Letter from Sparkman & Stephens re new tall rig, July 1982

This letter was sent to Dr Fred Grauaug as President of the Association in 1982, in response to a query as to the most favourable rig dimensions (with a view to racing competitively). As always this is a trade off between light air vs heavy air performance, and rating.  The recommended dimensions were ultimately standardised as the “Mk 2” or “tall” rig with a 43′ “I” measurement, although the longer 12’6″ (13.8m) “E” measurement was retained. There were some individual variations as owners did “their own thing” but most tall rigs are close to the S&S specs (see the also the plans under the “new boat” section).  Please click on the link below to read the full letter:

Letter from S&S re new rig 20 July 82

Click here for a higher res view of the old rig plans: copy of original rig plan from S&S re new rig 20 July 82

Upcoming Batavia Lecture Series June 2013 – The sea and monsoon Australia: stories from the north

The Kenneth McPherson Memorial Lecture 2013
Presented in association with the Australian Association for Maritime History (AAMH)

Batavia Lecture Series 2013 – Presented by Prof Alan Powell
Emeritus Professor of History, Charles Darwin University

The maritime history of Australia’s monsoon coast, stretching from Broome to Cape York represents a complex and ancient heritage. These stories are shaped by the permeable movements of seafarers through the coasts, islands and open waters of Australia’s northern edge and those peoples living in and above this zone. Continue reading

The Leeuwin Current – Cruising Section Topic Night 7.30pm on Thursday 20 June 2013, FSC Stateroom

For June Topic Night there will be a 30 minute DVD presentation “Going With The Flow” that tells the story of the Leeuwin Current and how this narrow band of tropical water has created the unique marine habitats along our coastline – from the Tropical Northwest to the Recherche Archipelago on the Southern Coast.

The DVD will be followed by a presentation by Kim Klaka about currents and tides and how they affect navigation, passage planning and sailing conditions.

The evening will be of particular interest to those who have a passion for marine biology as well as to those who sail well offshore along our coast, through the Kimberley, and when chartering yachts in tidal areas such as northern Europe.

SOLD: Meltemi

SOLD:   S&S 34 Meltemi.  IRC 0.902 AYF Cat. 2

Equipped for Racing, Cruising or Single handed around the World.

$ 65,000

Contact: Jim Shannon

07 3822 8272 or 0412 072 029

Email: jim@shaneng.com.au