S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 9 - 26th July 2005

S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 9


At the end of the S&S34 Associations financial year we had 44 financial members (NSW had 2 yachts, Vic 7, Queensland 3, WA 26, NT & Tassie 1 each, there were also 4 members without yachts). I really appreciate the contributions received this month, I'm receiving more and more for each issue of the Grapevine and for the website. It's very encouraging!

Welcome to new members Stephen and Natasha Owen-Conway who have just purchased Delphis. Plans are for her to remain at FSC.

Also welcome to the several new Grapevine subscribers.

The Australian Sailing magazine for July 2005 included a feature article on the S&S34's, "37 Years Young" by John Roberson. It is an interesting historic read.

AGM for Sunday 31st July

Don't forget the AGM for Sunday 31st July. Once again it will be held at FSC. Gather in the downstairs bar area at FSC about 1100/1115.

The AGM commences at 1130 in Activities Room 1. Afterwards lunch in the refurbished galley.

We are hoping to pass a motion to change the associations name to "S&S 34 Association". This will reflect the growing number of members outside of WA.

Please attend or send you proxies to Dick.

Deadline for the next issue of the S&S34 Grapevine is Sunday 21st August 2005.

News - Western Australia

From Scott Lee (Aries II)

Fridge installed. Bought a CF60 (litre) Waeco that fits nicely under the companion way ladder. Now I will be able to lure the kids aboard with ice cream. This was a cheaper and more flexible option than converting the icebox (which had insufficient insulation to make it worthwhile).

Charles & Brid England (Catalpa)

Charles & Brid have sold their family home and purchased an apartment that can be more easily locked up and left. Plans are underway for some serious cruising. Watch this space!

News - New South Wales

From George Gondor (Tardis)

Account of the events during the long weekend get together:

As usual, not everybody was at the same place at the same time. All in all five boats with a total of 11 people on board turned up, Morning Swan, Morning Tide, Impulse, Lorelei, and Tardis. And judging from the number of empty bottles people seem to have had a good time. Morning Swan was scrutinised the first time. Peter Apps work with the headlining was most admired.

Apart from a few technical matters the Lord Howe Island cruise (in November 2005) was discussed in some details (although some fine points may have been lost in the alcoholic haze).

From Allan Fenwick (Morning Tide)

The classic Lord Howe BBQ. was an idea between yachties with classic yachts who had raced in cat1 races [ Sydney to Hobart, Gosford to Lord Howe ] and felt the older classic yachts were being squeezed out of races in favour of modern hi profile sponsored yachts. The moorings in the Lord Howe lagoon having been reduced over the past years to now a total of 5 deep and 11 shallow draught of 2.1m. With the cooperation of Lord Howe's Campbell Wilson and the school P&C the classic yacht bbq came into being with them organizing the bbq at $30 a head with all proceeds going to the school.

The 1st. year 4 yachts sailed over, Suraya an S&S37. Morning tide S&S34. And ex Hobart winners Caprice of Huon a 47ft. and Fidalis a 60ft. and a grand total of 16 crew. With islanders mixing we had about 30 people at the bbq and a great night was had by all.

With the word spreading year 2 was organized, with interest from 16 yachts, 11 starting out but the weather was unkind and 2 yachts withdrew . 9 yachts arrived with over 60 crew, and another great time was had by all.

Lord howe is a subtropical island with a coral reef lagoon and palm trees, it is the southern most coral island on the east coast and is 416 miles from Sydney. A group of us organise the bbq, radio sceds. with Newcastle coastal patrol and the harbour master at Lord Howe as to numbers arriving for moorings.

For further details you can contact Allan Fenwick on 0402564042 or email alfen@optusnet.com.au

News - Queensland

From Tony & Marjorie Clarke (Reveille II)

We are planning to leave Bundaberg early Sept and will be returning to the West the hard way - around the bottom!! Will keep a good eye out for 34's and keep you posted. Hope to be in Freo Jan/Feb but only as visitors as we want to go up to the Kimberlies for the winter.

News - Victoria

Nothing Reported (Ed.).


Vale - Ted Heath Dies at 89

Sir Edward (Ted) Heath, the British prime minister who in 1972 led Britain into what is now the European Union but in 1975 lost the Conservative party leadership to Margaret Thatcher, died Sunday 17th July 2005. He was 89. Heath, who governed the country from 1970 to 1974, died at his home in the cathedral city of Salisbury. Edward Heath's Who's Who entry lists his interests as "sailing, music". He conducted some of the world's most prestigious orchestras, and won the toughest races in ocean-going yachting.

Sir Edward's love of classical music gained him an organ scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford, and he nearly chose music as his career. He took his grand piano into 10 Downing Street when he became Prime Minister in 1970. He was attracted by the authority of conducting, saying: "The power of the podium is far greater than that of the Prime Minister." He said: "Music means everything to me when I'm alone. And it's the best way of getting that bloody man Wilson out of my hair."

Sir Edward took up sailing relatively late, and once said "ocean racing is like standing under a cold shower tearing up 20 notes". But after discovering a taste for yachting in his late forties, he went on to skipper British teams to victory in a string of long-distance races. In 1969, his S&S34 yacht Morning Cloud took the Tattersalls Cup, winning the Sydney to Hobart race, a feat not repeated by a British team until 2004. He went on to sail his 42-ft yacht, Morning Cloud, in to Plymouth to win the Admiral's Cup for Britain. In 1974, he lost two crew members to the sea, including his own godson, when his yacht sunk during a Fastnet race.


Edward Richard George Heath was born in Broadstairs, a harbor town in the southeast England county of Kent, on July 9, 1916, the elder of two sons. Encouraged by his mother, Heath began piano lessons as a small boy. It became a lifetime interest. From his state school, Heath won a scholarship to Oxford University. After World War II service as an artillery officer, Heath worked briefly as a civil servant and then as an editor of the Anglican Church Times. He was elected to the House of Commons for Bexley and Sidcup in 1950, and represented the solidly Conservative south England district through his long political career. He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1970 to 1974 and leader of the Conservative Party from 1965 to 1975. In 1992, he became Sir Edward, a member of the country's most prestigious order of chivalry, the knights of the Garter.

Notes From Afar

Is there anybody out there? (Ed.)

The Racing Guys

At the world wide S&S Assoc. AGM in Helsinki it was announced that Huckleberry, skippered by Mike Finn won the S&S Association Global Regatta. This 'race' results are calculated using the percentage winning margin from corrected time of races throughout the world. Well done Mike and crew!

Saturday 9 July saw well over 30 boats battling hard in glorious sailing conditions for Race 5 of the FSC Inshore Winter Series.

Manana (Dave Nelson) picked up a third in division 2.

Wot's On

All S&S34 Assoc. members are invited to attended the following events.

1800 Thursday 28th July - Lord Howe Classic Yacht BBQ - Quiet Little Drink

We are having a quiet little drink for those who might want to meet at Lord Howe this year for a BBQ on Tuesday 8 Nov 2005

Orient Hotel, George Street (Cnr Argyll St), Sydney.

First Floor Cocktail Bar

All Yachtsman and Classic Yacht owners welcome

Contact: Allan Fenwick (Morning Tide) alfen@optusnet.com.au

Sunday 31st July - S&S34 Assoc of WA - AGM

1115 - Gather in the downstairs bar area at FSC.

1130 - AGM

Afterwards lunch in the refurbished galley.

Aug 28th - RFBYC Cruising in Company - Picnic

Cruise Captain Ron Kempin.

Briefing at RFBYC on Aug 25th.

Contact Ron on 0408 958 323

Email: rfbyc_cinc@yahoo.com.au

Quote of the Week

From former British Prime Minister and owner of the S&S34 Morning Cloud, Sir Edward Heath

"I enjoy my own company, I don't think I ever regret not getting married. A lot of politicians seem to regret they've got wives."

Joke of the Week

A man and his wife went on a four-day luxury cruise. The wife was slightly more than talkative. In fact, she never shut her mouth. She talked at breakfast, while they were lounging on deck, at lunch, at play, and all through the night. But he was used to it and accepted his lot in life. On the fourth morning, the man and his wife were standing at the bow of the ship when a lurch caused the wife to fall overboard. A crewmember, seeing her bobbing up and down in the water, ran to the husband and said, "Sir, your wife has fallen overboard! The husband said, " Oh thank God, I thought I had just gone deaf!

Definition of the Week


A thing you grind till it squeals or groans. Not to be confused with 'wench', which has a similar definition.

Sail The Web

After considerable time offline due to technical difficulties Swagman's (Bill and Andrew Waldby) web site is back up and better than ever


Jesse Martin (ex Lionheart) is now running a adventure charter yacht in Papua New Guinea, aboard his Wharram 38, Imajica.


The web site also includes newspaper stories from Jesse's record breaking solo unassisted circumnavigation onboard Lionheart.

Don't forget to check the latest updates to the S&S34 Associations web site at


Readers Mart

S&S34 Association class pennants

We have now organised for more stock of the S&S34 class pennant.

They are produced by a local sailmaker of high quality, fully stitched etc.

Cost is $25 plus $1 for package and posting.

They are 320 by 310mm.

Please order and pay by contacting Dick Newnham.

email: newnham@iinet.net.au

phone: (08) 9385 8098

From Scott Lee (Aries II)

I have a FREE VHF antennae (as I now use masthead) to any S&S in need. Just give me a call and arrange to pick up in Subiaco WA.

Please email slee@highway1.com.au

From Tim Dallas (SuperStar)

Kit wanted (buy or loan) for 2005 Geraldton Ocean Race

#3 head sail for tall rig S&S 34

6-8 man life raft (loan/rent)

Electronic charts Freo - Geraldton

Back up paper charts Freo - Geraldton

Email: Timbo@PlanetDallas.net

08 9330 2423

0400 238 968

Let me know if you have anything to advertise in the next issue (Ed).


Allan Fenwick receiving the Lord Howe classic trophy from Clive Wilson the harbour master of Lord Howe Island. for his 21 trips to the island,

Most of them on Morning Tide.

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