2011 Annual General Meeting

S&S34 Association – 34th Annual General Meeting 2011 Minutes. 31 July 2011- Fremantle Sailing Club

1. Colin Sanders declared the meeting open @ 1135.


  • Officers:
    • Colin Sanders (President/Secretary)
    • Steve Humphries (V/President)
    • Simon Torvaldsen (Webmaster)
  • Members:
    • Peter Tait
    • Geoff Connor
    • Andrew Waldby
    • Bruce & Shelley Collins
    • Phil & Carol Michelides
    • Steve & Jane Laws
    • Roger Raymond
    • Mark Lockwood

2. Apologies:

  • James Putt (Treasurer)
  • Dick Newnham
  • Bill Waldby
  • Vera Waldby
  • Mike Finn

3. Minutes of the 33nd AGM held at Fremantle Sailing Club July 2010

The Minutes were confirmed, moved: Andrew Waldby; seconded Geoff Connor.

4. President;s Report

President Colin Sanders noted that his report was included as an attachment to the “Notice of Meeting” (NoM) for this AGM and Members should have had the opportunity of reading it in advance of the meeting. He gave a summary of that report vis: While 2009/2010 as a highlight saw the triumphant return to Sydney of Jessica Watson from her solo, unassisted global circumnavigation in Ella’s Pink Lady, the 2010/11 year in contrast is marked by disabled sailor Jamie Dunross’ (Spirit of Rockingham) circumnavigation of Australia. He established a number of disabled sailing records in this endeavour. More locally, the Association conducted two S&S 34 races on the Swan River in conjunction with Royal Freshwater Bay and Royal Perth Yacht Clubs, and a Christmas Twilight BBQ was held at RPYC. The 31st Commodores Race hosted by Fremantle Sailing Club was held in April and won by Le Jag (Roger Raymond, helmed by the Commodore East Fremantle Sailing Club – Peter Kennington) from Kungari (Geoff Connor).

Colin Sanders noted that the Association’s website remained the prime means of communication with both Members and interested persons about the S&S 34 and those that sailed the yacht. The website remains a vital link with the community but to continue to be relevant as a modern means of communication it needed to be updated and initiatives in that regard are underway following discussion at the 2010 AGM. Also in the context of communication, Colin mentioned the relationship between the S&S 34 Association and the broader European-based Sparkman & Stephens Association. He encouraged Members to be aware of it and to contact the S&S Association to widen contacts.

The President’s Report was accepted, moved: Simon Torvaldsen; seconded Steve Laws.

5. Treasurer’s Report

In the Treasurer’s absence, Colin Sanders highlighted the favourable financial position of the Association indicating that the details were contained in a statement accompanying the “Notice of Meeting”– see attached report. It was worth noting that the Association is probably now in a position to fund an update of the website. Also, that a Term Deposit of $5100 with the RAC had recently been renewed at 6.15%. Attention was drawn to expenditure of nearly $500 on acquiring 9 small models of the S&S 34, the models to be used as trophies recognising achievement in sailing the yacht. A model to be presented to Jessica Watson as an example was tabled. Colin Sanders moved for the Accounts to be approved and the Member annual subscription to remain at $25; Seconded: Andrew Waldby. Approved.

6. Election of Office Bearers deferred to after Item 7

6.4 Webmasters Report

Simon Torvaldsen reiterated that the website was the Association’s door to the community and generally it met the needs of the interested sailing fraternity (thanks to the site’s creator Steve Laws) but it needed modernising which in his view wasn’t a great problem. It had received around 800 postings from around the world which indicated that the website served a valuable purpose. However, the site did require a new section, contemporary key features and side bars. Simon advised that he had gained one quotation of around $2000 for updating the site. Peter Tait reaffirmed that the website was well received and it fulfilled our expectations, and that the site’s author and managers should be complimented for their efforts.

Discussion developed over the best way to review the website.

Simon advised that including a section for technical papers/articles would also be advantageous. Steve Laws confirmed that the site could be modernised relatively simply and made easy to manage. Andrew Waldby tabled, for direction, a paper titled – S&S 34 Association Website Redevelopment. The meeting agreed that the Webmasters oral report be accepted and that Simon should continue to explore means to update the site. Moved: Geoff Connor, Seconded: Shelley Collins.

7. General Business

7.1 Election of Jamie Dunross as an Honorary Life Member

Colin Sanders indicated that he wished to nominate Jamie as a Life Member of the Association in recognition of Jamie’s accomplishment as a paraplegic yachtsman in sailing solo around Australia during 2009/2010. The details of the citation for Jamie were contained in the President’s Report circulated with the NoM. Seconded; Steve Laws. Passed with acclamation.

7.2 Social calendar.

Colin Sanders advised that he was happy to arrange again a Christmas BBQ and Twilight event at Royal Perth Yacht Club on 15 December 2011. In the absence of another venue being suggested the RPYC function was confirmed.

7.3 Racing Calendar.

Colin Sanders noted that over the past few years the Association’s racing events have included 2 Swan River races within Division 2, one race each at Royal Freshwater Bay and Royal Perth Yacht Clubs and he had organised for the same arrangement to apply for the 2011/12 season. Also it was likely that there could be a 3rd race hosted by South of Perth Yacht Club which for the new season was combining with RPYC (26 November) and RFBYC (25 February) for 3 Div 2 races. Colin indicated that this 3rd race involving S&S 34s and set down for 14 April had not yet been agreed to by SoPYC.

7.4 Cruising Calendar.

Phil Michelides reminded members that the annual Quindalup cruise to Busselton and Geographe Bay is on again – 26 December 2011. He recommended that the S&S 34 Association maintain an interest in promoting the event among Members. Details are to be placed on the website.

Simon Torvaldsen and Peter Tait spoke about the Easter Cruise which they regarded as a successful event attracting 5 yachts in company, even though the destination was southward from Fremantle rather than the intended northern cruise to Lancelin. They recommended that the cruise be programmed again for 2012, and hopefully northward The date probably would be 6/7/8 April.

7.5 FSC Commodores’ Race

Colin confirmed that over recent days the Commodores Race has been programmed for Sunday May 6, 2012. The late in the season timing was regrettably due to the very full WA sailing programme for the upcoming season highlighted by the December ISAF World Sailing Championships.

7.6 Other Events

Colin noted that the S&S 34 Association had been invited to participate, preferably as a fleet, in the renewed Cockburn Sound Regatta hosted by The Cruising Yacht Club. It commences with a feeder race from Fremantle to Rockingham on 26 December with the regatta concluding on Friday 30 Dec. Steve Laws spoke favourably about the regatta (as did Bruce Collins) indicating that nominating yachts would be allocated individual mooring and ferry services along with breakfast each day. The nomination fee is $200 which is very reasonable for what is provided and for the prizes on offer. Five yachts of any one class will constitute a ‘racing class’. Members agreed that it was an event worth supporting: see www.cockburnsoundregatta.com.au.

6. Election of Office Bearers

As there were no other nominations the following were elected (& to constitute the Committee):

President for 2010/2011 – Colin Sanders

Vice-President – Steve Humphries

Treasurer – James Putt

Yachting WA Delegate – Andrew Waldby

Webmaster – Simon Torvaldsen

8. Any Other Business

Simon Torvaldsen commented that Mike Finn was exploring with Sparkman & Stephens in New York to have the keel of the S&S 34 redesigned to make the yacht, principally the Mark 2s, more modern and competitive with recent designs. The intention was not to invoke a radical change eg a fin keel with torpedo, but rather to see whether it was practical to have designed an advanced keel that was clearly competitive without sacrificing any other qualities. S&S advised they could carry-out a redesign including velocity and IRC predictions but there would be a cost factor. Mike has indicated that he would probably meet the cost of constructing the mould but will need a number of interested parties joining the project to make it feasible. Members noted this development and indicated that the purpose should be toward improved performance including not detracting from the S&S 34s cruising capability.

The meeting Closed at 13.05pm

Colin Sanders

President, S&S 34 Association




S&S 34 Association – President’s Report 2010/11

While the years roll on and our yacht of choice – the S&S 34 ages and becomes truly “classic” it also becomes clear that Owen Stephens’ design was brilliantly inspired and executed. He wrote over 40 years ago at the launch of the first S&S 34 that he sought to craft a yacht which “will make a good all-round boat, so as to demonstrate in a fairly small package that a good boat for off-shore racing will also be a good boat for cruising”. His vision has been admirably accomplished. Again throughout this past season (2010/11) the S&S 34 and those who sail the yacht have demonstrated that the design continues to meet the challenge of sailing in the widest range of conditions, either cruising unabashed in difficult seas, or racing successfully in contemporary company; particularly here in the breezy ‘West’.

Earlier last year we saw Jessica Watson fulfil her dream of a solo global circumnavigation in Ella’s Pink Lady, and in contrast this season we delighted in the completion of quadriplegic Jamie Dunross’ solo cruise (if that’s anywhere near a fair description?) around Australia in the suitably modified S&S 34 Spirit of Rockingham. As a C5 quadriplegic the challenge Jamie set himself and the technical, physical and mental abilities he exhibited to accomplish this task were awesome – to use a cliché which in this circumstance fully describes the case. These endeavours highlight that the S&S 34 continues to be a yacht of choice for epic undertakings at sea. Incidentally Jamie is presently representing Australia in some pre-2012 Para-Olympic sailing events in Europe. In June, with talented colleague Rachel Cox, he gained a Bronze medal in the Skud 18 class at the Olympic venue Weymouth, UK. Their campaign continues and his determination remains. I intend to nominate Jamie for Life Membership of our Association at the forthcoming AGM to honour him for his superb accomplishments.

In other spheres the S&S 34 this season has served her sailors well. On the Swan River the Association held 2 races in concert with club division 2 events attracting seven 34s. In November at Royal Perth Yacht Club Dick Newnham in Sulphur won the event on a quiet day, and for the 2nd race at Royal Freshwater Bay YC in blustery summer conditions Simon Torvaldsen (Blondie) was the victor. The Association intends to continue these arrangements with 3 races planned for the 2011/12 season – 26 November (RPYC), 25 February (RFBYC) and 14 April (SoPYC). In February Michael Finn (Constellation) won the 110nm Iberia Ocean Race and carried on to gain 1st in the Geographe Bay Race Week IRC Red Division. Further, Simon Torvaldsen also excelled in the WA ocean- racing season gaining 1st place in Division 2 YAH and 2nd IRC and runner up for the overall Western Australian Offshore Trophy. And both Mike’s and Simon’s accomplishments were achieved in competition with some of the latest yachts out of Europe and elsewhere. Moreover, to demonstrate that there’s a range of talent around Roger Raymond commanded le Jag, (helmed by Commodore Peter Kennington East Fremantle Yacht Club), to victory in Fremantle Sailing Club’s prestigious annual Commodores Perpetual Trophy Race.

In the cruising arena, a number of S&S 34s participated in the ‘New Year’ and February Quindalup cruises to Geographe Bay and in other more local ‘Cruise in Company’ events. The ‘Easter Cruise’ attracted 5 S&S 34s and while ostensibly an adventure north to Lancelin it became a southerly tour for weather reasons. Spirits however were not dampened and a great time was had by all considering it was still a pretty warm autumn albeit windy.

In regard to the S&S 34 on a wider stage, a detailed discussion about the design and the yacht’s remarkable record appeared in the November 2010 edition of “Australian Sailing”. It also continues to be mentioned through the pages and website of our “mother” club, the European based – The Sparkman & Stephens Association www.sparkmanstephens.info. That Association held its Annual General Meeting in Falmouth UK in May and recently produced its annual beautiful and informative, but limited, Members Yearbook 2011. I encourage members of the S&S 34 Association to visit that website and if you are travelling overseas particularly if you are sailing in Europe as many Australians now do (two of my crew are on the Med during July), it would be well worth your while becoming a member. The Yearbook contains informative stories about Sparkman and Stephens yachts of all sizes and ages accompanied by wonderful action photographs. An interesting aspect included was the note that there are 5 Dutch S&S 34s on that Association’s yacht register. In the book there is also a great recent photograph of Lukas Venema’s Mallard (1970 built for J.van den Berg by Aqua Fiber and named Trintel 11). I have included herewith a copy of that photograph so you can clearly note the cabin configuration of the European S&S 34 model, the striking #3 headsail, and the stark coastline (probably a dyke?) of The Netherlands.

The message is: please remain a member of our Association (by paying your subscription) and look to a wider horizon and interest by becoming a member of the S&S Association. See the website above.

Have a great 2011/2012 season.

Colin Sanders
President S&S 34 Association

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