An interesting link – Berrimilla

Berrimilla is a Brolga 33 – almost a sistership to the S&S 34, designed by Peter Joubert in the 1970s with the aim of “improving” on the S&S 34. Peter was an engineer and talented yacht designer who felt that the S&S 34 was too racing orientated and designed the Brolga 33 based on the S&S 34 but with a bit more room, sacrificing a little speed. Berrimilla certainly has fulfilled all expectations having completed the 2004 Sydney-Hobart race then sailed to the UK for the Fastnet (coming 2nd in her class) and returning again for the next Sydney-Hobart. Since then they have sailed the NW passage and have a very entertaining website, click here for the link. Overall an amazing series of shorthanded voyages.

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