Morning Cloud

Launched 1968 or 69?
Owner n/a
Purchased n/a
Contact n/a
Configuration English coach roof, taller rig and 180% genoas
Colour White
Berthed n/a
Sail Number n/a
Australian Registration n/a
State Registration n/a
Call Sign n/a
Builder Michael Winfield
Hull Number UK #1 or 2
Fit Out Michael Winfield
Previous Owners Sir Edward Heath (Vale)
Previous Names Nil

The Yacht’s Story

Morning Cloud, skippered by Edward Heath, placed S&S34’s onto the world stage by winning the 1969 Sydney Hobart race. Rodney Hill was having Morning After built when Ted insisted on an early delivery date. It is not clear if Morning After become Morning Cloud. Apparently the name Morning Cloud was decided upon by Michael Winfield (the builder) following in the footsteps of Morningtown his very successful 37-footer (which was named after a race horse).

In January 1968 Olin Stephens visited the Winfield booth at the London Boat Show and was asked if he would return later to meet a certain Edward Heath. Mr Stephens asked “who is Mr Heath?” and was surprised to be told that “Mr Heath is the next Prime Minister”. The meeting was held and Edward Heath was impressed enough to order a yacht

In Morning Cloud, Heath swiftly built-up an impressive racing record culminating in winning the December 1969 Sydney to Hobart Race. By that time Heath was the British Prime Minister, and in relation to his recreation of yacht racing, this Morning Cloud was the predecessor of a number of other successful S&S designs commissioned by him which also were given the same name.  Moreover, an S&S 34 won its division of the 1969 Fastnet Race and in that and the following year the S&S 34 was the Overall Point Score winner in its class.

Unfortunately, on 2nd September 1974 Morning Cloud broke her mooring in Jersey and was lost. Edward Heath weathered the same storm at sea on the third Morning Cloud.

About the Owners

Edward Richard George Heath, the British Prime Minister, was born in Broadstairs, a harbour town in the southeast England county of Kent, on July 9, 1916, the elder of two sons. Encouraged by his mother, Heath began piano lessons as a small boy. It became a lifetime interest. From his state school, Heath won a scholarship to Oxford University. After World War II service as an artillery officer, Heath worked briefly as a civil servant and then as an editor of the Anglican Church Times. He was elected to the House of Commons for Bexley and Sidcup in 1950, and represented the solidly Conservative south England district through his long political career. In 1992, he became Sir Edward, a member of the country’s most prestigious order of chivalry, the knights of the Garter.


Famous sail number

2468 – Who Do We Appreciate

One thought on “Morning Cloud

  1. Rodney Hill ordered Morning Cloud before Edward Heath placed an order. During the London Boat show Heath ordered an S & S 34 and the British National press had a big picture of him standing under the stern of Morning Cloud.
    Michael Winfield approached Rodney and asked him to let Edward Heath have her, and Rodney would get number 2. A deal was done, Rodney kept Morning Cloud and changed her name to Morning After ( the name allowed them just to change 5 letters) and the next hull went to Edward Heath as Morning Cloud.
    I sailed with Rodney on Morningtown and much of her loose equipment came off Morning After. We had at least two life jackets lettered ‘Morning Cloud@.

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