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  1. I currently own an s and s 34 Red William. I would like to build a hard dodger like the one used on Pink Lady for Jessica Watson. Does anyone have any experience or measurements for a hard dodger for an s and s 34 ? Thanks in advance for your input.

    • Dear Peter,
      I will send you an email in due course. There are only 2 people I know of who have had this experience, one being Jessica and the other being Jamie Dunross, who set the world record for solo quadriplegic sailing. Have you contacted Jessica? You may have to go through her agent Andrew Fraser or contact her project manager Bruce Arms, who probably would have the most knowledge of the design they used. It certainly would be possible to make one, Mike Finn has often spoken to me about doing so, but everyone will have a slightly different idea as to the exact dimensions. I think I might want one slightly smaller and more elegant than Jessica’s. Using foam sandwich and carbon/epoxy you could make one that was strong but quite light and easy to get on and off. If done well I think it wouldn’t be much heavier than a canvas one with s/s frame.
      Regards, Simon

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