S&S 34 Olbia wins Transatlantic OSTAR 2017

Congratulations Christian Chalandre

S&S 34 Olbia skippered by owner Christian Chalandre has won the Jester Class in the Singlehanded Transatlantic OSTAR 2017 in a time of 32 days, 14 hours and 9 minutes.

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Pre-race profile of Olbia here.



Olbia, skippered by Christian Chalandre, has won the OSTAR 2017 (Original Singlehanded Trans-Atlantic Race, from Plymouth to Newport) in Jester Class. Olbia crossed the finish line on 1 July at 22:09 local time to win the OSTAR Jester class with an elapsed time of 32d 14h 9m and a corrected time of 29d 4h 49m.

Olbia, built in 1971 is one of the original S&S34 yachts, a sister to Morning Cloud that Sir Edward Heath skippered to victory in the 1969 Sydney to Hobart race.

Photo by Paul Gibbins facebook.com/pg/paulgibbinsphotography/

Photo by Paul Gibbins facebook.com/pg/paulgibbinsphotography/

October 28 saw the prize giving ceremony for the winners of the OSTAR and TWOSTAR races. The races started on 29 May and the last yacht completed the race on 3 July.

The first OSTAR Race was run in 1960 and won by Sir Frances Chichester in Gypsy Moth III. The race is run every 3 years by the Royal Western Yacht Club based in Plymouth, UK. There are two divisions for the race, Gypsy Moth Class for boats with an IRC handicap of greater than 1 and Jester Class for those yachts with an IRC of less than 1.

This year’s race was one of the most challenging on record. In the early hours of Friday 9th June, 60 knot winds and 15 metre seas were experienced by competitors, caused by a very low depression (967 mb). These extreme conditions caused damage to many boats with 3 emergency beacons (EPIRB) triggered. The Canadian coastguard in Halifax immediately reacted to the situation sending ships and air support to all the boats in distress. Of the 7 Yachts in Jester class only two remained, Olbia and Solent 1. Olbia was knocked down 3 times during the storm but only sustained minor damage – a testament to the seaworthiness of the S&S 34.

Congratulations to Christian Chalandre for a exceptional feat!!


3 days with just storm mainsail with or without storm jib, with 40, 45, 50, or 55 knots !

9th June 2017. Day 12 of the race. Severe depression of 964 millibars decimates the Jester fleet.

  1. Tamarind suffers heavy damage. Skipper abandons her and is rescued by Queen Mary II
  2. Harmonii has problems with the mainsail, retires and makes her way to the Azores.
  3. Suomi Kudu abandons the race with significant problems and returns to England.
  4. Happy is dismasted. Crew abandons ship. Both crew rescued by ocean going tug APL Forward.
  5. Zest abandons the race due to problems with motor and autopilot.
  6. Summerbird has problems, retires and heads towards Horta.
  7. Olbia is knocked down three times just northwest of the depression, in a crossed sea.

Summerbird, Zest, Solent 1 and Olbia remained in the north.

Only Solent 1 and Olbia remained in the Jester class and 7 boats in the Gypsy Moth class.

Retirements: PiR2, Breizh Cola, Opole, Taylor, Hikari, One and All, Zest, Suomi Kudu, Harmonii, Summerbird.
Abandons: Illumia, Tamarind, Furia, Happy.

Christian Chalandre holding the trophy celebrates with fellow Jester class sailors at 2017 Prizegiving night at Royal Western Yacht Club, Plymouth

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