulkheads and furniture are also of vinylester foam core construction, The internal furniture is bonded directly to the hull with no inner liners being used, unlike most mass production boats built today. The result is unparalleled lightness and strength, with the entire structure one solidly bonded unit. This not only improves performance but adds a great factor of safety. The 100% vinylester construction not only adds strength but also means no future problems with osmosis, unlike the cheaper polyester resins used by most mass production boat builders.

She is craftsman built to the highest standards by Swarbrick & Swarbrick Yachts and designed to last a lifetime. There is scope for custom fit out to suit your personal requirements. There are few if any new yachts that can combine safe, comfortable long distance cruising ability with the ease of handling of the S&S 34 and at the same time be responsive, fun to sail and have real race winning potential under IRC.

S&S 34 Specifications

The new S&S 34 is available in various stages of completion, with the most basic being a complete boat to “lockup” stage, ready for fit out. The 2010 price for a complete boat to this stage is $158,000. For details on what is included in this package please click here. She is also available fully fitted to “sail away” specification. The standard specification is listed below, but there is a wide range of options and ability for owners to customise to their own requirements. For further information please contact Mike Finn of Cottesloe Yachts on 0419 845 336 or email him or contact Glenn Swarbrick at Swarbrick & Swarbrick.

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S&S 34 Hull and Deck

The hull and deck mouldings are laid up using ultra high quality vinylester resin, top quality SP quadaxial stitched cloth and Gurit “Core-Cell” foam core. Vacuum bagged resin infusion layup ensures maximum glass/resin ratio with no voids. The standard price allows a wide range of colour schemes.

  • Boot stripe included, incorporated into hull gel coat, choice of many colours
  • External lead keel (2365kg) cast in 1 piece with 9 x 19mm 316 S/S keel bolts cast into keel. 316 S/S nuts with extra large 12mm thick backing plates. Lead is hardened with antimony.
  • Total displacement: 4900kg approx (with full cruising fitout).
  • Integral floor webs and mast step using triaxial cloth with unidirectional capping. Engineered by SP Systems for maximum strength and structural rigidity
  • Deck and hull are bonded together with hand laid vinylester fibreglass to form one solid unitary structure for maximum strength and no leaks. The bond does not depend upon bolting through a toerail for strength.
  • Glass fibre rudder with 65mm 316L stainless steel stock. Welded on tangs and then heat treated. Hand laid with majority quadaxial cloths and completely filled with PVC foam Laminated timber tiller with bronze rudder head fitting and 316 S/S hinge fitting
  • Self-draining cockpit with 2x 2″ Forespar Marelon skin fittings connected to cockpit drains with reinforced PVC flexible pipe.
  • Non-skid surface to side deck, coach roof and cockpit
  • Anchor locker sealed from interior and self-draining directly outboard. 10mm stainless steel u-bolt fitted for attachment of anchor line.
  • Epoxy hi-build and antifouling paint on bottom, colours optional. Port and registration number painted on side
  • 316 Stainless steel pulpit and pushpit
  • Dual stainless steel lifelines
  • 316 stainless steel bow fitting with optional bow roller


  • Lewmar Pro-Series 1000 electric windlass with mounting in anchor well, circuit breaker, wiring and switch. Remote control an additional option. other windlass options available on request
  • Spray rails for dodger on coach roof
  • Dodger
  • Sloping bilge with sump (recommended if automatic electric bilge pump is specified)
  • Carbon fibre tiller
  • Shelf in anchor well
  • Shelf in cockpit locker

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S&S 34 Deck Fittings

Deck fittings are of the highest quality Ronstan, to specifications normally found on much larger yachts.  Anderson self tailing winches are standard. Anderson winches are recognised by many as the world’s finest, easy to use, gentle on sheets, only slightly heavier than alloy racing winches but built to last a lifetime. The specifications are generous and powerful, allowing easy handling of all sheets and control lines. The  hatches and ports are top quality Moonlight or Lewmar.

  • Fibreglass main sliding hatch with solid washboards .
  • 10 portlight windows in aluminium frames. Option of extra portlights if desired. All opening except over navigation station
  • All sheets and halyards led to cockpit
  • 2 Anderson 46STA two speed Genoa winches (self tailing)
  • 2 Anderson 40STA spinnaker winches mounted on cockpit combing (self tailing)
  • 2 Anderson 40STA two speed halyard/control line winches (self tailing).
  • Deck organisers x 2: (Spinlock or Lewmar)
  • Clutches (Lewmar D2): 4 treble jammers mounted at aft end of coach roof.
  • Ronstan mainsheet beam track with traveller and six-part purchase control lines.
  • Ronstan Genoa tracks on side decks complete with 2 cars.
  • Ronstan high load halyard turning blocks
  • Stainless steel stemhead fitting with optional anchor roller
  • 4x 200mm cast 316 stainless steel mooring cleats.
  • Double rail 316 stainless steel pulpit, pushpit with stainless steel stanchions and double guard wires.
  • Timber or stainless steel grab rails on coach roof, through connected to main saloon grab rails.
  • Ventilators on coach roof over toilet compartment and main saloon
  • Through-deck mast ring: aluminium with stainless steel attachment points for turning blocks, held down by 2 rigging screws with T terminals hooked into the mast below deck.
  • Worm screw backstay adjuster (hydraulic option, see below)
  • Vang (solid option, see below)
  • Anodised aluminium toerail, from pushpit to aft of Genoa winches (racing option – to stop at chainplates).
  • Aluminium spinnaker poles x2


  • Navtec hydraulic backstay adjuster
  • Solid spring loaded vang
  • Stern boarding/swim ladder
  • Full stainless Anderson winches
  • Harken alloy or carbon race winches
  • Portlight over quarter berth opening into cockpit
  • Additional hatch over saloon
  • Ronstan 2 speed mainsheet
  • Ronstan roller bearing halyard turning blocks
  • 2m reaching tracks on gunwales midships
  • Carbon fibre spinnaker poles
  • Carbon fibre composite tiller
  • Jockey pole (reaching strut)
  • Internal and external locking device with lanyard to secure washboards as per AYF offshore regulations
  • Vent in washboard (note this may not be compliant with AYF regs)

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S&S 34 Mast & Rigging

The S&S 34 rig is made by Taskers Spars to a very high specification, suitable for extended cruising, heavy weather and the most rigorous offshore racing. The T9BN section is very well suited to the S&S 34 and in twin spreader configuration provides ample reserves of strength above and beyond the already exacting requirements of the Nordic Boat standard. The standing rigging is specified to have an ample safety margin, and is 60% stronger than that originally specified by Sparkman and Stephens. The mast is keel stepped for additional strength and safety. The rig design has been optimised over many years and the current specification has proven to be ideal for both cruising and racing. The keel stepped twin spreader rig is both more versatile and stronger than the shorter, heavier deck stepped rig fitted to some previous cruising boats, although the latter remains a special order option.

The current rig is alloy but with recent advances in technology, a carbon rig is a possibility. This may also allow for a lightened keel, please discuss with the builder if you are interested in this option.

S&S 34 Rig

  • Painted keel-stepped masthead spar. See rig plan (below) for details
  • 2 pairs aerofoil spreaders.
  • Integral luff groove track for mainsail slides fitted with sail slide gate.
  • Internal halyards with provision for 2 headsails, 1 or 2 spinnakers, mainsail and single spinnaker pole lift.
  • Deck and steaming light combined.
  • Conduits: provision for additional wiring.
  • Tasker boom section, with internal 3:1 purchase sail outhaul + 2 integral reef lines (option of 3) led back to cockpit..
  • Deck mast ring: aluminium with stainless steel attachment points for turning blocks, held down by 2 rigging screws with T terminals hooked into the mast below deck.
  • Mast hinge with modified shrouds and mast lowering tackle (delete option for boats outside WA)
  • Boom topping lift (unless solid vang fitted, when it becomes optional)
  • S&S 34 Standing Rigging is 8mm 1×19 stainless steel wire with swaged end fittings and chrome bronze open body bottle screws. Option of 7mm Dyform rigging. See rig plan.
  • Forestay has 2 attachments for jib tacks

S&S 34 Running Rigging

  • 1 Genoa halyard: 10mm Spectra/Dyneema with stainless steel snap shackle. Option of 2 Genoa halyards (in which case spinnaker halyards are polyester)
  • 2 spinnaker halyards (can also be used as Genoa halyards): 10mm Spectra/Dyneema with stainless steel shackle.
  • 1 main halyard 10mm Spectra/Dyneema with captive pin shackle.
  • Spinnaker pole topping lift x1
  • Adjustable inner forestay with 4:1 purchase led back to Anderson 40ST winch
  • 10mm Spectra/Dyneema mainsheet with Ronstan 6:1 blocks and cam cleat.
  • 1 set polyester Genoa sheets (Spectra/Dyneema optional)


  • Kicker strut (Selden): gas filled solid boom vang with tackle, leading to cockpit. No need for topping lift, although provision can be provided on mast
  • Anodised spars
  • Additional headsail/spinnaker halyard
  • Twin groove racing foil fitted to forestay
  • Roller reefing forestay
  • Additional reefing line
  • Single line reefing
  • Dyform rigging
  • Discontinuous rigging
  • Spectra/Dyneema Genoa sheets
  • Additional Genoa cars
  • Ronstan 2 speed 4:1/8:1 mainsheet
  • Roller bearing Ronstan halyard turning blocks
  • Rod rigging
  • Delete mast hinge (reduced cost option)
  • Boom tent
  • Jackstays to comply with AYF Offshore racing regulations

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S&S 34 Sails

  • Dacron mainsail complete with sail battens, leech line, 2 slab reefing points (3rd reef optional), tell tales, insignia, sail number and bag.
  • Dacron working jib complete with tell tales, leech line and bag
  • A wide variety of racing and cruising sails are available, either with roller furling or twin track racing forestay foil

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S&S 34 Engine

A Nanni 21hp saildrive diesel is specified as standard, located under the cockpit. It is lightweight, so this position has minimal effect on performance and allows a spacious and functional saloon layout. A midships engine is still available if desired. The Nanni saildrive leg produces minimal drag and allows gearbox oil to be changed whilst the boat is in the water. A two blade folding propeller means minimal drag whilst sailing. The 21hp has plenty of power and is very fuel efficient.  Other propeller and engine options are available.

  • Nanni 3 cylinder (21hp) fresh water cooled diesel engine, driving a two blade folding propeller via a saildrive leg, located under cockpit. Option of midships shaft drive engine available. Other engine options including Yanmar, Witchard etc available on request
  • 70A alternator
  • Engine compartment sound insulation
  • Engine compartment ventilation
  • Top quality marine grade reinforced exhaust hose with water lock muffler and siphon break
  • Fibreglass 55 litre fuel tank with sight gauge, drain cock and deck filler. Option of extra tankage if required
  • Fuel filter
  • Seawater filter
  • Single lever engine control operated from cockpit
  • Instrument panel with tachometer, engine hours indicator and warning lights
  • Engine compartment readily accessible via hinged panel and engine box can be fully dissembled for major engine maintenance or removal


  • Additional fuel tank, up to 70 litres
  • Fuel gauges either electric or “Tank Tender” pneumatic
  • Spinlock removable handle faceplate for cockpit engine control
  • Alternator upgrade, external “smart” regulator, cross charging regulator
  • Second Balmar 100A alternator with separate House battery charging circuit and external regulator
  • Upgraded engine instrument panel
  • Engine compartment light
  • Exhaust temperature gauge with alarm
  • Other propeller options available at owner request

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S&S 34 Electrics & Lighting

The S&S 34 electrical system is built to a high standard using top quality marine components and multi-strand tinned copper marine cable. It is possible to customise the layout to individual requirements. The navigation and interior lights are top quality, low energy fittings imported, or owners can specify their own fittings.

S&S 34 Electrical

  • 1 x 12volt 100 AH AGM House battery plus 1x12volt AGM engine start battery, with single multi-function isolating switch
  • Glassfibre battery box.
  • BEP or Blue Seas distributor panel complete with labelled circuit breakers and backlighting
  • Functions are protected by individual circuit breakers and indicator LEDs .
  • Spare circuit breakers for future needs
  • Multifunction voltmeter and monitor with LCD display.
  • All wiring marine grade multi-strand tin coated copper, properly supported and protected
  • 12v power outlet at navigation station, protected by separate circuit breaker

S&S 34 Internal lighting

  • 2 LED berth lights in forward cabin
  • 1 overhead LED or fluorescent light and 2 berth lights in saloon
  • 1 flexible LED chart light at chart table with red night bulb + standard white light.
  • 1 light over icebox
  • 1 overhead toilet light
  • S&S 34 External lighting
  • Combined tri-colour navigation and anchor light on masthead
  • Combined steaming light and deck floodlight on mast


There are many options available for lighting and instrumentation, some common ones are:

  • Additional 100AH House battery
  • Additional light in saloon over galley
  • Battery master switch panel with separate House and engine battery circuits, additional heavy duty circuit breakers, isolating relay/cross charger and Blue Seas Dual Circuit Plus battery switch
  • Additional spot lighting
  • Deck level navigation lights
  • 240V AC shore power inlet with circuit breaker panel and outlet
  • Battery charger
  • Solar panel or wind generator with wiring and regulator
  • Hi-Fi system with saloon and waterproof cockpit speakers

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S&S 34 Water Systems

The new S&S 34 comes standard with pressurised hot and cold water. A shower is located in the heads compartment, and a cockpit shower is optional. The advanced construction techniques allow for the tanks to be integral with the fibreglass moulding, meaning maximum capacity and no problems with corrosion or leakage. The inner lay-up uses food grade epoxy to ensure good tasting water. Up to 350 litres in 2 tanks can be specified.

  • 100 litre fresh water tank (integral fibreglass, epoxy coated to ensure good tasting water) + inspection cover
  • Deck filler
  • Holding tank (approx. 50 litres) with deck pump out and overboard discharge


  • 20 or 24 litre Isotherm hot water system heated by engine
  • Shower in heads draining to bilge
  • Shower sump drain and Whale Gulper electric pump
  • Alcohol stove in place of LPG
  • Cockpit shower
  • Double galley sink
  • Isotherm refrigeration unit
  • OzeFrig electric Eutectic refrigeration with intelligent controller for minimal power consumption
  • Separate freezer compartment up to 40 litres capacity
  • Corian galley top
  • Additional aft water tank giving total tank capacity up to 350 litres
  • Tank gauges, either electric or “Tank Tender” pneumatic gauges
  • Drinking water filter
  • Additional cup holders, spice racks, CD racks etc can be fitted to suit owner requirements

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S&S 34 Interior

The interior of the new S&S 34 is beautiful and built to match or exceed the specifications of any other production yacht. The standard specification uses an ultra hard 2 pack finish on all exposed surfaces, with varnished timber trim. The saloon bulkheads, navigation and dining tables are finished in varnished timber. The interior layout has been optimised drawing on many years of experience and is stylish and functional. A wide variety of colours and timbers are available. A twin pilot berth layout is optional. Other features can be customised to special order.

S&S 34 Navigation Area

  • Large 800x650mm chart table with radiused corner, hinged lid and chart stowage inside
  • 3 drawers under chart table (4 drawers optional)
  • Storage bin outboard
  • Open locker under chart table
  • Quarter berth end forms navigator’s seat
  • Storage bin adjacent to quarter berth
  • Additional storage under quarter berth

S&S 34 Main Saloon

  • U shaped settee to port with timber faced table, which converts into a double berth
  • Timber fiddles to table
  • Settee berth to starboard with optional lee cloth
  • Starboard pilot berth above settee berth with storage under and optional lee cloth. Side can fold out to increase width if required (optional).
  • Port and starboard sides; stowage behind backrests with storage bin behind dinette and optional timber cupboard
  • Stowage under dinette and starboard berth
  • Grab rails internally on coach roof
  • Timber moulding on galley and nav station bulkheads, + optional grab handles
  • Grab handles on companionway to cockpit
  • berths 192cm (6’4″) long
  • headroom 185cm (6’1″)
  • Cloth headlining

S&S 34 Heads Compartment

  • Faired moulding for easy cleaning, finished with ultra hard 2 pack
  • Fitted Jabsco marine toilet, vanity with wash basin, stowage + optional mirror
  • Forespar Marelon seacocks.
  • Hinged 2 piece door
  • Starboard of companionway, a hanging locker and 3 storage bins (drawers optional), vanity top, toiletries locker and shelf
  • Holding tank (approx 50 litres) with deck pump out and overboard discharge
  • Mixer tap to vanity basin

S&S 34 Forward Cabin

  • 2 berths in V arrangement with stowage under
  • converts to full double berth in seconds
  • shelf on either side of cabin
  • 2 built in bedside tables with LED reading lights
  • Moonlight or Lewmar 520mm Circular hatch

ALL BERTHS 100mm thick foam fabric covered cushions available in a variety of colours


  • Forespar Marelon Flowtech racing seacocks (close flush with hull)
  • 20 or 24 litre Isotemp hot water system under quarter berth end
  • Shower in head compartment, non-slip floor with drain and Whale Gulper electric shower drain pump
  • Berth/pilot berth combination in place of dinette on port side
  • Timber finish to coach roof sides
  • Fairing and 2 pack finish to coach roof
  • Dinette table folding to double size when required
  • Lavac vacuum toilet
  • Electric option for toilets
  • Shape of galley, nav station and forward bulkheads can be customised to suit owner
  • A variety of timber species and trim options is available, discuss with builder

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S&S 34 Galley

The S&S 34 galley is compact, functional, easy to use at sea and well equipped. A full sized 3 burner LPG stove with oven is fitted as standard. There is room for two 3.5kg gas bottles in a sealed, drained locker in the cockpit, fully compliant with all regulations. There is plenty of storage for crockery and cooking utensils. A 100 litre ice box is standard but a variety of refrigeration options are available, including a separate freezer compartment.

  • 316 stainless steel sink with rotating faucet.
  • Electric Jabsco fresh water pump- quiet running, low power consumption and no accumulator tank required.
  • Gimballed gas cooker with fiddle rail and locking bolt – 3 burners, grill and oven with flame failure device on all burners.
  • Copper gas supply pipe from externally vented and drained gas locker, with flexible armoured hose to cooker. All to comply with Australian standards. Stainless steel gas bottles available.
  • Solenoid operated shut-off valve at LPG bottles to Australian Standards
  • Bilge gas sensor (required if LPG is fitted)
  • Complete galley work top with Formica laminate (many colours available) with fiddles and radius corners
  • Insulated 100 litre ice box, several refrigeration options available.
  • Pan stowage under cooker
  • Behind cooker recessed food and plate racks with sliding tinted Perspex doors
  • Additional storage locker behind stove
  • Crockery and cutlery racks
  • Rubbish bin locker under sink


  • 20 or 24 litre Isotherm hot water system heated by engine
  • Alcohol stove in place of LPG
  • Cockpit shower
  • Double galley sink
  • Isotherm refrigeration unit
  • OzeFrig electric Eutectic refrigeration with intelligent controller for minimal power consumption
  • Separate freezer compartment up to 40 litres capacity
  • Corian galley top
  • Additional aft water tank giving total tank capacity up to 350 litres
  • Tank gauges, either electric or “Tank Tender” pneumatic gauges
  • Drinking water filter
  • Additional cup holders, spice racks, CD racks etc can be fitted to suit owner requirements

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S&S 34 Head & Shower

The S&S 34 head compartment and companionway has been redesigned to take advantage of modern fittings and construction techniques. By clever design utilising a circular fore hatch the head compartment is fully enclosed, with enough room to also use it as a shower stall. The vanity moulding, toilet base and floor are all seamlessly integrated for appearance and ease of cleaning. A custom designed deep oval vanity basin is standard. A manual marine toilet and holding tank are provided. The forward companionway has a custom designed hanging locker, drawers and vanity top to starboard.

Please see interior section for more details.

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S&S 34 Cockpit

The classic S&S 34 cockpit is unchanged from the original Swarbrick boats. The width remains exactly right for bracing legs when heeled. The S&S 34 cockpit is fully enclosed which results in a feeling of security. It is rare even in bad weather for any significant quantity of water to enter the cockpit. The traveller runs above the seats between the spinnaker winches. It is removable in a coup[le of minutes by undoing 2 bolts. Powerful Anderson spinnaker winches are fitted as standard.

S&S 34 Cockpit

  • Full length seating with large stowage locker to starboard
  • Enclosed gas bottle locker vented and drained overboard, compliant with all Australian regulations, capacity = 2×3.5kg LPG bottles
  • Lazarette stowage locker aft
  • 2 x 10” (245mm) lock in winch handles
  • 1 x 8” (203mm) lock in winch handle
  • 3 winch handle pockets
  • Ronstan mainsheet traveller fitted between spinnaker winches (clear of seats)
  • Ronstan 6:1 triple block mainsheet tackle
  • Bulkhead compass fitted
  • Instruments in binnacle on coach roof over companionway – due to the huge range of equipment available, instruments and electronics are optional
  • Rope bags


  • Cockpit shower
  • Cockpit table
  • Additional winch handles
  • Additional winch handle pockets
  • Raymarine instrument package
  • TackTick wireless instrument package
  • Ronstan  2 speed mainsheet with self cleating traveller car
  • Shelf in cockpit locker
  • Carbon fibre tiller
  • Tiller extension
  • Spirit stove as reduced cost option to LPG

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S&S 34 Sundry Equipment

  • 10kg high holding power anchor (Rocna or equivalent) with 10 metres galvanised 8mm chain and 40 metres nylon warp.
  • 2 x 24 metres nylon mooring rope
  • 3 PVC fenders with lanyards
  • 2 x 10″ (245mm) lock in winch handles
  • 1 x 8″ (203mm) lock in winch handle
  • Whale manual bilge pumps x2
  • 2 fire extinguishers on mountings

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9 thoughts on “The new SS34 specifications

  1. Dont want to annoy you.
    But was is the price of a new composite SS34 ready to sail away,
    to compare with price on good secondhand boats.
    I am 67 but always loved the shape.
    Inner Melb.

    • Dear David,

      Sorry for the delay in reply, I was away for a few days. It is very tricky to give an exact price as they are semi-custom build to client requirements and the basic hull& deck is only a small part of the price of a finished boat. Fancy electronics alone can add $50k to the price of a boat if you so wish (these are never included in mass produced boat prices and are not usually installed on older boats).

      Please bear in mind I am not the manufacturer and can only give you rough ball park figures. Anyway, to give a rough idea a basic boat shell with all furniture, engine, keel etc ready for rig and final finishing would likely be around $180-200k. For a fully finished “sail away” boat you would probably pay between $300-400k depending upon the level of fitout and equipment etc.

      It would cost at least $100-150k to professionally refurbish an older boat (plus purchase price) and you would still probably have some reused parts (eg mast, some furniture etc) and of course it would still be an old shell. The new boats are much stiffer and stronger, overall a bit lighter and certainly less weight in the ends.

      The Mk 2 boats (esp the new ones) are still very competitive racers – we are the current WA Offshore champions and have won a number of races outright against Sydney 36s, Bene Firsts, TP42s, Kers, and assorted high tech carbon custom IRC boats.

      It’s horses for courses. Hope this info helps.

      Regards, Simon

  2. Hi i think I posted this earlier but I can’t seem to see my comment so i will post it again and see what happens. Anyway I have got a couple of questions if you could answer them that would be greatly appreciated. 1 For a hull/deck/mast what would i be spending? 2 if I were to buy a boat up to this build stage how long would it take? I know these are probably both the most annoying questions but I’m just wondering
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Steve,
      Difficult to answer your question without an idea of how fitted out you want the yacht. Mike Finn of Cottesloe Yachts would be the best person to contact as he owns the moulds. I would expect a high number though. A new mast with standing and running rigging and electrics stepped on the boat is AUD$25-30K. You could pick up a whole boat which probably will need work for a little more than this if you hunt around online.

  3. Nice boats always wanted to own one but the bank doesn’t agree. I sailed on my mates one a few times beautiful boat, ease of handling like my mates son who is 12 used to sail across the other side of port Phillip bay by himself in 25knots he reckons it was easy.

  4. Hi, might be a stupid question but For a hull, deck and mast what would I be paying? Also how long would it take to build? Thanks if you answer my question it would be greatly appreciated
    Kind regards,

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