If you wish to update the S&S34 members list please save the MS word Details Form or the Rich Text Details Form and email the Webmaster by clicking here. Alternatively, just email the details. There are several boats that the Association has lost contact with. These can be viewed on the Search and Rescue page.

S & S 34’s – Australia

Yacht Membership Hull No. Owner Berthed Information
Amatuana   64 Graham McKay EBYC Details & Photos
Aquila   4 Peter Gibson Devonport Details & Photos
Aries II Member 24 Sada Illmann-Rhelan  FSC Details & Photos
Arwen Member 90 Simon & Oleen Williams Matilda Bay, WA Details & Photos
Azzurro (ex Shenandoah)  Member 91 Shane & Lorraine Kearns Drummoyne NSW Details & Photos
Bird of the Morning   58 Colin Walters FSC Details & Photos
Bloodhound   20 David McKeag Port Stephens, NSW Details & Photos
Blondie Member 122 Simon & Rosemary Torvaldsen RPYC Details & Photos
Bluebell  Member 14 Peter Nevard FSC Details & Photos
Boomaroo  Member 6 Tom Hinton Queenscliff, Vic Details & Photos
Bullant Rouge Member 42 Colin Alleck   Details & Photos
Camelot Member 62 Tim Bennington Claremont YC Details & Photos
Cicely June  Member Winfield Josh & Rachelle Lobodin Rosslyn Bay, Qld Details & Photos
Catalpa     Dudley Mitchell KBYC, Bunbury Details & Photos
C’est Bon Member   Mark Lockwood & Louisa Case RFBYC Details & Photos
Ciella   50 Derek Desaunois Cairns Details & Photos
Constellation   120 Norm O’Brien Mooloolaba Qld Details & Photos
Crystal     Gorden Syme Queenscliff, Vic Details & Photos Webpage
Delphis   68 Matt Killey FSC Details & Photos
Eastern Morning     ?   Details & Photos
Eliza     Carin & Michael Addison   Details & Photos
Eos Member 30 Bob Hockey EBYC Details & Photos
Eucalypt  Member   George Solonari Westernport YC, Victoria Details & Photos
Flambuoyant Member  82 Eugene & Lavinia Dogne RMYS Details & Photos
Granma Bluey   11 Peter Russ South Aust Details & Photos
Geordie Bay    67 Roland Richardson CYCSA Details & Photos
Grey Goose II  Member 76 Peter Tait FSC Details & Photos
Gypsy II Member 40 James Garde   Details & Photos
Hellfire   7 Toby Darvall (Ex?) SYC Details & Photos Search & Rescue
Huckleberry Member 105 Phil Somerville-Ryan RPYC Details & Photos
Icthus    25 Hienz Cirotzki P Lincoln Details & Photos
Impulse  Member   Andy Lamont Gold Coast Details & Photos
Individual Member 109 Robert Eliott-Lockhart RFBYC Details & Photos
Jari Member 51 Ken and Lee Bubb Tin Can Bay Details & Photos
Jem     John Marlin    
Jon Sanders II     Phil Harding RYCV Search & Rescue
Jubilee Member 94 Donald Scott Launceston Details & Photos
Kameruka   63 Garnett Gourlay (at last record) Geraldton Yacht Club (last record) Details & Photos Search & Rescue
Kiriwina   37 John Craven, Napier, NZ   Details & Photos
Kungari Member 85 Geoff Connor RPYC Details & Photos
Kwilana     (ex Prelude) Member 31 Robert McCullough & Michele Waddington Hardy’s Bay, Brisbane Waters, NSW Details & Photos
Lala Salama     Nick Thomson QYC Details & Photos
Lady Ann II Member 83 Russell & Merridith Catto GBYC Details & Photos
Le Jag Member 97 Roger Raymond RFBYC Details & Photos
Lionheart   69 Patrick Roberts SYC Details & Photos
Lorelei   73 Melanie Piddocke   Details & Photos
Maid of Erin Member 104 Roger & Wesley Imms & Michael Edwards Kettering, Tas Details & Photos
Maigret     ? Cairns Details & Photos Search & Rescue
Man’ana   49 David Nelson FSC Details & Photos
Marara   16 Terry Dunn   Details & Photos
Mayhem   108 Jeff Robinson Darwin Details & Photos
Meltemi Member 10 Vaughan Mayberry East Coast Marina, Qld Details & Photos
Mendana Member 98 Andy Burnip RMYS Details & Photos
Miss Cath Member 60 Phil and Caroline Michelides Mindarie Marina, WA Details & Photos
Mistress Too     John HYC  
Misty II   13 Paul Kenna & Joanne law RYCV Williamstown, Vic Details & Photos
Morning Bird Member 118 John McCormack Pittwater Details & Photos
Morning Breeze Member 8 Don Fraser Yaringa Westernport Details & Photos
Morning Flite Member 57 John Woolhouse  SPYC Details & Photos
Morning Gold Member 92 John Ayliffe Kangaroo Is,SA Details & Photos
Morning Hustler   12 Sam H. Cowell RMYS Details & Photos
Morning Lassie     Stephen Nutter  Melbourne Details & Photos
Morning Magic Member   Col Barling Royal Brighton YC Details & Photos Webpage
Morning Matilda   3 Robert P. McIntyre RYCV Details & Photos
Morning Melody  Member 81 Duncan Hill Mindarie Details & Photos
Morning Mischief   5 Allan Hanan Yaringa, Vic Details & Photos
Morning Mischief II Member   Alan James Darwin SC Details & Photos
Morning Mist Member 2 H Paul Simons, A.M. Nth Harbour Manly Details & Photos
Morning Sea   72 David and Rowena Hanna Port Geographe Details & Photos
Morning Star     Joanna Breen Tamar YC, Tas Details & Photos
Morning Sun     ? ? Details & Photos Search & Rescue
Morning Swan   43 Lawrie Davidson Pittwater, NSW Details &Photos
Morning T Member Maybrook Kim Tan Balmain, Sydney Details & Photos
Morning Tide Member 75 Jim & Margaret Putt FSC Details & Photos
Morning Tide   22 Allan Fenwick Lost at sea 12/6/2012 Details & Photos
Muloka   27 ? Pittwater Details & Photos
Nancy   61 Tally & Ben Hobbs FSC Details & Photos
Perie Banou   15 West Australian Maritime Museum Fremantle Details & Photos
Perie Banou III Member   Colin & Eleanor Sanders RPYC Details & Photos
Periwinkle Of Perth   77 Terry & Kerri Nicholls Mandurah Details & Photos Webpage
Pink Lady (ex Shanty)   106 Don & Margie McIntyre (sponsors of Jessica Watson) Mooloolaba, Qld Details & Photos Website
Polaris Member 74 Steve & Lisa Kerr FSC Details & Photos
Quixote   115 Malcolm Ferguson Victoria Details & Photos
Raintree Member 101 Robert, Jean & David Porter SPYC Details & Photos
Red William   33 Peter Hamilton Greenwhich Flying Squadron, Sydney Details & Photos
Reveille II   18 Tony & Marj Clarke Bundaberg Details & Photos
Ricochet II   26 Phillip Matthews Kogarah Bay, Sydney Details & Photos
Roma II Member 112 Connor &Elizabeth Moran FSC Details & Photos
Sagitta    56 Matthew & Linda Mileshkin RMYC Details & Photos
Salandra     Tim Armitage?    
Scalpay Of Rhu     Nik Philp    
Seaflight Life Member 52 Pat & David Dicks FSC Details & Photos
Sea Honey Member 23 Bob Frean PFSYC Details & Photos
Seashell  Member   David Mitchell & Julie Armstrong FSC Details & Photos
Sinnerman     Greg Finchett HBYC  
Sirius   59 Peter Lethbridge SYC Details & Photos
Solandra     Mark Marcenko Kettering YC, Tas Details & Photos
Soon   36 Michael Thorpe  RPYC Details & Photos
Spirit   121 John Faris Clarke Two Rocks Marina Details & Photos
Star of the Sea    99 Frank & Libby Braybrooks HRYC Details & Photos
Star Path   114 Ian Gray Pt Dalrymple YC Tasmania Details & Photos
Stray Bit   41 The Cummings family Haleiwa, Hawaii Details & Photos
Sulphur Life Member 55 Dick Newnham RFBYC Details & Photos
Sunset on Fire (ex Superstar) Member 46 Mark & Gail Horswill PFSYC Details & Photos
Susurrus   119 Felicity &Dylan Graham   Details & Photos
Swagman Member 71 Andrew Waldby RPYC Details & Photos Webpage
Sweet Surrender   38 Jamie Downs RFBYC Details & Photos
Syzygy   40 ?   Details & Photos
Syzygy II   110 ?   Details & Photos Search & Rescue
Tardis   45 George Gondor Middle Harbour Details & Photos
Ticket of Leave   100 Russell Allan   Details & Photos
Tramp     B Woodward RYCV Details & Photos
True Love   113 John? Brisbane? Search & Rescue
Trumpeter   Maybrook Sandy MacDonald RQYS Details & Photos
Villecroze     John & Julie Chambers   Details & Photos
Vanquish     Bob Beresford Sandringham Details & Photos
Vastra   82 Graham Parry  Albany Details & Photos
Venestus   95 Mark Jones FSC Details & Photos
Wilparina   103 Nick Cannar Hawkesbury, NSW Details & Photos
Wandering Star   39 Ray Robertson SPYC  
Warama   84 Leo Morrissey   Details & Photos
Western Morning   1 Alex Wolffman RYCV Details & Photos
Wild Rover   47 Vic & Roz McFarlane Airlie Beach Details & Photos
Wye Knot   80 Steve Forth Albany Details & Photos
  Life Member   Steve & Jane Laws   Webpage
  Life Member   Jesse Martin    
  Life Member   Bob & Val Sampson    
  Life Member   Jon Sanders    
  Life Member   Henry & Mary Walker    
  Life Member   Jessica Watson    

Note: the above list duplicates any yacht outside Australia that was built here and has a known hull number.

S & S 34’s – Canada   ca

Yacht Owner Berthed Information
Terpsichore Mark MacNeil Halifax, Canada Details & Photos

S & S 34’s – Denmark

Yacht Owner   Berthed           Information
Gannet Henrik Philipsen   Skovshoved Details & Photos

S & S 34’s – Finland

Yacht Owner Berthed Information
Joy Jukka Tuhkuri Espoo Details & Photos

S & S 34’s – France

Yacht Owner Berthed Information
Mao Titoi III Francois Bellat    
Olbia Christian Chalandre   Details & Photos

S & S 34’s – Germany

Yacht Owner Berthed Information
Ladykiller Horst Ludwig Golfe de Morbihan  
Mandalay? Niels Anders Holm Details & Photos
Ollimel Kenneth Garvey Hamburg Details & Photos

S & S 34’s – Italy

Yacht Owner Berthed Information
Morning Glory Mario Zaccaron Roma Details & Photos
Morning Series Mr. Andrea Laghi Circolo Nautico ANMI Ravenna Details & Photos

S & S 34’s – Latvia

Yacht Owner Berthed Information
Pinta Victor Astakhov Riga, Latvia Details & Photos

S & S 34’s – The Netherlands

Yacht  Membership Owner Berthed Information
Morning Jade   Leo van Swieter Hellevoetsluis  
Morning Sight   B. Kamp   Details & Photos
Morning Town 36′ Prototype for the S&S 34  Karel Flach/Liselot Baarsma  Middelharnis Details & Photos
Mallard   Lukas en Hilde Venema Delfzijl Details & Photos
Stenella Member Bauke de Boer Hellevoetsluis Details & Photos
Vigil   Jacob Miedema Medemblik Details & Photos

S & S 34’s – New Zealand

Yacht Owner Berthed Information
Kiriwina – hull no 37 John Craven Napier, NZ Details & Photos
Marara – hull no 16 Terry Dunn Opua, NZ Details & Photos

S & S 34’s – United Kingdom

Yacht Membership Owner Berthed Information
Ailish II   Wilson Malone Larges  
Baccaron   James Twyman Gravesend  
Chianti   Bruno Taylor Chichester  
Kite   Justine Kilkerr & Peter Gale Langstone Harbour, Hampshire Details & Photos
Moon Cloud   Dennis Gosling Northaven, Poole Details & Photos
Morning Cloud   ex – Sir Edward Heath now lost Details
Morning Cloud   Peter Darwin Conway, north Wales Details & Photos Webpage
Morning Tide Member Nick Parker River Orwell, Suffolk Details & Photos
Mornings End   Andrew Cheyne RTYC Details & Photos
Nik Nak   Kerry Costello and Steen Riisberg Hayling Is. Details & Photos
Papillon Bleu   Paul Church Dartmouth, UK Details & Photos Webpage
Quickstep II of Wessex   Martin Morgan Monkstone  
Rebel   Nick Haggett & Nicky Fisher Poole  
Reveillier   Tom & Shelia Smith Poole  
Shoeshine   Stephen Elmore    

S & S 34’s – United Sates of America

Yacht Membership Owner Berthed Information
Calliope Girl Member Michael Didriksen Port Washington, NY Details & Photos
Gitano – hull no 61 (UK)   BJ Caldwell Hawaii Details & Photos
Gypsy Sol     LA, California  
Morning Haze Member Steve Stark Texas Details & Photos
Stray Bit – hull 41(Aust)   Casey Cummings Hawaii Details & Photos
Yemaya   Linda Pasquariello LA, California  Details & Photos  Webpage

S & S 34’s – Unknown Locations

Yacht Membership Owner Berthed Information
Buran       Details & Photos
Debonair       Details & Photos

6 thoughts on “Directory

  1. Hi
    I am the proud new owner of Impulse. I purchased her from David Hadley who purchased her from Brian Woolmar.
    After I have replaced the standing rigging I plan to sail up to the Gold Coast, probably late in March or early April.
    Andy Lamont

  2. ‘Debonair’ is now owned by myself and my partner Pete Gale – we bought her a few weeks ago – and is now called ‘Kite’.

    She is in the UK and her home port is now to be Langstone Harbour in Hampshire. We’re doing a little work on her and should have her back in the water early October.

    I am the happiest woman alive 🙂

    • Dear Justine,
      Congratulations on your purchase of Kite. I have made a web page for her (you don’t need to be a member for this). If you let me know what other information, photos etc you would like put on your web page I will add them for you. They are fantastic boats, built for sailing and you will never regret buying her.
      Regards, Simon

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