Jamie Dunross Life Membership presentation

Speech to award Jamie Dunross Life Membership of the S&S 34 Association on 26 November 2011 at Royal Perth Yacht Club.

Commodore, Flag Officers, Past Commodores, sailors all. I rang the ‘bell’ on behalf of the many sailors worldwide who have sailed in S&S 34s, including a number here who did so today, to welcome a most distinguished yachtsman, and to acknowledge Sydney 2000 Paralympic gold medalist, – Jamie Dunross.

Not only is Jamie an accomplished competitive sailor, but also, and to us as importantly, because in 2010 Jamie established a number of world endurance and sea miles-travelled records through his solo circumnavigation of Australia in the contemporary S&S 34 – Spirit of Rockingham.

Jamie left the Cruising Yacht Club, Rockingham on the 18 March 2010 and returned on 25 July, the last step of his journey, as an example of courage and fortitude, was a non-stop 1900 nautical mile leg from Darwin to Fremantle. Overall he spent 57 days alone at sea.

To honour Jamie for this feat, and to give him due credit for all his achievements, the S&S 34 association has awarded Jamie Life Membership.

To mark that award, we would like to present him with a Certificate of Life Membership, and a scale half section of an S&S 34.

Another lone sailor my brother Jon will make the presentation. We acknowledge you Jamie, well done and best wishes for future success.

Col Sanders,
President, S&S 34 Association

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