S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 11 - 21st September 2005

S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 11


We have a bumper issue for September. The headline news being the re-commencement of class racing in both WA and Victoria. Also the first of the "new" S&S34's is ready for launching. There is news from several yachts and a very full "Wot's On" section to kick off the new season.

Welcome to new owners Rick Palmer and Geoff Rayner (Huckleberry) and John McCormack (Morning Bird). There doesn't seem to be many 34's for sale at the moment. If you intend to sell yours or have already done so, please let the Association know. The Association likes to invite new owners to join but requires the contact details when you sell your yacht. Please help keep our records up to date.

As you know the annual subscriptions are now due (see below for payment details). To keep postage costs down the committee has decided not to send receipts. Thank you to the following yachts for there prompt payment. Amatuana, Aries, Arwen, Delphis, Eastern Morning (although Daniel Hains has sold the yacht he still joined, well done!), Kungari, Lady Anne II, Le Jag, Miss Cath, Morning Menace, Morning T, Morning Tide, Perie Banou III, Roma II, Seaflight, Shenandoah, Swagman.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in information for the Grapevine and the website. These are only interesting because of the submissions from everyone. Please keep sending them.

Deadline for the next issue of the S&S34 Grapevine is Sunday 23rd October 2005.

News - Western Australia

Launch of Constellation (Mike Finn)

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the launching of the first new generation S&S34. Mike Finn has named his new 34 "Constellation" (a famous 12 metre Americas Cup winner designed by S&S) in respect of the history of Sparkman and Stephens. When searching for an appropriate name Olin Stephens offered his approval of the name Constellation. All S&S34 members are invited to the launch (see "Wot's On" for details).

The new S&S 34 yachts are built by Cottesloe Yachts / Swarbrick and Swarbrick Yachts using the foam sandwich, vacuum-resin technique perfected in the manufacture of the Volvo 60s. This brings lightness and strength to new hulls. Furthermore new boats have the option of either a mark 1 or mark 11 keel and rudder assemblage. The mark 11 rudder is recommended for potential racing yachts or cruising where there is likely to be a lot of down-wind travel as that rudder provides greater down-wind control. The spacious interior now comes with a choice of modern furniture layouts and soft furnishings can be customised to reflect your personal taste. There is the option of either a cruising of racing rig with a choice of roller furling.

The original Constellation (S&S design 1773) was the S&S 12-meter winning design of the 1964 America's Cup that incorporating obvious design innovations. During this period, Olin experimented with how the wetted surface of a hull could be reduced (for less drag and greater speed) without endangering the seaworthy qualities of the boat. As a result of his model testing, he concluded that "wetted surface aft was not as harmful, perhaps, as it was forward because the water by then was already going with the boat," leading to the creation of a "bustle" in the waterline of Constellation. Constellation's keel was also modified as a result of his experiments; the keel is short and vee-shaped at the bottom - an innovation that improved windward performance by reducing leeway.

News - Class Racing

The idea of starting S&S34 Class Racing in W.A. and Victoria is moving ahead very rapidly. All skippers are urged to come along and support these events. Once we have the numbers we can tailor events to the skippers requirements.

W.A. Class Racing

In W.A., nine skippers attended the discussion meeting and the first series of six short (1 hour) races has already been organised for 29th & 30th October at FSC (see below for details). The main intention is to attract as many S&S34's as possible. The idea is to try and develop a "Classic Class" (ie original configuration) to be the premier class of S&S34 racing with an additional handicap class for those boats with varying hull and sail configurations. Everyone is included!

The formation of the rules are still in the early developmental stage and input from all S&S34 owners and interested sailors are most welcome. I have added a Classic Racing discussion page to the Associations website (www.hyperea.net/ss34), and will post any further comments I receive.

S&S34 Class Racing -Notice of The First Race - October 29th and 30th

Windward Leeward Course - Owen Anchorage

Conducted by Fremantle Sailing Club

3 x 1 hour back to back Jib and Main races on Saturday and Sunday morning

First race each day starts at 9:30am

Sunday Afternoon Presentations with Sausage Sizzle

Enquiries and entry form at FSC Sailing Office

Phone: 9435 8809

Email the FSC Sailing Administrator: sailingadmin@fsc.com.au



We, that is us guys planning the race, ask you to compete in this first one. Make a special effort to give it a go AND IF YOU NEVER GO YOU WILL NEVER NEVER KNOW

The general plan at this time is to get at least twelve S&S34's on the start line for the first race and perhaps repeat the event on APRIL 8 & 9.




From Tim Dallas (Superstar)

[I've been sitting on this since the Classic Class Meeting, so it may be a bit dated. Ed.]

Following our meeting last night I thought I would put a few thoughts down on paper for further discussion;

First of all a special thanks to John Holder for putting the idea forward and chasing it up, I think the formation of an Association Classic Fleet is an excellent idea and should be fully supported by all owners, I also believe the addition of an open class for those boats not fitting the class rules should also be encouraged.

However, to get the class going I would be reluctant to define the rules too stringently at the outset for fear of scaring off owners who aren't sure about getting involved, after all the primary aim (initially at least) should be to get as many boats on the water as possible and then perhaps refine the rules for the purists as the fleet evolves. I for one struggled for two years to get into racing because the rules seemed too complex and appeared to keep changing - even to this day I still don't know which fleet I'm supposed to be sailing in. I'm currently registered in Div 2, yet the rest of the division won't let me sail with them hence I follow the sports boats around in Div 1! (I'm not the only one who's had this problem)

Rather than set too many rules right now, may I suggest we survey as many of the ~45 boats in our target area as possible and then perhaps define the rules to include as many of them as we can (within John's framework). For example I understand that a large proportion of boats do not have the tall rig, but may have different length booms. The differing booms may not have been in the original design, but they might be allowable in the initial rules simply to get the numbers in to the fleet.

Also, (and I'm not too knowledgeable on this so forgive me if I'm wrong), could we look at defining total sail area rather than individual sails, i.e. would a tall rig with a no.2 headsail be comparable in performance with a standard rig and a no.1 headsail? - Though I guess this would be more wind dependant than anything.

Other suggestions might be;-

I would also like to see a variety of races throughout the series, it was mentioned last night that we could race as part of one of FSC's mini regattas. I also support as Steve's suggestion for a couple of passage races, with a direct sail to an anchorage for less competitive boats. I'd also like to see at least one event on the river (sorry Steve - come and sail with us for this one) to encourage involvement of all the 34's that sit in the metropolitan clubs gathering slime. In this way we would include a range of sailing conditions in the series which would cater for the sailing aspirations of as many owners as possible -hence increasing numbers (hopefully).

Just thoughts for discussion... Any other comments?



SuperStar - SP313


I have also come up with an alternative to racing with a reefed main, I'm taking my old main to Taskers today to see about getting it cut down to the standard rig size. That, combined with my #2 headsail should give me a reasonably balanced setup that should be within the rules.

Perhaps we should put the word out to the fleet and see if anyone else has a spare (standard size) main. If they are willing to lend it to the chaps with the tall rig we might get a more even fleet.

Victorian Class Racing

We've finally got the S&S34 race series under way at Sandringham.

We'll be running a race every second Sunday in conjunction with the regular Sunday Sailors race from the 9th of October at 09.30. The races will be known as the "Trade-A-Boat S&S 34 Series" and prizes will be awarded after each race and a trophy will be awarded for the overall winner after all 12 races.

The races will be around the club marks. Handicapping will be by way of pursuit start and the races will be "no extras" races.

All S&S34s are welcome.

Notice of Race will be posted shortly on the Sandy website www.syc.com.au

Block or casual entries are available.

The races are fairly short and we should be back in the clubhouse in time for lunch.

It should be great fun and hopefully not too serious (who am I trying to kid?).

News - Queensland

From Meltemi (Jim & Elaine Shannon)

The Whitsundays - Hogsbreath Race Week and Hamilton Island Race Week.


The weather in north Queensland, he said, is warm, with smooth seas light breezes and sunny. Just look at the brochures. You will need a light spray jacket, a hat and plenty of sunscreen lotion. Don't worry about foul weather pants, they are too hot. Just wear shorts and your legs will dry quickly and you wont feel cold.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. It was cloudy, rained heavily, blew a gale half the time and was cold. Full foul weather gear, and lots warm under it was what was really needed. We were consistent in wearing too much sail The shipwrights, sail makers and medico's had a very profitable fortnight. There were umpteen dismastings, grounding damage, sails ripped to shreds, broken bones and a quilt quantity of stitching. (sails and skin). Did we have a good time ? absolutely.,

We finished 16th out of a fleet of 46 in the Hogsbreath series and 41 out of 101 at Hamilton Island.

The conditions suited us very well and we should have done better, so what went wrong? The starting sequences and methods had us initially confused at Airlie beach. For instance the start vessel carried a Red on station flag and there were red and pink fleets and we had trouble distinguishing between them. They also used a 6 minute start sequence between fleets and it was necessary to sail close to the stern of the start vessel within the 5 minutes prior to starting to confirm the correct course. In the end the uncertainty probably caused more concern than time loss. The best course to minimise adverse wave action and tidal streams without sailing into holes is certainly a skill we learned progressively but were no match for the locals and repeat competitors. We blew the top cringle off the big spinnaker during the first race but recovered the sail without other damage and did not lose a lot of time. Many of the competitors had trouble just staying afloat in the wild (35kt) gusts. You may ask why the big kite was up at all. The answer is we started in a very light breeze and were still bewitched by the advertising brochures.

At Hamilton there were hundreds of competitors in about 5 fleets. 101 in ours alone so we had further trouble even seeing the start sequence signals. This led to our down fall and we started race 2 in the wrong fleet and retired. In race 5 we broke the main halyard and retired again. Only one race could be discarded so we added 101 to our points score instead of about 23 and this cost us 20 places in the final count

The tidal rips between close islands were a completely new experience. During the first race there was a monstrous opposing rip of about 4kts. An evil muddy streak churned off the leeward point of the island we had to round. We tacked away and were carted off back up the course only to watch as 50and 60 ft competitors sailed past straight through the rip.

The last race (race 6)was an 11km spinnaker run followed by an 11km beat in 20/30kt winds. The course was the same for all with little benefit from local knowledge so we did as well as our handicap allowed and finished18th.

See the S&S34 Assoc website for a photo (http://www.hyperea.net/ss34/photos/meltemi 01.jpg ) taken during the down hill run in race 6 in the Hamilton series and shows Meltemi in company at hull speed with the #2 kite and a reefed main.

With the limited local knowledge gained we should be able to be more consistent in a future series and when they left, the crew were keen to do it again. At present Russell taking advantage of a boat at the Whitsundays to cruise with his family during the school holidays. He will deliver her to Laguna Quays to be penned awaiting favourable winds for the return to RQ.

News - Tasmania

From Gypsy II (James Garde & Nicky)

Over the past few years Gypsy II has undergone a number of changes to convert her into a blue water cruiser. Her rig has been strengthened with the addition of inner forestays and running backs turning her into a cutter. Roller furler, boombag and lazy jacks have been added to help with short handed sail handling. Her deck join has been glassed over to add strength and eliminate persistent leaks in heavy weather. A Flemming wind vane, targa bar with solar panels and cockpit skirts have also been added to complete her transformation.

Since leaving West Australia in 1999 Gypsy has cruised the southern waters of Tasmania and completed a circumnavigation of the South Island of New Zealand. She is currently moored in Kettering. Her owner James and his partner Nicky have recently added to the crew with the birth of twins Thomas and Lily. Since the arrival of the new crew they have still managed to get away on Gypsy as earlier as three and a half weeks after the birth of the twins. Nicky and James plan to keep their sailing close to home for the next couple of years but are planning to sail north some time in the not too distant future.

Notes From Afar

From Tony & Marjorie Clarke (Reveille II)

Our plans have suffered a minor setback as Marj has been in hospital with a severe chest infection. She was discharged yesterday and will need a few weeks to recover but hopefully we will be able to leave by the middle of the month [September] - the weather down south is not all that nice anyhow!

Wot's On

All S&S34 Assoc. members are invited to attended the following events.

Sept 24th-26th - FSC Cruising Section - Mindarie - Stark Cruise

If you join those of us who set sail early on Saturday 24th, you can watch the Grand Final at the Mindarie Tavern in the company of your fellow cruisers!

Briefing Friday 23rd at 7:30pm FSC Library.

Contact Cruising Captain, Bernie Siddall, bsid@iinet.net.au or 0419-926-847.

Sept 24th-26th - RFBYC Cruising in Company - Destination TBA

Cruise Captain Ron Kempin.

Briefing at RFBYC on Sep 22nd.

Contact Ron on 0408 958 323

Email: rfbyc_cinc@yahoo.com.au

Sept 24th-26th - HYC Cruising in Company - Rockingham

Cruise Captain: Vintage

Contact: Mark Morrow Mark.Morrow@weirwarman.com

Sunday 9th October 3pm - Launch of the S&S34 "Constellation" at RPYC

Mike Finn invites all S&S34 members to the launch of the first new generation S&S34 at the slips of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. The swinging of the champagne at the launch will be performed by four generations of Finn's, the oldest being Mike's 91 year old mother and the youngest his great niece, who is due to arrive in the world a week before the launch. An event not to be missed!

Contact: Mike Finn (care of Shane Halnan shalnan@msn.com)

Sunday 9th October 9:30am - Trader-A-Boat S&S34 Series - Race 1 of 12 - SYC (Vic)

Race around the club marks, pursuit start and "no extras".

All S&S34s are welcome.

Notice of Race on the Sandy website www.syc.com.au

Block or casual entries are available.

Contact: Geoff Middleton (Lionheart) geoff.middleton@tradergroup.com.au

Oct 15th and 16th - HYC Cruising in Company - Longreach

Cruise Captain: Vaninna

Contact: Mark Morrow Mark.Morrow@weirwarman.com

Thursday Oct 20th 7:30pm - FSC Cruising Section - Flares & Fire Extinguishers Night

Meet at the FSC Junior clubhouse

Contact: Cruising Captain, Bernie Siddall, bsid@iinet.net.au or 0419-926-847.

Sunday 23rd October 9:30am - Trader-A-Boat S&S34 Series - Race 2 of 12 - SYC (Vic)

Race around the club marks, pursuit start and "no extras".

All S&S34s are welcome.

Notice of Race on the Sandy website www.syc.com.au

Block or casual entries are available.

Contact: Geoff Middleton (Lionheart) geoff.middleton@tradergroup.com.au

October 29th and 30th - S&S34 Class Racing - 6 race mini regatta - FSC (WA)

Windward Leeward Courses - Owen Anchorage

Conducted by Fremantle Sailing Club

3 x 1 hour back to back races on Saturday and Sunday morning

First race each day starts at 9:30am

Sunday Afternoon Presentations with Sausage Sizzle

Enquiries and entry form at FSC Sailing Office

Phone: 9435 8809

Email the FSC Sailing Administrator: sailingadmin@fsc.com.au

October 29th and 30th - RFBYC Cruising in Company - Cape Hookway (Warnbro)

Cruise Captain Ron Kempin.

Briefing at RFBYC on Oct 27th.

Contact Ron on 0408 958 323

Email: rfbyc_cinc@yahoo.com.au

Oct 30th - HYC Cruising in Company - Day sail to Mindarie

Cruise Captain: White Magic

Contact: Mark Morrow Mark.Morrow@weirwarman.com

Quote of the Week

Olin Stephens aboard English built Niknak during a Skagerak race in Denmark.

"Do remember, she is fastest at a heel of 23.5 degrees".

Joke of the Week

A sailor was caught AWOL as he tried to sneak on board his ship at about 3 am. The chief petty officer spied him and ordered the sailor to stop. Upon hearing the sailor's lame explanation for his tardiness, the officer ordered the sailor to, "Take this broom and sweep every link on this anchor chain by morning or it's the brig for you!" The sailor picked up the broom and commenced performing his charge. As he began to sweep, a Tern landed on the broom handle. The lad picked the tern off the broom handle, giving the bird a toss. The Tern left, only to return and light once again on the broom handle.

The sailor went through the same routine over and over again. He couldn't get any cleaning done because he could only sweep at the chain once or twice before the blasted bird returned. In the morning the chief petty officer, came to check the sailor and his work. "What in the heck have you been doing all night? This chain is no cleaner than when you started! What have you to say for yourself, sailor?" barked the chief. "Honest, chief," came the reply, "I tossed a Tern all night and couldn't sweep a link!"

Definition of the Week


1) Large piece of paper that is useful in protecting cabin and cockpit surfaces from food and beverage stains.

2) Type of nautical map which tells you exactly where you are aground or what you just hit.

Sail The Web

A project to refurbish and upgrade Jon Sanders yacht Perie Banou II, one of the world's leading design yachts, 'Sparkman & Stephens 39s'. Perie Banou II is renowned for her performance and long distance sailing. Jon Sanders and David Dicks will sail as joint skippers, competing in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2005.


Don't forget the S&S34 Association website: http://www.hyperea.net/S&S34/

There have been several more updates over the last month including discussion on the fleet racing, details and photos of additional S&S34';s and the recent article from Australian Sailing. Also check out the "Search and Rescue", maybe you can help locate some of the 34's that the assoc. has lost contact with.

Readers Mart

Let me know if you have anything to advertise in the next issue (Ed).

Fleming Self Steering

[Member John Holder (Morning Menace) has been negotiating with Kevin Fleming for the new model Fleming Self Steering. Kevin has now made the following offer available to all S&S34 Association members. Ed.]

We have five 34 orders in hand for my 4th generation servo design. It will be called global "equipe" and will be built in three models up to 40ft. We are working on a common mounting system for the 34 and as a result we will offer to pay the GST, with free delivery Aussie wide to any other of your members. All the info on this design plus other relevant selfsteering facts can be found on our web site www.flemingselfsteer.com. The units will be available to your members for $3100 includes GST and free delivery. We will except $800 deposit and allow up to 12 months final delivery.

thanks and regards

Kevin Fleming

From S&S39 Norlee (Diana & Rob)

I am hoping that you may be able to help us.

We are the owners of "Norlee" an S&S 39. We completed an Australian circumnavigation last October and after tossing up whether to sell her or not have decided to keep her. Due to her large draft we are considering modifying her keel to make the cruising grounds around Perth more accessible. Do you know of anyone who has done this? We know that an S&S39 has been built fairly recently and we are curious to know if they stayed with the traditional configuration or went for something different.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Email: dneggo@bigpond.net.au

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