SOLD: Meltemi

SOLD:   S&S 34 Meltemi.  IRC 0.902 AYF Cat. 2

Equipped for Racing, Cruising or Single handed around the World.

$ 65,000

Contact: Jim Shannon

07 3822 8272 or 0412 072 029



7 thoughts on “SOLD: Meltemi

    • Dear Trevor,

      If you go to Meltemi’s web page via the yacht Directory there is the history, specs and photos.

      regards, Simon

        • Dear Trevor,

          Sorry but the link was to their external website that seems to have been taken down or moved. If you need more details you would need to contact Jim directly. If you want more general info re the S&S 34 or what options are available, please feel free just to email me directly re this.
          Regards, Simon

  1. I’m looking to buy an S&S34 however a Hans Christian 38 to sell
    If u know anyone in the market call Trevor Gunning on 0457593400

  2. I’m interested in a S&S 34, probably an older model and I need to know something of the history of the class and how to identify the various models.


    • Dear Mike,
      If you go to the “History” button and look under “specifications” you will see all the specs for the different versions. Basically there are only 2 forms that were built in Aust, the original “Mk1” with a full skeg hung rudder and the “Mk 2” which had a spade rudder with truncated skeg. The Mk 2 also had an improved keel design. The Mk 2 generally had a slightly taller twin spreader rig, but some Mk 1s were later fitted with the taller rig as well. Rigs may vary slightly, as it was owners choice and some boats have been re-rigged. Masts may be keel stepped (lighter and stronger but intrusive into the cabin and can leak) or cabin stepped (requires a heavier section to give the same strength but doesn’t intrude into the cabin). All boats were designed for tiller steering, some have later been fitted with wheels but the narrow cockpit largely negates any advantage of wheel steering. Interior fit out varies from boat to boat, many were fitted out by owners. The Mk 2 boats are quicker than the Mk1s, but the difference is not huge and really only of significance if you are planning to race. Many more Mk 1 boats were built than Mk 2.
      Hope this helps,
      Regards, Simon (webmaster)

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