S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 10 - 23rd August 2005

S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 10


Although the actual AGM was a little long for my liking it was very successful. All the constitutional changes were accepted with only some minor amendments. We are now called the "S&S34 Association". The updated constitution is available on the website.

It was nice to see several new S&S34 owners present at the meeting. The greatest asset of the Association is its members and the wealth of experience they have. One of the main aims and reasons to join the Association is to share our experiences and knowledge. Cruising 34's were well represented at the AGM, with round the worlders Jim and Margaret Putt, John Woolhouse (recent 34 owner who circumnavigated on his Spacesailor 27) and Fletch whose yacht Miss Cath is currently in Trinidad. The racers weren't outdone with new member and shipwright John Holder having a superb race history in other classes. John's currently refitting Morning Menace but is very keen to reinitiate class S&S34 racing in W.A. (see below under 'WA S&S34 Class Racing' for more details).

The lunch kicked on until pretty late with some great stories being told. Was it just me or did the stories get better the longer the lunch continued?

The new committee consists of Dick Newnham (President), Barbara Newnham (Secretary), Jim Putt (Treasurer), John Holder (Yachting W.A. delegate) and Steve Laws (Grapevine and website).

Please note that the 2005-2006 subscription is now due. It is only $25 (aus) and details of how to pay are documented below. If you are not already a member please consider joining. It's a non-profit organisation promoting your class of yacht. Remember, the more members, the lower the fees .

Dick produces the printed newsletter several times per year. He has endeavored to make this interesting with colour photos etc. The cost of producing the latest newsletter is about $3.30 a copy (from our Association supporter Snap Print, West Perth). Commercial rates would be much higher. Previously, we have tried to send the newsletter to all S&S34 owners but monetary pressures mean that in the future the printed newsletter can only be sent to members.

Deadline for the next issue of the S&S34 Grapevine is Sunday 18th September 2005.

News - Western Australia

From Pat Dicks (Seaflight)

I'm in Sydney at the moment so unable to attend the AGM, apologies. Dave [Dicks] is sailing down the coast in a 45'Cat, from Bris via Darwin to Freo! Jon [Sanders] is somewhere out there too, was with Dave but maybe en route back to Darwin to collect another Cat! Mother's don't always know everything! Hi to all the 34 owners!

News - New South Wales

Nothing reported (Ed.).

News - Queensland

From Jim Shannon (Meltemi)

Meltemi departs PM Saturday (30th July) for Rosslyn Bay en route to Airlie Beach. We have entered in the Hog's Breath and Hamilton regatta's. Dennis Vincent (ex Grey Goose II) is coming over to join the ship as preferred helmsman, fore hand, trimmer, tactician, navigator and alternate skipper. The owner plans to rest.

A second note from Jim (Ed.)

Since writing to you, my sluggish memory turned to expose a lower layer of slush and debris and there it was.

A strange thing happened yesterday.(It was not yesterday. It was some weeks ago) On grounds of fiscal prudence I am averse to Chandleries. However a visit became necessary yesterday morning and as I left there was a sideways glimpse of someone sort of familiar. Turn for a better look and there was Jon Sanders in the company of David Dick. In answer to the obvious question they were just about to leave the bay on a delivery passage north about to deliver a 45ft catamaran back to Fremantle. Good luck and good sailing, it is just the right time of year. Although for pure pleasure one should take at least six months.

Gooday to either/and or both Jon and David if they attend the meeting [AGM].

News - Victoria

Nothing reported (Ed.).

News - Overseas

Many of you would recall the photo of "An original UK built S&S34 in Chictester Harbour, England" in the April 2005 Grapevine. I took the photo while working in the UK in 1990, never recording the name of the S&S34. Well it is Nik Nak and now belongs to Kerry Costello and Steen Riisberg. Kerry is the new editor of The Wave, the international S&S Association newsletter. Just goes to show what a small world we now live in. See the photo on the S&S34 Assoc. website http://www.hyperea.net/S&S34

Notes From Afar

From Peter and Lorraine Colman (Mendana)

Sorry we haven't been in touch for some time. Peter is in the UK at the moment visiting his Mum. It seems as though he's been gone for ages as he tacked it onto a work trip offshore to help top up the cruising kitty .

We arrived safely in Adelaide in June after exploring the bays and islands around Port Lincoln. They were interesting, but I have to say that which enjoyed the bays and islands around Esperance more. We're now staying at the Cruising Yacht Club (CYC) of South Australia for the winter and hope to head off again when the weather improves, moving slowly towards Tasmania. The other 4 Freo boats are also here and the locals are very friendly, so it's very social. We've introduced a Tuesday night 'liveaboard bbq' to the club and it seems to be going down very well.

Whilst Peter has been away I've been stripping and re-varnishing the cabin sole. This took longer and was more frustrating than I imagined (or are all boatie jobs like that?). I made heaps of mistakes and paid for them, but now I have a nice shiny, dented, old floor instead of a dull, semi-varnished, dented, old, floor, so I guess there's been an improvement. Doug and Mary kindly put me up on 'Cartref' whilst the work was going, which provided me with a much needed sanctuary from the dust and mess. I've a week to go before Peter gets back and am now immersing myself in jobs that re-assert my womanhood such as knitting and sewing!

As soon as we get going again I'm sure Peter will want to provide you with another of Mendana's journals, but I just wanted to let you know we are alive and kicking, and haven't forgotten you.

The Racing Guys

Congratulations to Kungari who won Div 2 consistency (ie championships) at RPYC for the 2004/2005 season. Swagman was second and Perie Banou III fourth. What a great result for S&S34's in a large and very competitive fleet.

From Geoff Middleton (Lionheart)

We had a blustery race yesterday [Wed 3/8/5] at the club [SYC] (max about 38 knots at the start then dropped out to mid 20s) only 12 boats finished with Red William first and Lionheart second followed by a bunch of Beneteaus and lighter craft, so we're still flying the flag!

WA S&S34 Class Racing

The following article appeared in The West Australian newspaper on Saturday August 20, 2005.

S&S34 Vintage Fleet

A record attendance at the recent S&S34 Annual General Meeting agreed to establish a S&S34 vintage fleet along the lines of the Flying Fifteen Classic Fleet.

The first regatta will be named after Max Shean, a highly decorated World War II submariner, S&S34 legend and winner of the 1979 Parmelia Race from Britain to Fremantle.

A minimum of 15 yachts will be needed to make the fleet viable and they must have the original keel and rudder configuration to be eligible.

All owners keen on participating are urged to attend a meeting at Fremantle Sailing Club on Monday August 29 at 8pm.

For more details, phone John Holder on 9332 1018, after 7pm.

It is suggested that all S&S34 owners should attend the Vintage Fleet Racing meeting, since handicap racing for other configuration S&S34 may also be viable. Please note that the meeting will not be in the main clubhouse but in one of the adjacent meeting rooms (alongside the second gate which leads to the hard standing area).

John has been busy talking to owners and developing some ideas. Below are draft policy and rules that can be used as a starting point for the discussions. If we can get the policy correct the rules can follow and be enhanced over time. (Ed.)

S&S34 Vintage Fleet Policy Draft


To encourage and promote cruising and racing of Vintage S&S34 yachts


  1. To maintain the Vintage S&S34 class under the umbrella of the S&S34 association.
  2. To make the S&S34 Vintage a strict one design yacht for cruising and racing and to eliminate variations as far as possible.
  3. To prohibit the use of expensive and sophisticated equipment so as to maintain a high performance yacht at reasonable cost
  4. To ensure that any boat that differs from the S&S34 specifications or are deliberately altered in any way to gain advantage over other boats through exploitation of loopholes in the S&S34 Vintage class rules shall not be accepted as eligible for the S&S34 Vintage Fleet
  5. To exercise whatever persuasion may be necessary to eliminate as far as possible costly alterations to design , rigging , mast, spars , deck layout and sail plan that might tend to devalue older boats or encourage obsolescence in the S&S34 Vintage Class
  6. To maintain control over measurement, rules and registration of boats in the S&S34 Vintage Class

S&S34 Vintage Fleet Draft Rules

Main Points

  1. All boats shall be of the original keel, rudder configuration.
  2. All yachts shall carry only four dacron sails ie one jib, one genoa , one main and one spinnaker. Measurements to be determined but to fit original rig size.
  3. All yachts shall have standing rigging of 1/19 wire only and the rig shall not be adjusted at all during racing.
  4. All yachts shall fall into a weight zone to be determined.
  5. Compensating for the position of the motor shall be considered eg fore and aft trim

Other rules, along the lines of the objectives of the class. to follow.

Wot's On

All S&S34 Assoc. members are invited to attended the following events.

Monday 29th August 8pm - S&S34 Assoc. - Vintage Fleet Racing Meeting - at FSC

Please note that the meeting will not be in the main clubhouse but in one of the adjacent meeting rooms (alongside the second gate which leads to the hard standing area.).

Quote of the Week

When asked to list a reliable seaworthy cruising boat Yachting Monthly's answer was, "anything by Sparkman and Stephens".

Joke of the Week

A race boat sailed towards a bridge on their way towards the coarse. One crewmember noticed a funeral procession traveling on it. He respectfully removed his hat and stood silently until it passed.

Another noticing the action said; "You show a lot of respect for your fellow man."

The crewman returning to his job said; "What do you expect, I was married to her for 30 years!"

Definition of the Week

Racing Popular nautical contact sport

Sail The Web

Bob van der Wilt (S&S34 Morning Cloud) from The Netherlands has a site with some great photos (although it's in Dutch) http://www.sinar.nl/MorningCloud/MorningCloud.htm

Don't forget to check the latest updates to the S&S34 Associations web site at


Readers Mart

Let me know if you have anything to advertise in the next issue (Ed).

FOR SALE - "Ricochet"

S&S34 with a brand-new engine, prop, sails, & a lot of new gear.

It has a flush laid deck, & slightly limited headroom in the front of the cabin.

Otherwise it is Swarbrick Hull #50

Owing to serious health problems, I cannot use the yacht & need to sell it quickly.

This is a unique opportunity for someone.

All papers are in order.

The yacht is in Double Bay, Sydney.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Golding

Email bgolding997@hotmail.com

Phone 02-9371-0986

FOR SALE - Sails

I have a no 2 headsail available suitable for a tall rig for sale.

I also have two storm jibs available.

I am having a furler fitted with a new furler genoa and I have no use for the headsail.

Will Hammond from Doyle Fraser Sails WA made the headsail for a previous owner and has recently carried out some minor repairs. The sail is in quite good condition.

Contact: Stephen Owen-Conway (Delphis) stephen.owen-conway@sljc.com

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