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  1. I have no concept of price but watched Blondie recently in the Perth to Albany race and return. How much to buy new please so I can start saving.

    • Dear Sarah,
      Unfortunately the answer is “quite a lot”. To semi-custom build boats to such a high spec is expensive. You can buy a basic Beneteau or similar for around $250k (although it will cost another at least another $50-100k to equip it for competitive offshore sailing, hence the used prices of around $230-50 for used Bene First 35). You would probably pay around $400k for an S&S 34 similar to Blondie. However, for that you do get a vacuum infused, one piece foam sandwich construction rather than basic fibreglass glued together as in the typical production yacht and rig/gear built to take punishment rather than minimum spec. Plus you get to beat the Beneteaus on IRC when you race them! You can save a bit by doing some work yourself or economising on the fitout, but there is no getting away from the fact that top quality gear is expensive. You could spend close $100k on electronics and instruments alone if you wished. So a bit depends on the level of fitout and gear you want. You could get a basic hull/deck/engine/mast for around $200k I think but you would then need to fit it out. I am working on a design for a carbon rig, IRC optimised version which would be even more competitive. If you are serious please contact me and I can give you further details.
      Regards, Simon

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