26th Commodores’ Cup

The Commodores Perpetual Trophy Race is an annual event where Commodores of the Major Metropolitan and Country Clubs are invited to determine who the fastest Commodore on the water is. The fact that this event has continued since 1981 is an indication of how popular this race is amongst the Commodores. Although the event gives an opportunity to engage in a friendly rivalry, the racing gets very competitive with club pride at stake.

Supplied by members of the S&S 34 Association, the boats were drawn at a presentation lunch, with Commodores then being hosted by the owner/skipper for the afternoon’s race whilst, wives and members of the press were able to watch the race from the VIP boat “Boomerang”.

This year event was one of the hottest battles seen on the water for years. With Commodore Colin Hall charging through right from the start (and claiming the Best Start pennant), East Fremantle Yacht Club led the fleet during the first lap of the 10 mile course. On his tail was defending champion, Commodore Tony Carter from Royal Perth Yacht Club on board the much fancier S&S 34 Constellation.

Frustrated to not be able to find a passing lane despite being much faster, Commodore Carter had to wait the second lap to overtake Colin Hall from East Fremantle Yacht Club. Commodore Hall knew that he had to stay close behind to claim the coveted trophy on handicap and by finishing less than 2 minutes behind, he did it!

The pressure will be on Commodore Colin Hall’s shoulders to defend his title for the 27th Commodores Cup next year.

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