The Association has commissioned a run of official Class Flags, based on the original design and colours.  Rather than being sewn, these flags use the latest UV resistant printing technology.  They have a middle lining to prevent “see through” of the pattern, and a velco strip to wrap around a stay plus ties.  The design is such that the Velcro wrapped end matches the pattern on the other side and becomes invisible.

They are offered for sale to members at cost, being $69. + postage

Non-members are welcome to purchase for $79 + postage.

Postage is $10 to anywhere in the world.  Just email our Treasurer Rob Eliott-Lockhart  casrel@iinet.net.au who will give you the details for payment and send the flags to you.  As our Past Presidents Roger Raymond and Dick Newnham demonstrate, they are magnificent flags.

Class flag

2 thoughts on “S&S 34 CLASS FLAG FOR SALE

  1. We are looking to purchase an S&S 34 flag for our son. We noticed the post is from 2016. Please advise us of the details to purchase if they are still available.
    Thank you,
    David & Jannette Owen

    • Hi Janette,
      Sorry for the delay in replying.
      We have 4 flags left.
      Costs as above.
      I’ll forward you the bank details if you’d still like to purchase one, let me know where to send it

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