Launched 4/8/1978 (date of contract)
Owner Garnett Gourlay
Colour White/Blue
Berthed Geraldton Yacht Club
Sail Number  
Australian Registration  
State Registration  
Call Sign  
Builder Swarbricks
Hull Number 63
Fit Out  
Previous Owners Nil
Previous Names Nil

2 thoughts on “Kameruka

  1. hi
    i would like to get in touch with garnett. old mate from gove i have seen him since kamerua sank in the whittsundays but lost touch.
    any help would be appreciated
    greg wicks

    • Dear Greg,

      I have posted your comment, unfortunately we have not heard from Garnett for many years, and have no info re Kameruka. If you have any further information about either Kameruka or Garnett I would be happy to assist in any way practicable.
      Regards, Simon Torvaldsen,

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