Launched 24/4/76 (date of construction contract)
Owner Michael Thorpe
Purchased  Nov 2013
Configuration  Mk1, single spreader deck stepped rig with split lowers and no inner forestay
Colour White/Red
Berthed RPYC
Sail Number R 222
Australian Registration
State Registration
Call Sign
Builder Swarbricks
Hull Number 36
Fit Out
Previous Owners Eric Sabin (original owner), followed by Brian Box (based Port Geographe), then following Brian’s death his wife Lotus Channing who sold her to Michael Thorpe in Nov 2013 who took her back up to RPYC.
Previous Names Nil (Swarbrick records show her as “Morning
Soon”, but she was launched as “Soon”)


Courtesy Lotus Channing, 2013:
Soon 2, 2013 Soon 1, 2013 Soon 4, 2013 Soon 3, 2013

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