S & S 34 Grapevine Edition 1 - 23rd November 2004


A big welcome to the very first S&S34 email newsletter. It has been named "Grapevine" to distinguish it from the printed newsletter (which will still be distributed). I know, not a very original name, but the Encyclopaedia Britannica had the following definition and it seamed appropriate. Other names for the email will be considered upon receipt of one bottle of crushed red grapes.

From: Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

grape.vine n (ca. 1736)

1: grape

2 a: an informal person-to-person means of circulating information or gossip <heard about the meeting through the ~>

b: a secret source of information

I have managed to obtain about two dozen S&S34 owners email addresses, for this first Grapevine. Please pass this email on to other owners (and anybody else who may be interested). I would love it to be going out to all owners.

Please, please, please let me know what is going on in your S&S34 world, so it can be shared with other owners. Everything is of interest to other owners, who is cruising where, gossip from the race track, helpful hints for improving your 34, events, ideas, anything at all. I would like to make the Grapevine a monthly email, but need input from members. The deadline for the next Grapevine is 19th December 2004.

Please send anything and everything re 34's to : laws@iinet.net.au


The S&S34 AGM was held on Sunday 14th November. Many, many thanks must go to the retiring president, Colin Sanders. What a great job he has done over the last few years. Dick Newnham was elected president for the forthcoming year, but has indicated that he would like someone else to take over next year. Please consider! Cath Waters very kindly offered to continue as treasurer, as did Dave Waters for YA representative.

Everybody participated in a great lunch after the AGM, which continued well into the afternoon. I am sure they don't want it mentioned, but, Dave and Cath bought all the drinks and this was really appreciated by everyone. Free drinks is a sure way to make the party hum. Everyone left promising to return to next years lunch (and AGM).

One of the round the world S&S34s, Morning Tide, has been spotted on the brochures for the cabins at Longreach Bay, Rottnest. Though I doubt Jim & Margaret can get any royalties from the Rottnest Island Board. It must be worth a free annual landing pass!

Jamie Dunross has recently returned from the Paralympics in Athens, where he and his crew achieved a very creditable fifth place. Jamie is now focused on building the new S&S34 "Spirit of Rockingham", on which he plans to sail non-stop single handed around the world. Five young people with disabilities are now working at Swarbricks, thanks to a partnership between Swarbricks, Centrelink and South Metropolitan Personnel. They will be working on "Spirit of Rockingham", as well as other tasks.

Wot's On

All S&S34 Assoc. members are welcome to participate in these cruises.

Friday, 26th - Sunday 28th November FSC Rockingham/Careening Bay Cruise

Cruise Coordinator FSC - Kim Klaka - K.Klaka@cmst.curtin.edu.au or phone 9433 4949

1900, Friday, 26th - Night Sail to Rockingham

Saturday - 27th - Morning - For those who do not do the Night Sail, you will make your own way to the Rockingham anchorage on Saturday morning.

1330 - sail to Careening Bay (HMAS Stirling). This will be a Lady Skippers Cruise.

1600 (approximately) - go ashore for BBQ.

1800 (approximately) - Twilight Sail back to Rockingham.

Sunday 28th - Morning - breakfast at Rockingham, perhaps taking advantage of the excellent value cooked breakfast served at TCYC from 0900.

Late morning/early afternoon - sail back to FSC once sea breeze arrives.

27th - 28th November HYC Stark Bay Cruise

Contact: Rob James jamesr@ramsayhealth.com.au or phone 9307 2391

Sunday, 5th December - P&O Ports Fremantle Harbour Classic.

Cruisers on land watch racers on the water - you won't get any closer than this!

Thursday 16th December 2004 - S&S34 Annual Twilight at RPYC

In 2004, Sparkman & Stephens is celebrating 75 years of yacht design and brokerage. Olin Stephens and Drake Sparkman founded Sparkman & Stephens in 1929. Since the establishment of the firm, the design department has completed the design of over 2700 yachts, commercial craft and military vessels and the brokerage department has assisted more clients and friends than we can count.

Your last chance to participate in an S&S event in this anniversary year is the S&S34 annual twilight at RPYC. Colin Sanders is again organising this event, which will take place on Thursday 16th December 2004. For those that have not previously attended, there is no need to bring your boat, just let Colin know so he can organise enough river S&S34s. We take part in the normal RPYC twilight race and afterwards have dinner, on the lawn, under the gum trees. Last year was fantastic, and this year will be no different!

For more details, contact Colin Sanders: phone 9386 3038; email csanders@cygnus.uwa.edu.au

Geographe Bay and all Ports

2000, Wednesday, 8th December - Quindalup Briefing at FSC.

2000, Thursday 16th December - Briefing at RFBYC.

26th December onwards - Depart for Mandurah, Bunbury, Geographe Bay & Quindalup.

For FSC, Paul Bushell and Bernie Siddall are coordinating Quindalup this year.

For RFBYC, Ron Kempin is the cruise captain.

Program includes "Garden Party" on the beach, a Progressive Lunch, a "Shipwrecked" Party, Kite Competition and more.

The QCYC Regatta Day (Theme - "Nautical Films".) will be unusually early, on Thursday 30th December.

There are already a couple of 34's registered, Aries II (Scott & Greta) and Roma II (Steve & Jane). Hopefully will see a few more on the cruise.

You can register for Quindalup on the FSC web site:


Notes From Afar

After a recent shake down cruise to Shark Bay, Peter & Lorraine are preparing Mendana for extended cruising. They plan to set sail across the bottom in March 2005.

S&S34 Assoc. life member Jon Sanders just left Newport, USA to deliver a 60foot Beneteau to Sydney. It was reported to be minus 15 degrees just before departure. Lets hope Jon has fair winds and a great trip.

The Racing Guys

It is rumoured that Mike Finn on Huckleberry has been doing so well in the offshore races that other crews having taken to booing him during presentations.

Dave Nelson of FSC is now racing Man'ana, the boat previously campaigned by his father John. The team work is starting to come together with a few pennants going home with Dave.

The buoy (boy) racers (Colin and Geoff) are still going hammer and tongs each Saturday at RPYC.

Quote of the Week

Olin Stephens in an interview with Cruising World magazine on his 90th birthday describes the ideal cruising boat saying,

"It should be very much a compromise, but not a compromise that gives up anything good. It would be a moderate boat in all respects; not extremely light or extremely heavy, and not extremely beamy or extremely narrow. I don't think its necessary to have a lot of room inside. In big, beamy boats you can get thrown around inside, and that doesn't contribute a great deal to comfort. I feel too many boats are built to be used when they are tied up."

Joke of the Week

Two, not too bright, sailors sank their boat and ended up in the life raft.

After three days (the first without water, the second without food and the third without beer) they felt something bouncing up against the raft.

When they looked, they found an oil lamp. After deciding that it probably wasn't a genie, they decided to try anyway.

Sure enough, out pops a genie with an attitude. "I know your types, three wishes and back in the bottle. So I will only grant you one wish and I will be gone."

The genius of the two blurts out " I want all the beer we could ever drink in a lifetime."

The genie replies "So be it" disappears and turns the entire ocean to beer.

The other genius slaps his buddy on the head and says "You idiot! Now we have to pee in the raft"


Sail The Web


Check out Peregrinations of Periwinkle from S&S 34 Assoc. members Bill and Caro:


The Sparkman & Stephens Homepage:


The Geographe Bay Race Week (from 25/2/05 to 5/3/05):

Let us know if your going to compete, it may encourage other 34's to join in. I know that Russell Cato on Lady Anne II has done the race week for the last two years. His reports were glowing. FSC are also planning a feeder cruise.


Readers Mart

Let me know if you have anything to advertise in the next issue (Ed).

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