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  1. Hi I am the owner of Morning Gold and my email has changed to the above.

    The new web site is better and I hope that the discussion forum becomes a bit more active.
    I did send some photos through (perhaps the wrong way) to give some people a few ideas on making the wheel steered boats more comfortable for cruising.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to invite members to send photos on how they have modified and/or improved their boats from the original layout.

    Cheers John and good luck with the new site.

    • Thanks John,

      Your new email address was all in capitals – is this correct? I too would like a bit more traffic on the Forum as if nothing happens people stop looking at it. It is hosted externally to the website using different software, the website button is a link to this. You should be able to post photos, but only if they are below a certain size (ie not high res), the limit is listed on the Forum. If you have any high res photos you would like me to display on the website, please email them to me. At present there are som issues with getting photos to display on the new website but I am hopeful we will have this fixed shortly.

      Regards, Simon

  2. Just completed a competent crew course on a s&s 34… Am keen to buy one. Am looking at a 1984 model.

    Is there specific things I should ask the surveyor to spend extra attention to?

    Best regards,

    Andy, Melbourne….the boat I am looking at is in Newcastle, Australia.

    • Dear Andy,
      There are a few things, although they are things common to most older yachts. If you email me direct via the contact button on the website I can reply in more detail, if you tell me which boat it is I may be able to give a bit more info (although I probably won’t have personally seen it). They are generally tough, well designed and well built boats.
      Regards, Simon

      • Simon, I just acquired a 1970 SS34 lying in Lisbon in a reasonable condition and well priced. I previously owned a Hans Christian 43.

        I’m trying to locate the diesel tank and can’t find either the lid on deck or the tank itself. Sorry for this stupid question (spent only 3 h in the boat yet). The engine is of course fo this year midships. Boat name is Quick Step II (British flag, previous owner deceased).

        Thanks and best regards,

  3. Hi the S&S 34 custom built for Jamie Dunross to complete a solo circumnavigation of Australia is available for sale.
    Over $500,000 was spent customising this vessel and is available for $130,000
    The boat was sold to a Sydney buyer who tragically had a fatal accident 1 week before taking delivery of the boat.
    If any of your readers are interested that can contact myself on 0418444747 or rob@apexassetgroup.com.au.

  4. Been off work through illness for 9 months and was bored, so I typed in s&s 34 and bingo. I was directed to your site which I will subscribe to when back at work and can afford it. I sailed Morning Glory for some 15 years, what a boat, unbelievable, the single most seaworthy yacht ever designed, yes she was neglected and the owner at the time was a Pembrokeshire farmer who was struggling with matters agricultural and Glory(his pride and joy) had to come further down the list. Would point like a dinghy and run like a cheetah, what a yacht, simply the best.

    • Hello William, just read your post from July this year and was impressed by your enthusiasm for this wonderful design. I hope that you are recovering well and things are looking up for you. We look forward to you joining us some day soon,

      Caroline Michelides
      S&S 34 Miss Cath

  5. Dear Simon

    I am not sure if this is the correct site for the following information, if not I apologise and request guidance to the right area.
    My wife Earla and I own Eucalypt, penned here at FSC. We recently had a hard dodger fabricated and installed and were wondering if any other S&S 34 owners were considering the same? If so, the cost of the template could be shared, thereby reducing the overall cost. As a consequence of the latest installation we now have a fold away dodger surplus to requirements, that we would like to sell.
    Kind regards
    Matt Young

    • Dear Matt,
      Thanks for contacting me. I would be happy to put an ad on the website, both for the fold away dodger and for the rights to use the hard dodger template. It is something that comes up from time to time, although I think people might differ in their ideas as to what constitutes the ideal. Some photos would be helpful. I could put something on the technical section as well with your contact details so people can access it that way. If you wanted to write a short bit on how it was done and what it’s features are that would also help give the picture. you can email me direct if you wish (under “contacts”)
      Regards, Simon

  6. Hello.

    I have recently purchased S&S 34 Morning Cloud from Bob Van der Wilt.
    and I am the very proud new owner of this wonderful boat.

    She is lying in South Holland but my brother and I
    plan to set sail soon and bring her to a new home, in Conway, North Wales .


    Peter Darwin Merseyside U.K.

  7. Simon,
    I sold Morning Melody about a year ago to a really nice kiwi bloke called Duncan Hill. He has MM now up at Mindarie and has tried to join the association on a couple of occasions. Somehow things have not happened and he would like to be contacted.. Please can you call him on 0407190201 . Really good guy and a passionate owner of the perfect yacht

    (living in down town picton, Marlborough sounds, Nz)
    got a new boat but its not the same

    • Thanks Bruce,
      Glad to hear things are going Ok in NZ, it’s a great place (but a bit short of S&S 34s!). I will ring Duncan next week, thanks for letting me know.
      Regards, Simon

  8. We are about to replace the old Volvo Penta 2002 18 H.P. engine for a new Volvo D1-20.unit .

    The gearbox comes with 2 ratios ….2.14:1 and 2.63:1 Has anyone fitted one of these at anytime.

    Not sure what ratio to get . Also cant be sure of the prop details . Its a 16″ but cant tell what the
    pitch is.

    Anyone any Ideas please.

    Peter Darwin
    S&S 34 Morning Cloud

  9. Hi – there is a boat up for sale in Netherlands called Toermalijn that says she is S&S 34 but she is not listed on your directory. Is the directory fully complete and does anyone know anything about this boat?

    • The Directory is not complete, especially regarding European boats. We have details on most of the Australian ones (although sometimes out of date), we rely on owners notifying us of any movements. We have a list of boats built in Australia but not the UK, so can only list boats at the request of the owner. It is likely that there are several dozen S&S 34s in Europe not listed in the Directory. Likewise, unless the owner is a member, we only have the details and contacts listed on the website.
      Regards, Simon

  10. Hi Simon
    I have owned Morning Melody for about three years now ,you thank you for all your lnput into the association I have a bit more work to do on her before a repainted but I would like to know her original colours I no she is white and red but the true colours including the light brown top side would be nice to know because she still is very original . Hope you can help.

    • Dear Duncan,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. The register I have lists the colours as “red/white”. I am not sure of the interpretation of this, usually the hull colour is listed first so perhaps it means “red hull/white topsides”. you might get some idea by some careful scraping/sanding.
      regards, Simon

  11. Hi Simon,
    I am now based in Manly, Qld. I saw the S&S 34 True Love (which is the the search and rescue) here in the marina. Looks dilapidated.
    I have registered Ciella for the 2018 SoloTrans Tasman, which starts on 1 April. Any other boats interested?
    Best regards,
    Derek Desaunois

    • Thanks Derek,
      I have updated your details and the search & rescue page. let me know how things progress with the solo Trans Tasman race.
      Regards, Simon

  12. Hello all
    I am the owner of Morning Hustler, built in 1971 and now kept at RMYS in Melbourne.
    I need to replace stanchion bases. I suspect they are the original ones, cast and with three bolts. They were probably originally supplied in Perth, and I haven’t been able to locate anything the same. I’d prefer to use the same castings if they’re available so I don’t have to drill more holes….
    Any ideas?
    Cheers, Sam Cowell
    0416 260 788

    • Hi Sam
      Great to hear from you.
      If you would like to tell me more about yourself and Morning Hustler I can update the page in the yacht directory.

      Glen Swarbrick may be able to help you with locating replacement stanchion bases.
      His phone number is phone 08 9437 5425

      Jamie Downs

  13. Hello

    We are the 50% owners of Morning Song – original and very good condition – lying in Suffolk on the River Orwell. We are looking to sell half or third share to a keen sailor. We can supply further details of the full programme of restoration works undertaken at Suffolk Yacht Harbour and annual maintenance.

  14. Hello

    I have been made aware of a S & S 34 where the owner has died. she was in the middle of being refurbished and the executers of the will wold like someone to have her that would restore and care for her in the same way the previous owner had? Would you know where the best place to advertise her would be? Would anyone be interested do yo think?

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Sarah,
      I am so sorry to hear of the loss.
      There is a market for S&S34’s. I think somewhere like http://www.boatsonline.com.au would be a good place as there are a few others for sale there.
      We would also be happy to put a notice on our website. Can you advise details of the boat as we keep records of each boat as we receive information.
      Best regards,
      Ron Kooy
      S&S 34 Association

  15. Hi
    I am looking at purchasing an S&S 34 (am I allowed to say “or similar yacht”?) in the next few months. I have been googling surveyors but have only found stinkboat inspectors. Does anyone know of experienced yacht pre purchase surveyors which will list everything I need to replace on a report, including osmosis issues. In the Perth/Mandurah/Busselton area. Do you know approximate cost? Thanks Dennis

    PS – Sarah I lost my wife a month ago and have decided to stop “working for the man” and sail off to the wild blue yonder, just like all those legendary solo S&S 34 I have been reading about for many years. So I would be interested in looking at the boat

  16. Hi
    My name is Peter Hamilton .I am co owner of S and S 34 Red William from Sydney Harbour racing at Greenwhich Yacht Squadron.
    Currently we are upgrading to category 5 and must fit an emergency steering system . We have a Wheel steering quadrant in front of the old tiller post in the cockpit. Does anyone have any advice, drawings or information on how to arrange this emergency system? I am sure I am not the first to tackle this problem but would like to benefit from others experience in this area. I would be grateful for any advice before we start welding fittings for our tiller post.

  17. I still own her although I do have her for sale.
    She relocated from Pittwater in 2016 (we moved south of the harbour so it was better to have her closer to our new home) and is now moored in Sydney Harbour at the Drummoyne Sailing Club.
    I did the annual Lord Howe Island BBQ Rally in 2014, 15 and 16 in her. If she doesn’t sell beforehand I will do the trip again this year.

  18. Just an update on S&S 34 Tramp for the directory: It is now berthed at Hobsons Bay Yacht Club, has had hull professionally resprayed in Awlgrip white and sail number is now H888. Thank you. PS I will send some new photos when I figure out how.

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