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Memory Map

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12. Oct 2013 at 16:34

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I have an android device and thanks to a member of the much younger generation I have finally been able to download memory map onto my Galaxy tablet. At first it seemed pretty clunky but I am sure it will be good to use once I become familier with it.
How manyother members have used this product and how do they rate it?
What other charting products have members experienced on the andriod platform.
I do not seem to have tidal data with memory map but I may be missing something. Do other andriod charting systems have tidal information?

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22. Oct 2013 at 20:58

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Hi John,
I have memory Map along with some other navigational software.  It is a bit clunky but the charts are very accurate (better than any other types) and based on the Aust Hydrographic ones.  I use it on a Toughbook, I think the PC format does have more features although I understand the mobile app works well also (I have it but don't use it much). I don't think it does have tidal info but you can go to the Memory map website and double check.

I have found it a bit tiresome to plot accurate courses in advance (eg for races etc) but it's not too bad once you get used to it.  It is fine for general navigational use, even my wife can manage it fairly well. Also being Rastor not Vector based you don't lose any detail as you zoom out so can't miss important stuff through not zooming in enough as sometimes you can with Vector based charts.  It is really just an electronic copy of the paper based charts.

If we weren't racing I would probably be happy to use it alone, but it doesn't support importing grib files, currents, tides etc and won't calculate some of the things that we use racing.  But overall I have found it quite good and certainly quite cost effective.  I haven't really looked into any other Android apps, some may look fancier but there are none I would trust as being as accurate as Memory Map, and in the end this is the most important thing, especially for cruising.

Hope this helps,
Regards, Simon