The “Grapevine” is the S&S 34 Association newsletter.  A newsletter has been produced by the Association since its formation in 1978. Steve Laws, past owner of Roma II, started the new “Grapevine” newsletter in 2004, with the aim of formatting it to be sent in electronic form also. It goes out in printed form to all members, plus as an email attachment for all members who wish it and others who request to be on the emailing list. Only members receive the printed newsletter but non-members can ask to be added to the Grapevine email list.  Please click on the links below below to read the latest editions of Grapevine, plus archived editions right back to the very first one. Please be patient with downloading the archived articles, they are in pdf format and can take a while – there are some fascinating letters from cruising members which lengthen the newsletters to up 20 pages. They can’t be compressed further without making them hard to read. You can adjust the size as required for easy reading. I will be adding more archived articles in due course.



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