Launched 25/1/78 (date of contract)
Owner Pat and David Dicks
Configuration Single spreader rig
Colour White hull with white and beige deck
Berthed RPYC
Sail Number  
Australian Registration 385807
State Registration  
Call Sign  
Builder Swarbricks
Hull Number 52
Fit Out  
Previous Owners Seaflight was originally owned by David’s
parents Dr Harold and Mrs Patricia Dicks
Previous Names Nil

About the Owners

DAVID DICKS when 17 years old SET THE RECORD for the youngest to sail alone and non stop around the world via Cape Horn.

David’s 1996 Voyage

Sunday February 18 David leaves Fremantle aboard Seaflight.
Sunday February 22 Returns to Fremantle after water damages his radio.
Monday February 26 Sets sail again after making repairs.
Tuesday March 5 Seaflight is knocked down 120 degrees by a large wave and loses a spinnaker pole.
Sunday March 17 David is washed overboard but is saved by his safety harness.
Tuseday April 9 Seaflight’s wind generator is lost, GPS and radar broken and engine soaked.
Monday May 13 A bolt holding shrouds breaks and the self steering unit is damaged.
Monday May 20 David becomes the youngest person to round Cape Horn alone.
Friday May 24 The Royal Navy delivers mail and a bolt for Seaflight’s mast.
Friday July 19 David rounds Bermuda, the halfway point. Jon Sanders and Pat Dicks deliver mail.
Tuesday August 6 David encounters balmy weather with an occasional violent storm
Monday September 30 Seaflight rounds the Cape of Good Hope.
Wednesday October 16 Waves of eight metres broke over Seaflight.
Saturday November 16 David crosses the official timing point off Fremantle at 7:02pm.
Sunday November 17 David is welcomed home by 60,000 people and a flotilla of 600 boats.

Quotes from David


“I liked the really bad gales and the knockdowns. They’re amazing. It’s exiting sailing – you just watch the waves and they are just so powerful. I don’t really get frightened in storms. I was a bit frightened when the bolt broke because I thought I was going to lose the mast. That was a little bit scary, the adrenalin was pumping because I was right down in the Southern Ocean.”

“I’d never seen snow before and I saw snow round Cape Horn. There was snow on the deck. It was extremely cold.”


“When my friends rang for my birthday I really wanted to be with them. I didn’t ever really feel lonely, just missed my friends. I don’t really mind being on my own.”

When David was off the Falkland Islands the Royal Navy took some photographs of Seaflight. These were displayed at Fremantle Sailing Club which inspired S&S34 owner and association member Jane Laws to pen a ballad in tribute.

Click to Listenmusic cd.gif         


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Big Welcome Home Planned

Big Welcome Planned For Solo Sailor David

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Off the Falkland Islands. Photograph: Royal Navy

Off the Falkland Islands. Photograph: Royal Navy

Arrival Day, Fremantle Sailing Club. Photograph: Jane Laws

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