S&S 34 Association Christmas Twilight Race

All S&S 34s are invited to the S&S 34 Association Christmas Twilight on 17th December 2017

Held in conjunction with the Royal Perth Yacht Club Christmas Party, the twilight race will follow the usual RPYC twilight instructions shown in the RPYC Red Book except that the start will be at the earlier time of 5pm.

A buffet dinner will be served on the lawn from 6:30pm.


Automatic nomination for visiting boats

Visiting boats wishing to compete in the Twilight Cruise will be entered when they sail in or near the starting area.


Skippers are reminded to adhere to the RPYC Red Book 2.1.3 safety requirements for twilight cruises

  • The twilight race shall be conducted under Category 7 of the AS Special Regulations modified as follows. In addition to Category 7 requirements, all boats shall carry the following additional equipment:
      2 x Red Hand Held Flares in a waterproof container 2 x Operational Waterproof Torches
      At least one of the following means of communication: VHF Radio/Mobile Phone (A VHF radio is preferred due to its all “informed nature” enabling boats in the immediate vicinity to respond immediately)
      During Twilights, Channel 77 (VHF) and 0408 919 667 will be manned to cater for an emergency
  • It is strongly recommended that sailors wear a PFD, (PFD1 or 2) particularly after sunset. Skippers are reminded that they are responsible for their crew
  • Skippers are reminded to pay particular attention to the maximum number of guests they may carry in accordance with the safety equipment carried on board during Twilights
  • Overloading is dangerous & illegal
  • Skippers are reminded of their responsibility with respect to the consumption of alcohol
  • It is strongly recommended that skippers carry out a safety briefing prior to leaving the pen and carry out regular “Man Over-Board” drills
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