S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 12 - 25th October 2005

S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 12


Welcome to issue 12 of the S&S34 Grapevine, a year has past already since I "volunteered" to start the email newsletter. The first edition was sent to 27 email address's (although a few didn't make it). This edition has a distribution of 92. The association has had a great year, along with our normal events, S&S34 class racing is now re-appearing on both the east and west coasts of Australia. We have had the launch of the first S&S34 built by the Cottesloe Yachts / Swarbrick Yachts alliance. The Assoc. has also developed a website, which was launched in Grapevine #6 (26/04/2005) which had over 1300 visits during it's first six months. The web site now has it's own domain name and can be reached from www.ss34.org.

The following boats have joined or renewed there subscription in the last month: Catalpa, CL & Venestus. Thanks very much. If you haven't renewed please consider do so as soon as possible.

Deadline for the next issue of the S&S34 Grapevine is Sunday 20th November 2005.


Constellation Launch (by Steve Laws)

The West Australian weather on Sunday morning 9th October 2005 was squally with showers. The FSC open day racing was cancelled. Somehow, by 2:45pm the weather moderated and the sun popped out from behind the clouds creating a perfect setting for the launch of Constellation.

Master of Ceremonies was RFBYC Rear Commodore of Sailing Alan Fisher who provided a short background speech and kept the formalities moving along very nicely. There were also three guest speakers, Craig Banks (Austrade WA), Jon Sanders (Around the world solo sailor and life member of the S&S34 Assoc.) and RFBYC Commodore John Anderson.

The official launch was jointly conducted by four generations of Finn's, Elsie Finn, Jessica Hardwick, Amelia Hardwick and recent arrival Sophia Ezcaray Hardwick (at 7lbs 6oz).

Photo: http://www.hyperea.net/ss34/photos/constellation 02.jpg

It didn't take long before the food and drinks were broken into by the 75 guests. Followed by countless inspections of Constellation. The boat looked spectacular, especially when one bossy female (whom I put up with daily) decided upon a photo call of all S&S34 skippers. After a bit of organising we managed to get a group of 13 S&S34 owners onboard Constellation (

Photo: http://www.hyperea.net/ss34/photos/constellation 01.jpg

Everybody had a great time and thanks must go to Mike Finn and the crew for their hospitality.

From Mike Parkinson (Morning T)

In the spirit of sharing things, I have attached a safety manual I have put together for "Morning T"

The purpose of the manual is to document Standard Operating Procedures, as recommended by YA's Safety & Sea Survival course.

I am not suggesting it is perfect, however, it could save time for any member wanting to create a similar safety manual.

[The manual is available from the S&S34 Assoc web site.

http://www.hyperea.net/ss34/technical/safety/morning t.doc

At 3 meg it is quite large so may take some time to download. Ed]

Around the Buoys - Saturday October 15, 2005

[The following paragraph is an extract from YWA article on the first offshore event for the season, published in The West Australian newspaper. Ed]

It was the end of a era for Mike Finn sailing his new S&S34 Constellation. Finn got approval and building rights from 96-year-old Olin Stephens, of Sparkman & Stephens, to start a new production line of S&S 34s called the Constellation series named in honour of Olin, who designed seven America's Cup-winning yachts.

News - Western Australia

S&S34 Class Racing

Seven boats have already nominated (Arwen, Kungari & Swagman from RPYC, Man'ana & Morning Tide from FSC, Sulphur from RFBYC, Superstar from SoPYC). This is a great start but it would be great if double this number of S&S34's attend. This is quite easily achievable. Kungari is undergoing repairs and may not make it to the start line but it is rumored that Geoff may be aboard Aries II on Saturday morning since Scott has work commitments.

It's Jib and Main only for the 34's with the races starting at 9:30am on both the Saturday and Sunday. If you're having trouble getting crew I'm sure we can help. Nominations are still open, so please contact the FSC Sailing Office.

Several skippers have indicated they are interested and it would be great to see you out there. Come along and be part of something new and exciting! Give Dick (9385 8098) or myself (9592 2122) a call if you need more information.

From Rick Palmer (Huckleberry) - Cockburn Sound Regatta

I'm Chair of the Cockburn Sound Regatta committee at the Cruising Yacht Club of WA. We've secured a sponsor for 05/06 in Rockingham First National Real Estate. Racing will start with a casual sundowner on the 26th. On the 27th and 28th there will be a mix of windward/leeward and typical round the buoys racing. Five events in all. There will be prizes for place getters in all events and major prizes for overall winners in each division.

The Club is currently having the moorings within our sea bed lease checked and where necessary replaced, so there will be a limited number of moorings available for early birds. Despite views to the contrary, there are some great spots to anchor within a reasonable walk of the Club too.

Geoff and I hope to have Huckleberry ready to compete in the regatta.

I invite members of the association to check out the web site for The Cruising Yacht Club of WA (http://www.tcyc.com.au/) and consider entering.

Last season we started the racing with a Nor-wester that swung SW in the afternoon. On day two it was NE, then SE and then a steady SW sea breeze. Great stuff!

If enough '34's show up to sail a class within a division, I'm sure the club would be willing to oblige.

[Please let me know if your interested. Ed.]

From Simon Torvaldsen

[Simon is a prospective owner who is very keen to gain S&S34 experience. He is also planning to join the Assoc. and I believe is now already crewing on Swagman. Ed.]

Congratulations on your work in promoting the S&S 34 and the website. As an outsider looking at it all I can say is that it looks really good, and makes S&S 34 ownership very appealing. I am sure that if you keep it up, you will have added $1000s of value for your membership.

I am writing to let you know that I would be happy to crew for any member racing this coming season. RPYC and SoPYC are logistically easier for me, but I am happy to go down to FSC as much as my work schedule allows (I work some Sat morns which might make it a bit tight time-wise on those days getting to Freo). I feel duty bound to give preference to anyone at RPYC needing a hand, but they seem generally OK for crew at present. I have also spoken with David Nelson at FSC. However, if these guys are not needing anyone and I am free, I am happy to do what I can to assist anyone else.

Ideally, I would ultimately like to buy/build a boat - I have some business issues to finalise before I can commit the money to this, and am very keen to gain a better understanding of sailing the S&S 34s, as most of my competitive sailing has been on smaller fractionally rigged yachts. If things look like working out well this season.

Contact Simon on 9370 2497(H) or 9272 5533(w), email: storvaldsen@3rdave.com.au.

Crew Available

Mike Foster (Foss Marine) would also like to occasionally crew on S&S34's. Mike is the shipwright that worked on the interior of Constellation and has heaps of sailing experience. He can be contacted on 041 998 2001.

News - Victoria

[see Racing section below. Ed.]

News - Overseas

From Clive Green (Papillon Beu) - UK / Med

I see another co in Australia is building a modern S&S 34, please send any data you have on this.

I just sold my own S&S 34 to Paul Church who I will copy your info to. I had her for 30+ years & sailed half way round the world in her. It is a very sad event & I hope to keep sailing her & help with the upkeep.

I sold my S&S34 Papillon Bleu (in Turkey) a year after buying a Baltic 38 for UK sailing & am really missing her. Biggest wish is for an aft cabin. A modern but tough rig / deck layout would be second.

see Papillonbleu.co.uk for details of "my boat"

From Jukka Tuhkuri (Joy) - Finland

To me it sounds kind of funny, that there are so many S&S 34's in Australia, because I have never seen alive any other S&S 34 than my own. Mine is the only one in Finland, I do not know of any in Sweden, so I am used to a situation of having a rare kind of boat. And then you have tens of them racing together. My wife said, that it is like suddenly finding out that there are lots of cousins far away. I assume, that my boat is the most Northern S&S 34. As we are approaching winter now, and my boat has been weeks on shore and will be back in water in May next year. Our season is very short.

[I think the concept of S&S34 owners being cousins is terrific, the S&S34 Assoc. is all about friendship and a common interest, making us one big family. Ed.]

From Niels Anders - Germany

I found your address on the website from the s+s 34 association. I was very surprised that there is such a large number of this design still running in Australia. We are owners of a ss 34 as well. We own the ship since 2003 and we are still working on the major refit. The ship was not in water since 1992 as the pervious owner had stored it under roof in a shipyard near Hamburg. We have seen the yacht and we loved it. That was the reason to buy it. And of course the reputation of Olin Stephens. About the great history of this design we did not know anything at that moment.

Notes From Afar (Cruising Reports)

From Tony & Marj Clarke (Reveille II)

[05/10/05] We are finally underway. Currently in Yamba NSW waiting for the weather to settle down.

[15/10/05] We have made some progress - we are now at Laurieton about 15 miles south of Port Macqaurie. We came here to visit some cruising friends who have retired here. We are ready to move on but the weather has other ideas. Will be here until Tue/wed next week at least. Hope to be in Sydney soon afterwards and will be there for several weeks.

The Racing Guys

George Law Foundation Race

Congratulations to Mike Finn and the crew of Constellation for taking out the Division 2 IRC in the George Law Foundation Race on 25 September. Fremantle Sailing Club hosted the first race of the Offshore Season with a fleet of over 20 boats. The race started under glorious sunshine and with light easterly winds and finished late in the day with a stronger sea breeze. A great effort for Constellation's first race!

Trade-A-Boat S&S34 Series - SYC (Vic)


We finally got the S&S34 Series up and running. It's a Series within Sandringham's usual Sunday morning races every second Sunday. The first race on October 9 was touch and go as to whether it would be held as a stiff breeze of 25-30knots was up and a gale warning was imminent.

Only 11 boats in total went out with four of them being S&S34s. Mike Parkinson from Royal Victoria Yacht Club (Williamstown) got the guts award for battling the choppy seas on 30kt winds to make the trip to the start in Morning T while Tim Taylor (Morning Star) destroyed his main and roller furling before the start and had to return to the marina.

The race was eventually won by Lionheart (G Middleton) who came second overall, Red William (Charles Amos) was second of the 34s and fourth overall while Morning T (M Parkinson) was close behind in third place of the 34s and fifth overall.


The second Race of the Trade-A-Boat S&S34 Series was run in a fresh 20+knot northerly on the 23rd.

Tim Taylor got the determination award having pulled the rig out of Morning Star, repaired the damage, re-rigged the boat with a new boom, slab reefing, new lazy jacks and borrowed main from Lionheart to get to the start with about an hour to spare.

Sirius (Chris Cook and Richard Collins) got the stupidity award for thinking it was a northerly start and going to the wrong way costing them 15 minutes.

The race was eventually won by Red William (C Amos), Lionheart second and Morning Star third.

Sirius eventually finished the race to record a fourth in the Series.

Due to an arduous club race the previous day, Morning T didn't start.

If anyone else would like to come along and join in the fun, the start is at 0930 and we're back in for lunch. contact Sandy YC on 9598 7444

Provisional Standings

Lionheart 3

Red William 3

Morning T 9

Morning Star 9

Sirius 10

Wot's On

All S&S34 Assoc. members are invited to attended the following events.

October 29th and 30th - S&S34 Class Racing - 6 race mini regatta - FSC (WA)

Windward Leeward Courses - Owen Anchorage

Conducted by Fremantle Sailing Club

3 x 1 hour back to back races on Saturday and Sunday morning

First race each day starts at 9:30am

Sunday Afternoon Presentations with Sausage Sizzle

Enquiries and entry form at FSC Sailing Office

Phone: 9435 8809

Email the FSC Sailing Administrator: sailingadmin@fsc.com.au

October 29th and 30th - RFBYC Cruising in Company - Cape Hookway (Warnbro)

Cruise Captain Ron Kempin.

Briefing at RFBYC on Oct 27th.

Contact Ron on 0408 958 323

Email: rfbyc_cinc@yahoo.com.au

Oct 30th - HYC Cruising in Company - Day sail to Mindarie

Cruise Captain: White Magic

Contact: Mark Morrow Mark.Morrow@weirwarman.com

Nov 5th - 6th - Superstar BBQ - Thompsons Bay

The weekend after the S&S34 Class Racing mini regatta at FSC, Superstar is planning a cruise to Rottnest. He has arranged to leave Superstar at FSC for the week to save taking it back up river and has booked a pen on the fuel jetty at Rottnest. Anybody interested in joining Tim and Leanne for a BBQ (maybe not on the fuel jetty)?

Contact: Tim on Tim.Dallas@Seatrac.com.au

Sun Nov 6th 9:30am - Trade-A-Boat S&S34 Series - Race 3 of 12 - SYC (Vic)

Race around the club marks, pursuit start and "no extras". If anyone else would like to come along and join in the fun, the start is at 0930 and we're back in for lunch. All S&S34s are welcome.

Notice of Race on the Sandy website www.syc.com.au

Block or casual entries are available.

Contact: Sandy YC on 9598 7444 or Geoff Middleton (Lionheart) geoff.middleton@tradergroup.com.au

Nov 12th-13th - HYC Cruising in Company - Stark Bay Rottnest

Cruise Captain: Loose Ends

Contact: Mark Morrow Mark.Morrow@weirwarman.com

Nov 12th-13th - FSC Cruising Section - Round Rottnest Cruise

Contact: Cruising Captain, Bernie Siddall, bsid@iinet.net.au or 0419-926-847.

Sun Nov 20th 9:30am - Trade-A-Boat S&S34 Series - Race 4 of 12 - SYC (Vic)

Contact: Sandy YC on 9598 7444 or Geoff Middleton (Lionheart) geoff.middleton@tradergroup.com.au

Nov 26th-27th - RFBYC Cruising in Company - Butt Bay (Rockingham)

Cruise Captain Keith Tanner.

Briefing at RFBYC on Nov 24th.

Contact Ron on 0408 958 323

Email: rfbyc_cinc@yahoo.com.au

Nov 26th-27th - HYC Cruising in Company - Carnac Is. / FSC

Cruise Captain: Mistress Too

Contact: Mark Morrow Mark.Morrow@weirwarman.com

Quote of the Week

An article in The West Australian newspaper of Friday 21 July 1978 said of the S&S 34

"The bigger, well-built cruising and racing yachts such as the S&S34 are increasing in value

faster than the rate of inflation and offer reasonable investment prospects."

Joke of the Week

What Lies At The Bottom Of The Ocean And Twitches?

A Nervous Wreck.

Definition of the Week

Broach Piece of jewelry that you would not want to wear in heavy weather at sea.

Sail The Web

Some interesting discussions on the S&S34 design at this online boat design forum


Check out the latest Australian sailing news on


Readers Mart

Let me know if you have anything to advertise or questions to ask for the next issue (Ed).

From Simon Golledge (Lina II) - USA

I have an S&S 34 which i am refitting and was interested in joining the S&S 34 association. However, I am based in Los Angeles and have not found a local association.

Perhaps i might join your association if that is possible?. I do need some information on repowering and would be interested for any information from your members who have tried to upgrade to a new diesel.

My yacht is 1971 vintage (built in the UK by Aquafibre) with an old Volvo MD2. All the modern engines have wider engine mounts. i am trying not to destroy the cabin, where the motor is centrally placed just aft of the thru-deck mast!

Contact Simon by email simongolledge@hotmail.com


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