2017-2018 S&S34 Association Swan River Racing Series

Perth, Western Australia

Are you available to race in the S&S34 Swan River Series?

The S&S34 Association Swan River Racing Series is based around the 3 combined SoPYC, RFBYC & RPYC Division 2 races during the 2017-2018 Summer Sailing Season.

This is an opportunity for the S&S34’s to get together and race, as well as being combined with similar boats in Division 2.

We have the same start, course and finish to Division 2, and we compete for the club based, combined results and series results, and then on top of all of that the S&S34 Association run our own handicaps and results (separately calculated & announced via email).

Here are the dates for the S&S34 Association Swan River Racing Series

  • Saturday 2nd December 2017 – South of Perth Yacht Club
  • Saturday 20th January 2018 – Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club
  • Saturday 10th March 2018 – Royal Perth Yacht Club

If you are interested, please let Andrew Walby know as soon as possible so that we can inform the yacht club.  Andrew will organise the distribution of the handicaps and SI’s. His email is Andrew.Walby@swagmansailing.com

It is always a great opportunity to catch up with other owners at the yacht club running the race, so please join us after the race.

October 2017 News

Season Open Days in Perth, Western Australia see S&S 34’s out on the Water

The 2017/18 sailing season opening has seen S&S 34’s take to the water on both the Swan River and offshore.
Fremantle Sailing Club’s open day on 8 October saw Soon (owner Michael Thorpe), Polaris (owner Steve Kerr) and Bluebell (owner Peter Nevard) out on the water for the opening day race. Soon participated in the Division 2 race while Polaris and Bluebell sailed the Division 6 jib and main race. Also seen about on boats were owners Jim Putt (Morning Tide – richly decorated “dressed overall” in flags according to RYA), Ron Kooy (Venustus), Joe Mangold (C’est Bon) and Connor Moran (Roma II). Venustus and C’est Bon are undergoing refits and hope to be sailing in the future.

Dynamic and Soon (photo by Vicki Delfos)

At Royal Perth Yacht Club on the Swan River on 14 October, saw Huckleberry (owner Phil Somerville-Ryan), Swagman (owner Andrew Waldby) and Perie Banou III (owner Col Sanders) doing battle in Division 2. Swagman achieved a great result finishing 2nd over the line and on handicap. Perie Banou finished 4th and Huckleberry 5th over the line respectively. Great results against the experienced fleet!!

Perie Banou III under spinnaker (photo courtesy of RPYC)

Swagman making way on the Swan River (photo courtesy of RPYC)

Huckleberry with plenty of crew on open day (photo courtesy of RPYC)

At South of Perth, open day on 1st October racing was abandoned due to weather.
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club on the Swan River held its open day on 21st October and past president Roger Raymond was seen out on Le Jag. Rob Elliot Lockhart attended but Individual did not make it out on the day.

Le Jag

Roger Raymond out on Le Jag (photo Rob Elliot Lockhart)