Constitution of the S&S 34 ASSOCIATION as adopted 29/6/2104


1.1 The full title of the Association shall be the Sparkman & Stephens 34 Association, which may be abbreviated to the “S&S 34 Association” and is referred to in this Constitution as “the Association”.

1.2  The Class shall be known as the S&S 34 Class.  An S&S 34 Class yacht must have had her hull laid up within the original S&S 34 mould for Sparkman & Stephens design number 1959 with subsequent modifications as specified by Sparkman & Stephens, or equivalent mould as approved by the Committee. In the case of any doubt as to a yacht being classified as an S&S 34, the Association Committee shall have the final decision.


The class flag as registered with Yachting WA is:

White flag with blue diagonal cross with the letter “S” in the left and right hand quarters and the number “3″ in the top and the number “4″ in the bottom quarters respectively.


The objects of the Association shall be:

3.1  To encourage and promote cruising and Class racing for the S & S 34.

3.2  The organisation of championships and other events, and to act as liaison with other yachting organisations.

3.3  To promote the S&S 34 yacht, both new and old, especially in terms of profile, interest, value and participation.


4.1  Membership of the Association shall be open to anyone interested in the S&S 34 Class yacht. The following classifications of membership shall exist:

A. Sole Owners.

B. Part Owners where the ownership is registered in more than one name.

C. Non Yacht Owners.

4.2  Membership may terminate by:

A. Resignation in writing after payment of all current dues.

B. Dissolution of the Association.

C. Non–payment of membership fee, if not paid within three months of the due date.

D. At the discretion of the Committee; provided that the member be given notice of such termination and the reasons for it.

4.3  Honorary membership may be granted and withdrawn at the discretion of the Committee.

4.4  Life membership may be granted to individuals for outstanding service to the Association. Such members shall be elected at the A.G.M.


5.1  Only members who are financial in accordance with Clause 4 may vote at general meetings. Decisions are by simple majority unless otherwise provided herein.

5.2  Only registered yacht owners and part owners may vote on matters involving alterations to the S&S 34 Constitution and/or rules. Part owners shall have only one vote between them per yacht. Such alterations may be carried only with a two-thirds majority at a General or Special General Meeting when there is a quorum of nine.

5.3  Members who are unable to attend a General Meeting of the Association may record their vote in writing by proxy on any motion set out in the agenda of that meeting.

5.4  In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


6.1  The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held each year at a date set by the Committee within the months of June, July or August.

6.2  A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee at any time on fourteen days written notice to members.

6.3  A special General Meeting shall be called by the President upon receipt of a request in writing signed by not less than 6 financial members of the Association, stating the purpose of such meeting. This meeting shall be held within 2 calendar months of receipt of the notice requesting the meeting.

6.4 At least 14 days notice, with a written agenda, will be given for all General Meetings.


7.1  The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an elected Committee of no more than six and no less than three: President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to three others, all of whom must be yacht owners or part owners.  The quorum of the Committee shall be three.

7.2  The President shall not hold office for more than 3 consecutive years, unless no other candidates nominate for the position.

7.3  The Committee shall have the power to co-opt another member to replace a Committee Member who retires before an Annual General Meeting.

7.4  The Committee shall have the power to elect sub-committees as and when required at their discretion.

7.5 If any elected Committee member shall resign or absent himself or herself from three consecutive Committee meetings without leave, then the position will be declared vacant and the vacancy may be filled by the Committee appointing a person.  Any person so appointed shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.



At all meetings the chair will be taken by the President. In the absence of the President, the chair will be taken by the Vice-President, or if one has not been appointed or is absent then by the Secretary. In the absence of all three, the Committee may elect a Chairman for that meeting.


The election of a Vice president is optional, but if one is elected he or she shall act to assist the President as necessary and wherever possible, and assume the role whenever the President is absent or unable to fulfil their duties for any reason.


It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a true record of all proceedings of all meetings of the Association, to ensure a correct roll of the Association membership and a register of all yachts is kept, to take charge of official correspondence (under direction from the President if necessary), and to call general meetings and any meetings of the Committee (unless otherwise directly called by the President). At the discretion of the Committee, the role of Secretary may be combined with any of the other official positions.


The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Association; making payments as the Committee may require and keep an accurate and complete record of the Association’s financial affairs. The Treasurer shall keep a bank account(s) in the name of the Association as approved by the Committee and hold the Association funds in trust on behalf of the Association. Accounts are to be presented to the AGM annually.  The Treasurer shall keep the Secretary, President and Webmaster updated regarding current financial membership.


The Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining and enhancing the Association website and any associated electronic forums or databases and also for responding to routine correspondence via the website not requiring the attention of the President or any other Committee members. The Webmaster shall also maintain such other databases and electronic records as may be directed by the Secretary.

8.6  Absence of President. If one has been appointed, the Vice President will assume the duties of President in his absence.  If no Vice President has been appointed then the Secretary will assume the Presidential duties. In the absence of all these officers then the Committee may appoint a Committee member to act in the interim.


9.1  An annual subscription per member shall be payable on the first day of June or on joining the Association. The annual subscription will be determined from time to time and by a General Meeting. Subscriptions shall be deposited in a bank account – “S&S 34 a/c” or such other name as the Committee from time to time may determine. There shall be two signatories – any two per- cheque or withdrawal.


10.1  Measurements and handicaps for regattas, races or championships shall be at the discretion of the Committee and all or part of such authority may be delegated any person(s) the Committee co-opts to help, and shall comply with normal State/National/World Yachting Association practices.


11.1 The Association may be dissolved and wound up at the request of not less than 2/3 of members voting in favour of dissolution at a General Meeting.

11.2 Insolvency.  If the Treasurer or any Committee member at any time believes that the Association is insolvent, or is likely be unable to pay its debts in the foreseeable future, he/she shall immediately inform the Committee, and a meeting shall be held at the soonest practicable time. No additional debt shall be incurred in the meantime. If the situation cannot be resolved, the Committee shall call a General Meeting of members for the purpose of dissolving and winding up the Association.  If it can be demonstrated that the Association is not solvent or probably will become insolvent, a majority vote in favour of dissolution is not required. The Committee shall seek such expert helps as is required to ensure that the assets are properly disposed of and to reduce the risk of personal liability for them as individuals.

11.2 Distribution of assets.  Should the Association be dissolved and wound up, any surplus funds will be distributed equally amongst the membership. The share of any member who cannot be contacted after exercise of due diligence by the Committee shall be redistributed between the remaining members.


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