Launched 1970 (date of construction contract)
Owner Tom Hinton
Purchased  July 2013
Berthed Queenscliff Harbour Marina, Vic
Sail Number
Australian Registration
State Registration
Call Sign
Builder  Swarbricks
Hull Number 6
Fit Out
Previous Owners The original owner was Hugh W. Findlay of Oatley NSW, later John C. Mcintosh, who sold her in 2013
Previous Names Boomaroo III is listed as her original name


Boomaroo berthed at Buddina Qld July 2013

Boomaroo berthed at Buddina Qld July 2013

Boomaroo July 2013

Boomaroo July 2013

15 thoughts on “Boomaroo

    • Thanks Norm, I have updated her webpage. I am still getting the hang of this new program. Hope all is going well with you and Constellation.

      Regards, Simon

  1. My name is Tom Hinton and I have bought Boomaroo from John McIntosh.
    There is much to do to restore her to her former glory but I am up for it.
    She will remain in her current berth at Buddina for the present and her colour is now Burgandy

  2. Hi Tom Hinton.
    I sailed In alot of races in Boomaroo with Hugh Finlay including the1976 Sydney /Suva race.

    They are wonderful seaboats.


    John Ross. Ps do you have aphone number?

    • Great news , she should be white .. I sailed a few seasons on Boomaroo out of CYC . Lots of experiences , especially the 1st few Lord Howe Island races in the 70’s . 90 Kn big rollers breaking bare poles , tiller lashed over , all down below. She would shudder to a stop as the waves broke on top of her but shake off and pick up speed to 4 + Kn and steer up into the next roller . For 18 hrs .
      So safe .

      • Hi Graeme,
        What an adventure!
        She hasn’t seen that sort of action since I have owned her.
        Can you remember where they stowed the liferaft?
        It washed overboard in 2000 returning from Hobart and it washed up on Flinders Island. The local Police returned it to the previous owner. Amazingly, after 13 years storage I had it serviced and it was perfect.
        I am interested to hear more of Boomaroo’s history if you feel like writing again.

        • Tom
          Do you know anything about Boomaroo Morse Fans entry in the 1998 S2H
          I’ve been going through the coronial enquiry evidence – someone has said one of the SS34’s was rolled and damaged ( It wasn’t Misty which completed the race as the last (42nd of 112) boat in

          • Paul,
            Boomaroo retired from the “98 Hobart and returned in good order. Was not rolled.

  3. The boat that rolled in the “98 Hobart was Solandra.
    A Police interview with 2 of the crew is at Escott%20Craig.pdf
    Thanks to John McIntosh Boomaroo’s previous owner and John Mc Cormack of Morning Bird for steering me in the right direction.

  4. Hi Tom Just a note to say thanks for looking after Boomaroo My mother was married to Hugh Findlay her name was Betty ,she and I sailed in the 70s on her ,we did a lot of sea miles with cyc club Sadly Betty passed away last January ,we have a great shot of her at the helm ,her favoured position .Boomaroo will always have special connection with me ,Cheers

  5. Hi Tom, I sailed on Boomaroo lll in 1976 out of CYC in the RYS Saturday races. Betty was on board most of the time. I recall that Hugh was 72 at the time and I was 17. I have a photo of me on the helm on a sunny day in Sydney Harbour. At 72, Hugh could run around the deck faster and more agile than any of us young guys. It was always 3 fingers of scotch, neat, no water! for Hugh. Some of the trips back from the RYS across the harbour in the dark to the pen at the CYC after the presentation were very exciting……Hugh liked a drink and in those days I did not have a licence and he use to drop me off at my parents place at Canterbury, on his way back to Oatley, it would be very different now with RBT. Great Guy, great boat, great times.

  6. Hi Tom, I use to sail on Boomaroo lll in 1976 in the Royal Yacht Squadron Sydney Saturday races.
    The boat was kept at the CYC in Rushcutters bay. Hugh and Betty were very nice and generous people and sailing with them was a real pleasure. At the time Hugh was 72 and I was 17. I have a photo on me on the helm in Sydney Harbour. Great guy, great boat, good times.

    • Hi Phil,
      Great times by the sound of it!
      Hugh must have been quite a character from the picture you (and others) paint of him and Betty seems to have been a very big part of the whole adventure.
      Her son Rick caught up wit me a while ago and reacquainted himself with Boomaroo III.
      Let me know if you are near Melbourne and would like to see the old boat again.

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