Raintree – Cruise Fremantle to Bunbury and return 220nm

A hot day postponed our departure from SoPYC by a day for the Pt. Kennedy Sailing in Company to the extent that we approached them only briefly late on Sunday the 4th March but we sailed on, to arrive at the Dawesville cut by 8.45 that evening.

Ours was a sister and brother time together (Jean and her brother David) cruise with “Raintree” the roving venue and yours truly at the tiller.

We experience several beautiful sunsets, and winds from flat to flat out. Average was 4.7 knots with a small cut main and No.2 Jib.

Challenged a catamaran on our most southerly leg from the cut to Bunbury. We had the sea to ourselves before long!

Meandering into Koombana Bay at 8 pm on the 5th presented a challenge by what turned out to be a large dredge which was accelerating up the shipping channel as we were about to cross in front. Not wanting to experience the underside of that we drew our engine into our propulsion resourses and moved.

The next scare was the almost close encounter with the Yacht Club groyne – which is currently UNLIT.

We spent a day enjoying the Cappuccino strip of Bunbury, reading and dozing.

On returning northward, some southerly components gave not only a good view of cross-trees and side-stays behind the pressed mainsail, but a “chariot of the gods” type ride with 10 metre wide combers each side of the bow at about 7 knots.

We returned to the club via The Cut and Rottnest.

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