S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 13 - 22nd November 2005

S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 13


Don't forget the WA S&S34 Christmas Twilight on Thursday 8th December at RPYC. Thanks to Colin Sanders for once again organising this annual event. It's always fun! See the "Wot's On" section below for details.

The following boats have joined or renewed there subscription in the last month: Bloodhound, Constellation, Eucalypt, Gypsy II, Maid of Erin, Meltemi, Mendana, Morning Flite, Reveille II, Seashell, Superstar, Wilparina. Thanks very much. If you haven't renewed please consider doing so as soon as possible. The Associations website "yacht directory" has been updated to display current financial yachts. Please let the treasurer, Jim Putt (jimputt@ca.com.au), know of any corrections.

Welcome to new S&S34 owner and Association member Chris Jackson. Chris has purchased Wilparina from Keith Cole (Pittwater, Sydney) and has moved the boat to Brisbane. Chris has jumped straight into helping the Association by offering to set up a discussion forum on the website. We just need to be a little patient since we all know that sailing comes first, especially when you are the new owner of a 34. Well done Chris!

Congratulations to Nick Thomsom (Lala Salama) who completed his world circumnavigation on the 1st November when he entered Noumea. A commemorative photograph will be on the front cover of the S&S34 Assoc members November Newsletter. This is the eighth S&S34 to complete a circumnavigation. Maybe there are even some others?

Deadline for the next issue of the S&S34 Grapevine is

Sunday 18th December 2005.

News - Western Australia

From Simon Torvaldsen - 25/10/05

Just to let you know that I have been a bit overwhelmed by the response to my offer to crew. As a RPYC member, I have given priority to boats sailing out of RPYC and currently am helping Andrew Waldby on Swagman. However I have the details of several other owners that I will try to assist if I am able.

To avoid me giving a false impression that I am still without a berth, I would appreciate it if you could let the members know that I am currently fully utilised (although I would never be offended by a phone call if someone wanted to double check re a specific date).

Contact Simon on 9370 2497(H) or 9272 5533(w), email: storvaldsen@3rdave.com.au.

[Great to see that Simon got a good response from our members. Ed.]

News - New South Wales

News - Queensland

From Chris Jackson (Wilparina) - 19/11/05

I've had my boat here in Brisbane for three days now, so it's a very exciting time. There's a lot of work to be done - I'm taking advantage of having the mast out for shipment, and am getting new standing rigging fitted; while this is going on I'm also fitting new instruments. It will probably be a couple of weeks before I can go sailing, but I'm hoping to be on the water for the Christmas holidays.

News - Victoria

News - Overseas

From Simon Golledge (Lina II) - USA - 29/10/05

Thank you so much, since you got the word out about my engine repower I have had 4 responses inside a week with some great advice by S&S 34 owners.

[Once again, great to see that Simon got a good response from our members. Keep up the good work, Ed.]

Notes From Afar

From Tony & Marj Clarke (Reveille II) - 8/11/05

We are currently at Crookhaven just north of Jervis Bay. Had planned on being in Eden by now but the weather has other ideas. We have had lots of northerly quarter winds which is good, but every few days a small trough comes through which gives us a brief southerly change. At present the wind is out of the north but at gale force so we are sitting tight !!

Our stay in Sydney was mainly visiting family (we hired a car for the week) and not the most relaxing as the traffic is unreal!! When in Sydney we go to Middle Harbour and a small marina at Cammeray. They have moorings there with basic facilities ashore and a secure place to leave the dinghy. The staff are very friendly and can relate to the cruising folk. While in the area we saw both LORELEI and IMPULSE on moorings. Both of these S&Ss are on the Associations records.

The Racing Guys

S&S34 Class Racing - 6 race mini regatta - FSC (WA)

Over the weekend of October 29th and 30th 2005 the first West Australian S&S34 Class Racing for several years was conducted. The weekend brought unusual weather for October. The normal morning Southeasterly followed by the afternoon Fremantle Doctor blowing from the Southwest was replaced by West Northwesterlies.

The first three races on Saturday morning were sailed in 15-20 knot Westerly that had been blowing all the previous night creating lumpy seas. Three short (45 minute) races were sailed in Owen Anchorage just south of Fremantle Sailing Club (who conducted the series). There were some tight battles between the yachts but the pecking order was soon established. The tall rig modified keel boats lead the way, followed by those short rigs that race regularly, followed by the yachts in full cruising setup.

Sunday morning and the weather forecast was for 20-25 Northwesterlies with the possibility of rain squalls to 45 knots. This time the weather bureau had it spot on.

During the preparatory sequence for the second race a rain squall approached bringing the forecast 45 knots and complete white-out. Racing was cancelled and once the squall was weathered, all yachts made it safely back to the club house. Once ashore and under the hot showers the crews recovered quickly and the important social part of the regatta commenced. As the afternoon disappeared the drinks continued to flow, the stories got more and more exaggerated and the laughter got louder.

Oh, I nearly forgot the results:

1st Manana (David Nelson)

2nd Swagman (Andrew Walby)

3rd Aries II (Scott & Greta Lee)

W.A Offshore Results

RFBYC hosted the Roland Smith Ocean Race on Saturday (12/11/05) followed by the Gordan Graig Ocean Race on Sunday.

Gordan Graig Results

Division 2 IRC 2nd Constellation Mike Finn

Roland Smith Results

Division 2 IRC 1st Constellation Mike Finn

Division 2 YAH 3rd Constellation Mike Finn

Wot's On

All S&S34 Assoc. members are invited to attended the following events.

Nov 26th-27th - RFBYC Cruising in Company - Butt Bay (Rockingham)

Cruise Captain Keith Tanner.

Briefing at RFBYC on Nov 24th.

Contact Ron on 0408 958 323

Email: rfbyc_cinc@yahoo.com.au

Nov 26th-27th - HYC Cruising in Company - Carnac Is. / FSC

Cruise Captain: Mistress Too

Contact: Mark Morrow Mark.Morrow@weirwarman.com

Sun Dec 4th 9:30am - Trader-A-Boat S&S34 Series - Race 5 of 12 - SYC (Vic)

Contact: Sandy YC on 9598 7444 or Geoff Middleton (Lionheart) geoff.middleton@tradergroup.com.au

Wednesday 7th December 8pm - FSC Cruising Section - Quindalup Cruise - Briefing

Visit the FSC website for full program and registration NOW at


Don't forget to order your cruise shirt. (See below)

This year's Quindalup Regatta Day theme is "Nauti-cool characters". The picnic day to Castle Rock is a tradition of the Cruise, with boats decked out in theme ideas as they rally to QCYC. On the beach there are nautical competitions for all followed by lunch in the shade. Then it's time for the skits and poems about those characters, with fabulous trophies to be won.

Merchandise:- CruiseCom's latest offering, fresh from their Spring collection, is a shirt embroidered with your boat name for the Quindalup Cruise It's grey, long sleeved and costs $30 in a range of sizes. Order now via Ralph Newton 0408 959 351 for delivery at the Briefing Night. Also available are name tags and cruising section flags.

Thursday 8th December 2004 - S&S34 Annual Twilight at RPYC

Race starting at 6.30pm, but with the need for people to gather at 5.45pm.

Costs for a BBQ is $16 or prepared foods are from $12 to $16. The salad bowl only will be about $9. With lots of returns if needed by big eaters.

Colin Sanders is again organising this event. The sailing and dinner process will be the same as last year. For those that have not previously attended, there is no need to bring your boat, just RSVP to Colin so he can arrange enough river S&S34s. We take part in the normal RPYC twilight race and afterwards have dinner, on the lawn, under the gum trees. Last year was fantastic, and this year will be no different!

For more details, contact Colin Sanders: phone 9386 3038; email csanders@cygnus.uwa.edu.au

15th December 8pm - RFBYC Cruising Section - Geographe Cruise - Briefing

Contact Ron on 0408 958 323

Email: rfbyc_cinc@yahoo.com.au

Sun Dec 18th 9:30am - Trader-A-Boat S&S34 Series - Race 6 of 12 - SYC (Vic)

Contact: Sandy YC on 9598 7444 or Geoff Middleton (Lionheart) geoff.middleton@tradergroup.com.au

Dec 26th - Geographe / Quindalup Cruise Commences

26th December onwards - Depart for Mandurah, Bunbury, Geographe Bay & Quindalup.

Quote of the Week

From the preface of Miles Smeeton's "Because the Horn Is There"

Mallory, shortly before his last attempt to climb Mount Everest, when he was lost with his companion Irvine high near the summit, was asked what drove him to attempt it.

'Because it is there,' he replied.

Joke of the Week

A woman was having a medical problem - her husband was snoring very loudly and every night! So she called the doctor one morning, and asked him if there was anything he could do to relieve her "suffering."

"Well, there is one operation I can perform that will cure your husband" said the doctor, "but it is really rather expensive. It will cost you $10,000 down, and payments of $1,000 for 36 months, plus payments for extras of course.

"My goodness!" the woman exclaimed, "That sounds like I'm buying a yacht!"

"Humm," the doctor murmured, "too obvious, huh?"

Definition of the Week

Beating to Windward - Method of flogging crew to increase upwind performance when racing.

Sail The Web

From Patrick Matthiesen (S&S Association). I am pleased to announce that our new website

s-and-s-association.org is now up and running.

RFBYC Cruising pages: http://www.geocities.com/rfbyc_cinc/index.html

Jimmy Cornell's Global Cruising Information: http://www.noonsite.com/

Readers Mart

Let me know if you have anything to advertise or questions to ask for the next issue (Ed).

From Richard & Mary Neate ( Moon Cloud) - 6/11/05 - FOR SALE S&S34 in UK

Sadly, our S&S34 is now up for sale in UK. We had a great 4 years cruising around the Med with her, a wonderful sailing boat if a little small for long term live-aboard but we have now moved to Auckland and returned to a conventional shore-based existence (mains electricity and hot running water are really appreciated!).

If you know of anyone looking for a S&S34 to buy in Europe, please put us in touch. Moon Cloud is in good shape, new engine, sails and much of the rig replaced before we started cruising and all well maintained. She is a UK moulded hull but a unique one made for the 1971 Genoa boat show - she has the sleeker coach roof of the Aussie design but underwater is the same as all the other UK ones.

Contact: symooncloud@hotmail.com


Click on the links for photos:

From the mini regatta on 29th & 30 October at FSC:

http://www.hyperea.net/ss34/photos/arwen 01.jpg

http://www.hyperea.net/ss34/photos/swagman 03.jpg

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