Jessica Watson home to a huge welcome

She made it! Jessica came home on Saturday 15th May to a huge welcome in Sydney, including from the Prime Minister and NSW Premier . She and her family have been supported by well known Queensland adventurers Don and Margie McIntyre who bought the S&S 34 “Shanty”, now named “Pink Lady” for the attempt, as well as a number of sponsors. She and her S&S 34 withstood everything the ocean threw at them, including storm force winds and 10+ metre seas. She battled some of the toughest conditions in Australian waters at the end of her voyage. Jessica has now sailed back to her home State of Queensland, to another large welcome. Click here for a link to Jessica’s website, and more details. She was very diligent in keeping everyone informed via her almost daily blog.

I have posted an interesting article on the rebuilding of Shanty into Pink Lady, with kind permission from Trade-a-Boat, it is on her web page, but to view you can also click here.

An interesting link – Berrimilla

Berrimilla is a Brolga 33 – almost a sistership to the S&S 34, designed by Peter Joubert in the 1970s with the aim of “improving” on the S&S 34. Peter was an engineer and talented yacht designer who felt that the S&S 34 was too racing orientated and designed the Brolga 33 based on the S&S 34 but with a bit more room, sacrificing a little speed. Berrimilla certainly has fulfilled all expectations having completed the 2004 Sydney-Hobart race then sailed to the UK for the Fastnet (coming 2nd in her class) and returning again for the next Sydney-Hobart. Since then they have sailed the NW passage and have a very entertaining website, click here for the link. Overall an amazing series of shorthanded voyages.