Roma II

Launched 5th August 1985 (date of contract 3/5/83)
Owner Connor & Elizabeth Moran
Purchased 25th January 2006

Configuration Original keel and rudder with short rig, mark 2 deck.
Set up for short handed cruising.
Powered by a Bukh 20SME with sail drive, fitted under cockpit.
Colour Light Blue Hull with gold cove stripe, white and cream deck
Berthed Fremantle Sailing Club, berth B09
Sail Number F 334
Australian Registration O/N 851787, Sydney
State Registration AL 810
Call Sign VLW6250 or FG8174
Builder Swarbricks
Hull Number 112
Fit Out Roger Streater
Previous Owners Jon & Nadia Armstrong (Jan 2006-April 2012),
Steve and Jane Laws (January 1991 – January 2006),

Roger Streater (August 1985 – January 1991)
Previous Names Nil

The Yacht’s Story

Roma II was laid up by Swarbricks and trucked to Sydney as an empty hull with unattached keel. Roger Streater fitted her out for short handed cruising. Roger was a cabinet maker by trade and had 20 years experience in the maritime police force. He had previously constructed two timber yachts (Roma and Caroma). When Roger’s previous yacht came on the market he decided to sell Roma II and repurchase Caroma, his old Swanson Carmen (which he still owns).

Steve and Jane Laws purchased Roma II from Roger in January 1991. She was then moored in Port Hacking, just south of Sydney. Steve and Jane had been working in the UK and flew home to Oz with the intention of buying another yacht and doing some cruising. Being Sandgropers they had been brought up on the S&S34 reputation. They saw Roma II on a Thursday evening, spent several hours on board and made an offer. The test sail was on the Saturday and Roma was slipped on the Tuesday. Steve and Jane moved on board the same day. Roger immediately purchase Caroma and a short cruise to Broken Bay commenced. Steve and Janes first sail was from Port Hacking to Sydney Harbour and up under the bridge.

Roma II was then home for the next three years as Steve and Jane slowly made their way around the top, arriving in Fremantle in November 1993. Since then, Roma II has been used for cruising in local waters and has been known to participate in a few jib and main fun races.

Steve and Jane sold Roma II to Jon Armstrong in January 2006,
and then on to Connor and Elizabeth Moran in April 2012.


Washing Day, Pinta Creek, NSW. Photograph: Jane Laws

Hawkesbury River, NSW. Photograph: Roger Streeter

King George River, Kimberley, WA. Photograph: Steve Laws

Crocodile Creek, Kimberley, WA. Photograph: Jane Laws

David Dicks (Seaflight) and Jane Laws (Roma II) .Photograph: Steve Laws

Longreach, Rottnest Island. Photograph: Jane Laws

October 2005, Fremantle. Photograph: Mike Jessop-Jolly

3 thoughts on “Roma II

  1. I just happened to google the S & S association to see if my old boat was listed, the photo’s
    brought back fond memories. If my old boat Caroma had not come back onto the market I
    would have not parted with Roma 11, she is a beautifull boat. I still have Caroma and have
    just finished an upgrade on her. Good sailing. Roger Streater.Roger Streater

    • Hi Roger,
      Just saw your comment, great to hear from you.
      I still miss Roma II but also love Ambience, our Lotus 10.6, that we are now sailing.
      Will be back in Tasi for the 2019 Aust Wooden Boat Show. Hopefully you will be displaying Caroma again and we can catch up.
      Steve laws

  2. Today 13 oct 2019 visited FSC departure Jon Sanders 11 round the world.
    Walked on d jetty and did see Roma with black gaffa tape on the SB windows peeling of and the glue visible sorry sight.Being a S&S fan,and owned one to.
    Anyway another day.cheers

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