S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 2 - 17th December 2004



We had some good feedback on the first edition of the Grapevine, amazingly no bad feedback, only a couple of corrections.

This is what some of you said:

Some of the email address's I had bounced so I still need more 34 owners email address's. Please pass the Grapevine on to others.

Welcome to the new subscribers we had during the last month.

Thanks to the 34 owners who contributed to this issue. The more contributions the better. Let's hear your news!

This will be the last Grapevine for the year. I hope everyone has a very enjoyable and safe Christmas and New Year. I look forward to catching up with several S&S34 members over the Christmas cruising break. I know that Aries II, Bluebell, Roma II and Sulphur are planning to head south to Geographe Bay. Also Geoff (Kungari) is going down on Moonshadow, an S&S30. Lets hope we all get some following breezes!


How to turn a 2 day week end, into a long weekend.

Friday 19th November. Forecast for Sat & Sun strong Easterlies early AM to mid afternoon each day.

Leave home Friday 6PM towing dinghy on trailer, collect Pizza, collect ice, load Sulphur @ RFBYC and set up mast for lowering, drop dinghy into river (bung in this time) and tie onto Sulphur. Both sleep on board with alarm set for 3.30AM.

Sat 3.45AM heading down the river auto pilot "George" in control Barb sleeping well. Under the bridges at first light. Sails up and around the North mole by 5.00AM "George" still in control. From City Beach sailing 100m off the coast. 7.30 passing Hillarys 9.00 passing Mindarie. Arrived Two Rocks Marina and dropped anchor 11.00, turned "George" off. Set up the new solar hot water heater and connected it to the inboard shower. Both had a hot shower (Barbara was impressed) then lunch then a snooze. 5.00 Paul Jordan collected us, swapped yarns with John Bell and Paul over afternoon tea and evening meal, then Paul drove us back to Sulphur. On board again by 9.00 PM. Alarm set for 4.00AM

Sunday 4.00 AM up and about as first big cray boat motor rumbles a few minutes later. Breakfast then anchor up sails up "George" on and heading South by 5.30. Tacked inshore of the reefs. 8.00 Sailed to every corner of Mindarie Marina, Barbara liked what we saw. 12.30 passing the Fremantle North mole, lunched while sailing through the FSC fleet, 1.40 PM "George" off, anchor down in South East corner of Owen Anchorage. Sleep to 3.00, afternoon tea, reading, enjoying a good loaf, 4.00 PM Sea breeze swirls in, evening meal at 6.30PM.

Anchor up sails up "George' on, arrive at the Harbour 7.30, under the bridges by 8.15, arrive at RFBYC 9.15, unload Sulphur, dinghy onto trailer, home by 10.00PM.


S&S34 Assoc. Annual Twilight Sail

On Thursday 17th December the 34 Assoc. once again participated in the RPYC Twilight race. Our host, Colin Sanders, turned on a terrific night. He must have some friends in very high places to have organised such fantastic weather. Light West South Westerly winds, a few puffy little clouds to reflect the setting sun and the lights of the city shinning over Matilda Bay. If this is not perfect I don't know what is.

We sailed aboard three of the RPYC S&S34's, Kungari, Perie Banou III and Swagman. Thanks to Geoff, Colin and Bill for allowing their boats to be used. I'm not sure who won, or even if there was a winner. The crew of Roma II were lucky enough to sail aboard Kungari, who (un)fortunately has a broken mainsail traveller from the previous Saturday's race. This meant we only had the #1 up and thus sailed towards the back of the fleet. This allowed for maximum drinking, eating and merriment. I'm never sure if the first or last boat home in a twilight race is the winner.

The crews from Perrywinkle (affectionately known as the Winkles) and Polaris sailed aboard Perie Banou II. Swagman had the honour of having S&S34 association president Dick and of course Barbara on board. After all the stories Dick had been telling me about how he likes to stir things up at the Royal Perth Yacht Club, we were rather surprised to see him and Barbara in nearly matching white slacks and navy tops.

After the race we shared a large table on the lawn under the flood lit gum trees. It was well away from the DJ and thus allowed plenty of conversation, although I never saw any of the 34 guys and girls up dancing. Somehow we all managed even more food and drink in between the story telling.

What a terrific night!

Wot's On

All S&S34 Assoc. members are invited to attended the following events.

Geographe Bay and all Ports

26th December onwards - Depart for Mandurah, Bunbury, Geographe Bay & Quindalup.

For FSC, Paul Bushell and Bernie Siddall are coordinating Quindalup this year.

For RFBYC, Ron Kempin is the cruise captain.

Program includes "Garden Party" on the beach, a Progressive Lunch, a "Shipwrecked" Party, Kite Competition and more.

The QCYC Regatta Day (Theme - "Nautical Films") will be unusually early, on Thursday 30th December.

There are already a couple of 34's registered, Aries II (Scott & Greta) and Roma II (Steve & Jane). Hopefully will see a few more on the cruise.

You can register for Quindalup on the FSC web site:


January 15th & 16th - HYC Cruising in Company - FSC Cruise

Cruise Captain: Chaya

Contact: Rob James jamesr@ramsayhealth.com.au or phone 9307 2391

1930, Thursday 20th January 2005 - FSC Cruising Section - Topics Night

We will hear Peter Purves from the Rottnest Island Authority speaking on the latest developments at Rottnest regarding anchoring, mooring, sullage, fishing, diving and

accommodation. Please join us beforehand for dinner in the Galley 1800.

19th & 30th January - FSC Cruising Section - Round Rotto Cruise

Details to be confirmed.

4th to 13th February 2005 - FSC Cruising Section - Geographe Bay Cruise

This is a NEW event, with Peter Stallwood (email stallwd@global.net.au and mobile 0419-830-647) and Wally Douglas (email wdouglas@iinet.net.au and phone 08 9446 3738) as Cruise Coordinators.

The proposed Program is:

Friday 4th - 1915 Pre-departure briefing at FSC. Assemble in Sailors Bar.

Saturday 5th - 0600 Depart FSC for Mandurah

Sunday 6th - 0400 Depart for Koombana Sailing Club, 1730 A sundowner at KBSC.

Monday 7th -1730 Sundowner ashore

Tues 8th - AM Mangrove Forest boardwalk

1200 Business mans lunch at Marlston Chinese.

Wed 9th - 0930 Motor in company in dinghies to Pelican Point at the mouth of the Collie River for a BYO barbeque.

1700 Twilight sail at KBSC

Thur 10th - 1200 Possibly motor in dinghies to Parade Hotel for lunch.

Friday 11th - 0900 "King Cottage" Museum, followed by morning tea and a talk on the history of Koombana Bay and the Leschenault Inlet.

PM Opening of the "Southwest Survey" art competition and exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.

Followed by a street party with musical entertainment, street stalls and food inlets.

Sat 12th - 1000 Possibly a late breakfast at the Barbados restaurant.

1730 Sundowner ashore.

Sunday 13th - 0600 Depart for Quindalup

Stop over at Bunker Bay and Cape Naturaliste as the weather dictates, returning to Port Geographe Marina by the end of the week possibly arriving back at Fremantle via Bunbury and Mandurah by Tuesday 22nd or Wednesday 23rd. Others may be departing for Mandurah, or Port Georgraphe marina to pen their yachts until the commencement of the Port Geographe Regatta Week.

February 5th & 6th - RFBYC Cruising in Company - Mindarie Cruise

Cruise Captain is our very own president, Dick Newnham.

Briefing at RFBYC on Feb 3rd.

Contact Dick on (08) 9385 8098 or email newnham@iinet.net.au

February 5th & 6th - HYC Cruising in Company - Longreach Cruise

Cruise Captain: White Magic

Contact: Rob James jamesr@ramsayhealth.com.au or phone 9307 2391

Notes From Afar

From Peter and Lorraine Coleman who are currently living aboard Mendana at FSC.

When we started out, we didn't know that we would only get as far as the top end of Shark Bay. Our plans then were as open ended as they are now, in that we don't have a final destination, just a desire to live aboard a cruising yacht and explore the anchorages and harbours that appeal to us along the way. Of course the vagaries of the weather and the health of our cruising kitty will force us to make some choices. For now, the plan is to leave Fremantle after the New Year and meander south, the aim being to cross the Bight around the end of February or the beginning of March. We want to spend as much time as the season allows exploring the Eyre Peninsula, Spencer Gulf and Kangaroo Island areas, before over-wintering in Adelaide or Port Lincoln. And then from there?

ps: I have a copy of the emails detailing Mendana's cruise to Shark Bay, if anyone would like a copy just email (Ed).

The Racing Guys

I've been informed that Swagman (Bill & Andrew Waldby) are also contesting Swan River racing at RPYC with Geoff (Kungari) and Colin (Perie Banou III). Should be some good battles! There is even some talk about starting an S&S34 fleet race on the river (maybe once a month). Let Dick know if you are interested (phone (08) 9385 8098 or email newnham@iinet.net.au).

Quote of the Week


Excerpt from the ABC TV program New Dimension, broadcast on 19/9/2002

JON SANDERS: David's dad died when he was nine. I had lots to do with his sailing after then, and became very good friends. Well, it's a relationship that grows just simply by - we've done massive miles together. I ferry boats, taking boats from one side of the country to another - to another country, and David, at a very young age, started helping me do that. I suggested to him that he could be the youngest to sail around the world. And I imagined that he'd go from here to Cocos to Durban to Cape Town and so on. But he said, "No, I want to go around non-stop like you did," and I said, "Oh, I'm not sure about that."

DAVID DICKS: I remember always thinking that I did want to do - of what Jon had done, and that'd be great to do. Then I started sailing with Jon when I was about 12 or 13, and going on long deliveries with him across the Bight and, um, so forth. And yeah, on these deliveries, thinking, "This is just great, you know. I wanna do something like what Jon's done." And that's when I used to say, "I'll beat your record, you know."

JON: You brat.

Joke of the Week


You might be a sailing bum if ...

1. you think a Rhodes Scholar is someone who knows all about a famous boat designer...
2. any of your wedding gifts came from West Marine...
3. you think girls look "hot" in wet weather gear...
4. your doctor reports your injuries to Abuse Authorities...
5. you think rum is the official state drink..
6. your best shoes are Topsiders...
7. your car's hood ornament is the top off of a sailing trophy...
8. your idol is Jimmy Buffet...
9. your halyards are brand new, but your belt has two splices...
10. you read Latitude 38 under the covers with a flashlight...
11. your underwear has a North Sails logo...
12. your bar tab equals your paycheck...
13. you have a beer can crusher mounted on your mast...
14. you use a marlin spike to break sunburn blisters...
15. you have at least one broken boat part in your car at all times...
16. you have a Mount Gay poster in your living room...
17. you've ever traded a Dramamine for a beer...
18. you have a Jell-O mold in the shape of a J/22...
19. your vacation plans center around championship regattas...
20. you have to dress up to go to Wal-Mart..
21. you think of duct tape as a long term investment..
22. you've been involved in a fight over the last chocolate chip cookie...
23. you wear a sailing cap to church..
24. people are afraid to touch your foul weather gear...
25. you think matching wet weather boots are an acceptable wedding gift...
26. you've ever written your resume on a bar napkin...
27. your wind instruments cost $2,000, and you have a bucket for a head...
28. the local boat yard's phone number is number one on your speed dialer...
29. you'll marry a girl just to keep a good fore deck person...

Sail The Web

Check out S&S34 Swagman's site at


Are there any other S&S34 owner sites out there?

AMSA's (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) aim is to be a superior provider of maritime safety, marine environment protection, and maritime and aviation search and rescue. AMSA is committed to continuous improvement in provision of its safety and environment protection services and maintaining constructive relations with our stakeholders in government, industry and the community.


Readers Mart

Let me know if you have anything to advertise in the next issue (Ed).

S&S Fine Prints

For This Holiday Season:

Sparkman & Stephens is pleased to announce the introduction of a limited

edition of fine prints.

The original line drawings of three of the most impressive and influential

yacht designs of their time have been taken from the boards of Sparkman &

Stephens and expertly recreated for the yachting enthusiast's personal art

collection. Each print is limited to an edition of 300.

The prints include:

DORADE: Accommodations Plan, 1936 ? DORADE: Sail Plan, 1936

NEW YORK 32: Sail Plan, 1947

BOLERO: Accommodations Plan, 1949 ? BOLERO: Sail Plan, 1949

Each serigraph has been printed on Coventry rag paper by

Master Printer Jean Yves Noblet; numbered and individually signed by Olin J.

Stephens II.

Prints are available through Sparkman & Stephens


(212) 661-1240

$490 each $2205 for the complete set

A portion of the sale price will be donated to the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation.



I saw these at a church fete in Albany and could see potential onboard a cruising yacht. The "little old lady" selling them has sold over a 1000 with profits going to charity. (Ed.)

Wonder cushions are a crock pot - thermos - yoghurt maker and esky all in one It is an extremely simple concept and saves energy costs and time.

Basically the Wonder Cushions consist of a pair of insulating cushions that are used to maintain the heat in food several hours after the container is removed from the source of heat. The same insulating qualities make the Wonder Cushions ,an effective esky. The cushions nestle around any shape, excluding air to hold the coldness for longer than the conventional esky.

The Wonder Cushions use pure wool, a very efficient insulator. All you have to do is bring the food to the boil on the stove and heat through for a few minutes. The saucepan is then placed between the two cushions and it continues to go on cooking. Examples of foods that are excellent for cooking in this manner are soups, soya and other beans, stews, casseroles, rice, porridge and boiled meats. '

After the initial heat, there is no fuel used, no burning or drying out, cheaper cuts of meat can be used and nutrients are retained by the slow cooking.

The Wonder Cushions are a perfect medium for yoghurt making. Using a small amount of commercial yoghurt, powdered milk and lukewarm water, leave in the cushions for 6-8 hours and you have a great tasting yoghurt at quarter of the cost.


Kaye Vaux

19 Seppings Street Albany 6330

Telephone: 9841 7634

Sandy Vaux

PO Box 3 Ongerup 6336

Telephone 9828 2082

There are unlimited uses for these versatile cushions. For example:

In time you will adapt the Wonder Cushions to your own needs.

A recipe book accompanies the Wonder Cushions and is full of easy low cost recipes and ideas on adapting your own recipes.

Demonstrations are gladly given on request.

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