S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 14 - 20th December 2005

S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 14


Welcome to the last grapevine for 2005. The S&S34 Assoc committee hopes everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Please be careful out on the water. The tragic loss of our good friends David and Kathleen Waters, last Christmas, is still a very strong memory for all of us.

It has been a very successful year for S&S34's. Some highlights are

The following boats have joined or renewed there subscription in the last month: Grey Goose, Lionheart, Marara, Quixote, Raintree, Star of the Sea and Trumpeter. It is great to see that the number of subscriptions this year has increased from 2004/2005. Thank you all very much. Subscription details are available on the Assoc's website.

Deadline for the next issue of the S&S34 Grapevine is Sunday 23rd January 2006.

News - Western Australia

From Superstar (Tim Dallas)

Invitation to SoPYC Night Race - Friday 20th January

SoPYC are holding a night race on Friday 20th January on the river. I have confirmed it is an invitation race and would like to suggest we nominate it as an S&S34 Classic Fleet Race. I am not sure of all the details but I believe it starts at 19h00 at SoPYC and I can arrange free mooring on the floating jetty for all visiting yachts, plus use of SoPYC facilities of course.

If enough skippers are interested I would be happy to handle the organization (and arrange to distribute crew to other vessels if they are unable to bring their own boats up the river).

Email Tim.Dallas@Seatrac.com.au to register interest or for the latest details,

From Spirit of Rockingham (Jamie Dunross)

Please see the attached poster for details of the lead drive that we are doing for the keel of Spirit. Any help that you can give in getting this information out would be greatly appreciated.

http://www.hyperea.net/ss34/photos/spirit of rockingham lead 1.pdf

S&S34 Association Christmas Twilight at RPYC (by Steve Laws)

Due to the adverse weather, there were only a few brave enough to attend the S&S34 Association twilight at RPYC on Thursday 8th December. The coldest start to a Perth summer on record brought the threat of showers. These eventuated just as the start gun was fired. And we had consistent rain for the first two legs of the race. Jane and I were privileged to be invited aboard Swagman and our hosts Bill and Andrew Walby did a great job sailing through the rain while we went below and stayed dry. We happily passed up the drinks. Just before rounding the windward mark (but not the one in the sailing instructions), the rain stopped, but so did the wind. Eventually everyone had to start the "Iron Mainsails" and head back to the club for the well earned BBQ.

We must thank Col Sanders for organising the evening and the three 34 owners, Kungari (Geoff Connor), Perie Banou II (Col Sanders) and Swagman (Bill and Andrew Walby), who offered their boats.

News - New South Wales

From Morning Bird (John McCormack) - 06/12/2005

[John recently purchased Morning Bird. Ed]

I found Morning Bird on the net but I had seen her before she became available for sale. By coincidence she is moored in the same bay as my sister's Compass 29. She is my 2nd yacht, the first was a Duncanson 26 fixed keel.

She is in very good condition now that the Sole 20hp engine, which was suffering from lack of use, has been rebuilt with a top end overhaul and rebuilt starter, alternator, water pump, fresh water system and new mounts. The only remaining major job is the rigging which is currently being replaced by Joe Walsh at Woolwich.

Once the refit is complete I will cruise Morning Bird around Pittwater/Sydney and venture up and down the coast while I learn her idiosyncrasies. A trip to Lord Howe Island later in 2006 is still the aim.

News - Queensland

From Maid of Erin (Doug Grewar) - 05/12/2005

Here are two photos of "Maid of Erin" taken on Sunday in Moreton Bay (Brisbane) by Chris Jackson on "Wilparina" whilst we reached in company from Peel Island toward Manly Boat Harbour. "Maid of Erin" is at hull speed in 15-20 knt NE breeze with Moreton and North Strabroke Islands in the distance.

http://www.hyperea.net/ss34/photos/maid of erin 03.jpg

http://www.hyperea.net/ss34/photos/maid of erin 04.jpg

Interestingly, I met "Wilparina" not long after sailing in company with another S&S 34, "Trumpeter". "Meltemi", "Trumpeter" and "Maid of Erin" are RQYS boats berthed on the same jetty in the Manly Boat Harbour.

The Racing Guys

20th November 2005 Trade-A-Boat Inter Galactic S&S34 Championships on Port Phillip.

From Geoff Middleton (Lionheart)

Varying levels of competition in the racing with only three boats out last Sunday.

Sirius first, Morning Star second and Lionheart third (I need to get my spare main back off Morning Star - it's making him too fast!!)

Governors Cup (from Andrew Walby)

RPYC retained the Governors Cup for the second year in a row. Only two SS34's competed in the event, with Sulphur beating Perie Banou III by just over 2 minutes. The Governors Cup is an annual race between RFBYC and RPYC. It is a handicap start beginning at one club and finishing at the other, and swapped each year. This year it started at RFBYC and finished at RPYC. The winner is the club whose boat crosses the finish line first (therefore not a teams type race). This year just over 90 boats competed, with an even number coming from each club.

[Check out the Assoc.'s website for photos. Ed.]

26th November 2006 - FSC Club Race Div 2

First & Fastest Manana (David Nelson)

4th December 2005 Trade-A-Boat S&S34 Series.

First Lionheart G Middleton

Second Morning T Mike Parkinson

Third Red William Charles Amos

Wot's On

All S&S34 Assoc. members are invited to attended the following events.

Dec 26th - Geographe / Quindalup Cruise Commences

26th December onwards - Depart for Mandurah, Bunbury, Geographe Bay & Quindalup.

Friday 13th - Sunday 15th January - FSC Cruising Section - Around the Sound Cruise

For more information, please contact Bernie Siddall on bsid@iinet.net.au or 0419-926-847.

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th January - HYC Cruising in Company - FSC

Cruise Captain: Travelinman

Contact: Mark Morrow Mark.Morrow@weirwarman.com

Sunday Jan 15th 9:30am - Trader-A-Boat S&S34 Series - SYC (Vic)

Contact: Sandy YC www.syc.com.au or on 9598 7444 or

Geoff Middleton (Lionheart) geoff.middleton@tradergroup.com.au

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th January - HYC Cruising in Company - Longreach

Cruise Captain: Chaya

Contact: Mark Morrow Mark.Morrow@weirwarman.com

Thursday 26th January - FSC - Australia Day JAM Race to Rockingham

For any enquiries, call the Sailing Office on 9435 8809 or sailingadmin@fsc.com.au

Sunday Jan 29th 9:30am - Trader-A-Boat S&S34 Series - SYC (Vic)

Contact: Sandy YC www.syc.com.au or on 9598 7444 or

Geoff Middleton (Lionheart) geoff.middleton@tradergroup.com.au

Saturday 4th - Saturday 25th February - FSC Cruising Section - Bunbury Cruise

For more information, please contact Jim Putt on jimputt@ca.com.au or 93839823.

Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th February - RFBYC Cruising in Company - TBA

Briefing: 9th February

For more information, please contact Dick Newnham on newnham@iinet.net.au or 9385 8098.

Quote of the Week

Olin Stephens in a recent interview by John Rousmaniere

First, progress is to me a concept that is dubious in a philosophical sense. In other words, mechanical advances may or may not contribute to pleasure and happiness in life or sailing. To me, sailing used to be more fun than it is now, largely due to the progressive complication of the sport. Since a coin has two sides, I might make an exception for the "toy" aspect of much electronic equipment.

Joke of the Week

One morning John noticed something floating towards the deserted island that had become his home since the yacht sank six months ago. As the object came closer, he realized that it was a large barrel. He very soon thereafter realized that hanging on to the barrel was a very scantily clad woman. In fact she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Arriving on shore the woman left the barrel and slowly and suggestively walked toward John. She whispered into John's ear, " I have something you want!"

John broke into a dead run towards to breaking waves yelling, "Don't tell me you've got beer in that barrel!"

Definition of the Week

Beam Sea

Situation in which waves strike a boat from the side, causing it to roll unpleasantly. This is one of the four directions from which wave action tends to produce extreme physical discomfort.

The other three are `bow sea' (waves striking from the front), `following sea' (waves striking from the rear), and `quarter sea' (waves striking from any other direction).

Sail The Web

Capture all the action of the Clipper Race logon to


Readers Mart

[Let me know if you have anything to advertise or questions to ask for the next issue (Ed).]

Jane and I have made the tough decision to sell our beloved Roma II. If you know anybody wishing to purchase a cruising S&S34 in top condition please put them in contact with us. Details are on the Associations website.

Contact: Steve Laws (08) 9592 2122, mobile 0427 592 212, email laws@iinet.net.au.

The sale of Mike Finn's Huckleberry has unfortunately fallen through. She is back on the market with details on the web site.

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