Morning Town – the 36′ prototype for the S&S 34


5 thoughts on “Morning Town – the 36′ prototype for the S&S 34

    • Dear Karel,
      I am not sure from the partial photos on the Facebook page, but it looks like the same boat to me. The boat on our website looks like an S&S 34 but the coach roof and also the transom are not quite typical. If it was a wooden prototype that might account for it. Do you have a history on the one on the Facebook page?
      Regards, Simon
      S&S 34 Assoc webmaster.

      • Dear mister Torvaldsen,

        The Morningtown has been our family boat 1975 – 2012 and it is not a 34-foot boat but a 36-foot boat. The Morningtown has won a lot of races in it’s younger years and that is why the former owner (before us) has used this yacht as a protype for the 34-series.

        Kind regards,
        Liselot Baarsma

        • Thanks very much Liselot,
          I thought that was the case but wasn’t 100% sure. As Morningtown is the prototype for the 34, we are very happy to include you on our website. I am happy to update your web page whenever required, just email me.
          Regards, Simon

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