Morning Star

Launched 1983
Owner Joanna Breen
Purchased Jan 2016
Configuration Under cockpit engine, short rig, Mk 2 keel and rudder
Colour White with blue trim and cream deck
Berthed Tamar Yacht Club, Tas
Sail Number
Australian Registration
State Registration
Call Sign
Builder Swarbricks
Hull Number
Fit Out
Previous Owners Tim Taylor 2001-07, Patrick Clarke 2007-16
Previous Names

The Yacht’s Story (from Pat Clarke)

I understand the yacht was built in 1983 by Swarbricks’ and went north to Geraldton, before being trucked to Adelaide in 1989. Morning Star has a Mark 11 keel and rudder but with a short rig and a 3GM30 Yanmar (installed 1993) sits under the cockpit. Tim Taylor purchased Morning Star in 2001 from North Haven South Australia. She was sold to me in 2007.

From Jo Breen, 2016:

Planning to use for cruising Tasmania, club racing, and dreaming of doing the Melbourne to Osaka in 2018 (Hoping to get some advice on this from members who race their S&S 34’s!).

3 thoughts on “Morning Star

  1. Hi Jo
    Interesting, I also have a S&S called morning star,

    Belonged to Glen Swarbrik. Was a 34 and then he extended it to 36

    Have you still got yours?



    • Hi Steven,
      Yes, I still have Morning Star. I bought the boat in March 2016 and am doing a major refit at the moment to get her ready for the 2018 Melbourne to Osaka. Thats interesting that yours is also called Morning Star. I was trying to track down mine’s history and it looks like she may have had a name change at some point.

  2. Hi Steven and Jo
    Actually hoping to contact Steven Crickmay, as his old Morning Star is up for sale and I’d like to find out as much as I can before putting in an offer. Steven I’d be grateful if you could contact me through email
    Hi Jo I met with Shane Kearns yesterday and he took me through Azzuro… amazing! He said he contacted you about setting up your Morning Star and I’d also appreciate chance to talk to you about what worked best. My email again –
    Hope to hear from you both.
    Mark Ayto

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