Reveille II

Our journey around the south of OZ continues at slower rate than planned. The weather has not been kind with one cold front after another with hardly enough time in between to get anywhere! We were holed up in Eden for 2 weeks and another 10 days at Refuge Cove (Wilsons Promontory). We arrived at Apollo Bay (Cape Otway) during a gale and had a heart stopping time getting into the harbour – surf across the entrance and 35 Knts!! We are now at Portland and hope to leave in the morning to head up the SA coast to Kangaroo Island. Would like to be there for Christmas but not that confident as the forecasts are not that promising – may end up putting in somewhere.

Arrived here a couple of hours ago to find SS 34 Mendana at anchor. Seems they are on their way to Tasmania. There is also another Fremantle boat here ( Cartref an Adams 40) so we are beginning to feel at home again!!
Crossing the Bight some time during Jan/Feb is still on the agenda but the weather will have to improve. We are hoping for a “normal” summer weather pattern with some SE winds. This may be wishful thinking as I know that it didn’t happen last year – we shall see.

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