S&S 34’s For Sale Around the Globe

Here is a listing of S&S 34’s found to be for sale around the world. See if you can grab a great yacht!!

Stray Bit, hull #41 for sale in Hawaii. Check Hawaii Craig’s list for details under boats, then search sail boats or https://www.boatsonline.com.au/boats-for-sale/used/sailing-boats/sparkman-stephens-34-custom/228066

Ciella For Sale. Derek has had to abort his round the world trek and Ciella is now for sale. Details to follow but she is listed under our yacht directory with photos.

Sulphur for sale in Perth – Sulphur is an S&S34 with a great pedigree. Details at https://www.boatsonline.com.au/boats-for-sale/used/sailing-boats/sparkman-stephens-34/220813

Mulloka for sale in NSW. https://www.boatsonline.com.au/boats-for-sale/used/sailing-boats/sparkman-stephens-34/217099

For Sale in South Australia. https://www.boatsonline.com.au/boats-for-sale/used/sailing-boats/sparkman-stephens-34/213033

The S&S Association in the UK has multiple listings of S&S 34’s for sale. Check http://www.sparkmanstephensuk.info/page134.html

Of course you can still get a new S&S 34 built to your specifications! Contact Mike Finn at Cottesloe Yachts. Ring Mike on +61 419 845336.

Happy buying!!



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